Spaghetti And Meatball Bagel Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (dramatic music) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – 10 word story

– You start – Bro – When – You – Accelerate – That – Tube-rocket – You just did two words, is that, tube-rocket, is that one word? – Tube-rocket is a hyphenated word – Okay I – Get – Excited – Psych! (laughing) – Yeah, that was all a joke Bro, when you accelerate that tube-rocket, I get excited

Psych! (laughing) – You can accelerate a, I don't know what a tube-rocket is – Now if tube-rocket is two words, then there is no psych and it's true Blowing your mind day by day – Keep an eye out on Twitter later today, at least for the Rhett and Link account I can't speak to Twitter at large but we're gonna be determining if there's actually a difference between New York bagels and LA bagels

– Psych! – @rhettandlink, no psych – Don't go to Twitter, it's a joke – Josh, come on in here I feel like I have like blood in my teeth, like bacon You know when you, oh, so you've got another one

– Yeah – Tell 'em what this is I know what this is – Well, this is a spaghetti and meat bagel So I actually made the bagel out of spaghetti, just bound together with a little bit of dough, some marinara sauce and there is pureed meatballs with cream cheese, I like me a good spreadable meat, you know, and then a lot of Parmesan cheese on top

– [Link] So that's noodles formed into a bagel? – Yes Did you get the, oh you got the bottom, the top's better Show 'em that one – Kind of interesting choice though to not go with a marinara based meat sauce – No, you know, we make a lot of interesting choices around here

Why did we encase fish in jello? Who's to say anymore? – I was still wondering about that – One choice you made before we dig into this was the use of artificial bacon bits in the soup, what was it? – The soup bagel, yeah – No, it was the bacon bagel No, it was the soup bagel – There were Baco's which are actually just like different forms of wheat and flour– – Oh, Link knows all about Baco's

He would come to my freaking house and he would eat, he would take the Baco's, my mama's Baco's, and he would take the top off, the sprinkle top off and eat them directly – They are so crunchy – That's the way to do it It's like savory Grape Nuts If you ever just put that in a bowl and put milk on it, that's breakfast right there

– I haven't done that – I've never done that I'm about to when I go back to the kitchen though – When was the last time you had a Baco? – Long time Since I stopped visiting your home

– We've made the sourdough bread bowl, that's kind of like a bit of an old school, kinda like touristy thing, you're out with your folks, they stop in that little tourist trap restaurant on the pier And so me and Elly specifically talked about this of using Baco's and not real bacon bits That's the level of detail we get to – I think you made the right choice I can see this at some sort of like family restaurant in the Bay area

– Yeah, mmhmm, but not like the cool techy bay, like the part that– – Forest Gump shrimp restaurant – Yeah, this is a Bubba Gump, this is a Bubba Gump menu item – Bubba Gump menu item, yes – Yeah – Have you been to Bubba Gump? – I've never been

I would like to – I walked through it once to use the restroom – I went one time It was not– – Shrimp in so many different ways – It was not good

– You know what, I have been– – [Stevie] Yeah, I was at a Bubba Gump with you, Link, eating – No, we were in the restroom, Stevie – That was the one time I went I don't remember where that was – I do remember that now 'cause I was like how do I remember this? I must've eaten there

At the tables, they have the run Forest run and you basically indicate if you want wait staff to come and help you out, give you a refill or whatnot, right? – Yes, it was at VidCon when we had like six people – Like the first VidCon, we went to Bubba Gump too? I've been twice – It wasn't good Don't go – I like being able to raise a flag of help me, wait staff

– I do like that – I like that idea – I like Red Lobsters that are themed around Tom Hanks movies I think there should be more of those – Right, I agree with that

– Explain – Like Bubba Gump, it's a Red Lobster, except it's a Tom Hanks themed Red Lobster – But the food is not as good as Red Lobster – What I like is something different Did you say it's like or what I like? – What I like about it, I like the concept, I'm saying I'm pro-Bubba Gump, I'd love to go one day

You never take me, that's fine – I was following I think you can get a good meal at Red Lobster Who is the last person here that ate at Red Lobster? Elly? – [Elly] Yeah – How was it? – [Elly] Great

– See, it was great, see? – Should we eat this? – Yeah – Yeah – So again, this meat has what in it? – So it's just literally meatballs pureed with cream cheese The amount of times you said schmear hole I cannot get that out of my head – Yeah, that's the idea

– What do you call it? – I don't, I guess schmear hole's the appropriate term – Baghole – Hmmm – That's tasty, man – It's certainly dense

– I'd like to dip it in some marinara sauce – That'd be nice One thing I've learned after eating all these bagels that I made is that I'd really just like to eat a normal bagel That'd be a nice treat for me – You derived the original bagel? – Mmhmm, yeah

– It makes you miss a real bagel – Yeah, it sure does Also a bagel is real hard to make, real struggle I was really happy when you called them dense circular bread pockets so I was like cool, 'cause these are extra dense I don't know if you guys noticed that last bagel, I don't think it leavened at all, in the plagel which I was happy about

– That's why we had to swallow multiple times It was like a manufacturing line This is not fabulous – I agree – But there is marinara in the bagel itself, right? – Just not enough

– The problem with baking stuff, you know, you get too much marinara in there, it's no longer bread, not enough marinara in it, Link complains And so it's really, you're in a pickle – Can we have the top to the jello bagel though because? Is that still around? – [Stevie] Can you explain, were bagel bites not a thing? Did bagel bites come out later? – Listen, Stevie, we grew up in the same place I knew what bagels were, my mom had them at home and she also had bagel bites which are incredible – Your mom didn't have 'em at home because I had to search everywhere to find the Baco's

– You didn't go in every single, my mama had drawers you didn't even know about – I went through your mom's bathroom – My mom had drawers behind the drawers Why'd you go in my mom's bathroom? – Bedroom, everywhere – What'd you find? – Doing what? – She's paid me to keep quiet about it

– Yeah, we had bagel bites Those are good I want some right now, weirdly – A bagel bite is just a– – It's a thinly sliced small bagel, deep fried – [Stevie] No, it's not deep fried

I love bagel bites They're disgusting but I do like them You can have 'em any time – What are bagel bites? (laughing) – They're the pizza They're tiny bagels that are cut in half and then there's pizza atop them

– Oh, those are good as well – [Stevie] Wait, what are you talking about? – Who me? – I was talking about bagel chips – Him? – [Stevie] Oh no, no, no, no, no – You don't like bagel chips? – [Stevie] No, I'm just saying that bites are such a different experience You knew about bagel chips but not bagels? You just thought they only made bagel chips? – Have you ever heard of an English muffin, Link? That's another thing my mom made

– McDonald's had those Never got that though, never once ordered that – You've never had an Egg McMuffin? – Well not before college – College was a really eye-opening time for you, dude Learned what bagels were, had an Egg McMuffin, woo! – There's hairs on it though

– Yeah, I'm not gonna eat it – I don't need anymore – I didn't drink coffee until sophomore year of college That's kind of normal though, right? – Before college– – I knew what coffee was – But you had tried coffee, like your mom would let you try some coffee and you didn't like it as a kid, right? – My mom didn't drink coffee

I don't think I ever tried it – Really? – My grandparents drank coffee but maybe I tried it there Coffee was for old people, until I got to college and then everybody was drinking coffee – Well the first thing I did in the coffee realm is cappuccino I remember having a cappuccino at a gas station, honestly, that was the first time, we didn't have any places that made any kind of coffee drinks growing up

And so I was at a gas station, and I was like cappuccino, hmm, and you just press a button? I pressed it and my life has never been the same – Was that in high school you think? – No, that was college – So you didn't have coffee drinking till college – No, and then I discovered mocha, and then I discovered the king mocha, six shots of espresso – That's crazy

Are you sure that's right? – Yeah, go to Cuppa Joe in Raleigh, North Carolina and ask for the king mocha, they'll give you six, at least they did in the late '90s – A sliding scale based on how big you are? There's like this guy can handle it and they just– – No, the king mocha was specifically six shots and I had to study and I drank one and I didn't study a lot and I also never slept until the test – You played what was that game you and Greg would play? – Twisted Metal Oh that's a good game, man – You ever play Twisted Metal? – Twisted Metal Four is what I grew up playing

I had Rob Zombie, I'd still listen to the soundtrack, embarrassingly when I drive to work – Well you shouldn't be driving listening to the soundtrack of Twisted Metal 'cause you'd be like intentionally– – Firing, homing, yeah, yeah – Yeah, you'll be thinking that you can like fire something from your own vehicle But no yeah, I think it was Twisted Metal on the original PlayStation – Bagel bites were invented in 1984, oh, I'm sorry, were you still talking? – You played Twisted Metal and I played Twisted Metal Four, we're– – Right, only four iterations of the game apart

– Yeah (laughing) – [Rhett] Support a more adventurous tomorrow Get yourself a future fast food tee today at mythicalcom

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