Spot The Differences (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (beast roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Don't Google that

– Don't – Whatever you do don't Google, "birds looking you in the eye" (crew laughing) – I mean, is that creepy? – Well, Davin's looking it up right now He's Googling it – See don't Google it, let Google, we're gonna tell you if- – Oh! – Oh

That one's not looking you in the eye – Oh! – Oh that one is – Ew That one, that- – That's- Look at that (both exclaim) It's so fun

Don't do it though, – Never look a bird – don't Google it in the eye They'll peck your- They'll peck your optics out, man – Peck your optics out? – They'll peck 'em out Alright, who do you think is better at spotting the Photoshop? Me or me? – Well, you haven't given me a lot of choice

You (laughs) (Link laughs) – What about me or you? – We're gonna find out right now, I mean, I don't know That's why we're gonna play the game – Alright, play along with us I'm told these are gonna be side-by-side images, we don't know which one is the original and which one isn't and so it's basically "spot the differences"

– [Stevie] Yes, it is exactly "spot the differences" – Alright, let's go – [Stevie] Okay, here we go – [Link] Oh, "spot the differences" there's usually lots of differences Well, these look the same

It's three buttons, the buttons, the button is moved! – [Stevie] Yup! – [Link] Boom (chuckles) – [Rhett] Oh! The button is moved Okay – That kid has, that kid has four chins in both shots (crew laughs) – Now I see, I looked at the buttons and didn't, okay

Woo, this is gonna be very subtle! Mm hmm! How many of these are there? – It was very obvious to me – [Stevie] There's six Alright here's the next one (Rhett sighs) – [Link] Oh, who is- oh, it's whoa, it's a bunch of people (crew laughs) Uhhh

You know what? Those are some nice people Now you gotta look at each one – [Rhett] The guy doesn't have an eyebrow on the right – [Stevie] You got it – [Rhett] Lower right

– [Link] Oh my gosh that's- I never looked down there That's obvious! – Ah yes! – [Stevie] This one's really hard – He's the, he's the last one – He's the last one I got to – Now he has a- I was just admiring- – You were just randomly looking at everyone

– Now there's a red circle on his face – Yep – That's weird – That's super weird – [Stevie] This one, the version I'm seeing is small so, I think it's gonna be hard

– [Link] Is this a photo? This looks like some sort of computer-generated image – [Rhett] Uh, the headlights are different on the right – [Stevie] You got it! – [Rhett] There's like a symbol on one of the headlights (Link groans) – [Stevie] I think it's just supposed to be a crack but yep A crack symbol

– [Rhett] That looks like a Mercedes symbol – Ah dang it you've pulled ahead – [Stevie] Mkay, next? – That's a giraffe driving a Volkswagen Oh! – [Rhett] The hand's turned different on both, on the bottom foot – [Link] Ah gosh

– [Stevie] Man! – [Link] The foot hand (Rhett laughs) – I come alive! – [Stevie] Okay, so these next two have two differences you have to point out Ready? – Oh gosh – [Stevie] Here we go – [Rhett] The wrench and the hammer are opposite

– [Link] Ah shoot – [Rhett] Tan lines on one, not on the other – [Stevie] You got it! – [Link] He's tanner Dang it! He's tanner! – [Stevie] Okay, this one's my favorite one (Rhett and Link laugh) – [Rhett] I've got a beard! – [Link] He's got a beard! You gotta give me that one

– [Rhett] And in the back Rhett and Link are mixed, switched – [Stevie] Yep – [Link] And that beard, also we each got a, I didn't know there were two in that one – [Stevie] I said these next two photos, but uh, it looks like Rhett has won by a large margin at this point so- – So that's a fake beard over your bare face? – Yeah my real- – That's a photoshopped beard – It makes me look like I'm going like this: – So it's taking, no but that's not- – [Stevie] Yeah it's photoshopped, we used the, uh, non-bearded picture and then photoshopped a beard on it

– So is that's Rhett's beard from a third photo? Or a fifth photo? – That's my beard – [Stevie] I think so – That's my beard, yeah – That is your beard, yeah – But

– But it's not- – It's not proportionally or something about it makes me look like I'm puffing my cheeks out But either way I look better with a beard (laughs) – [Stevie] There's also beard inside your mouth

(crew laughs) – Yep, there's a beard in my mouth – That's the last one? – [Stevie] Yeah So Rhett, you're really, you knocked me out of the water season two – What was that question that you asked at the beginning? Can you ask that- – Who was better, me or me? – Yeah – If I'm competing against myself I'd do pretty poorly, usually, actually

(Rhett chuckles) Hmm – [Stevie] I think we have- here's some other nice pictures of Rhett that we made just to show you (crew chuckles) – [Rhett] Ironically I feel like without a mustache, I mean, without a beard with a mustache is better than without anything – I think that mustache makes your chin disappear even more – Yeah I know but once it's gone you might as well just completely erase it

Like you gotta do something down there – And the, I mean, the look on your face doesn't help your cause but I think you knew what was going on here – I was so sad – [Stevie] How about one of these? – [Rhett] Hmm, yeah I remember that – [Link] Oh is that, that's like a LeBron

LeBron has that now – [Rhett] Yeah well he's LeBron – He can do anything he wants with his facial hair – He can do whatever he wants – It's like Amish men and LeBron have that

It's like who would have thought that Venn diagram existed? (crew laughing) – I don't know but I do- hey, you know what? That sounds like something you should tweet, man – Oh yeah? – Yeah – You want me to tweet? – You should tweet – 'Kay Is this a joke? Should I tweet? – [Stevie] Wait you might have a better tweet for these next ones we have

– Oh, there's even more? Oh there's a- There's a goatee – [Rhett] Youth pastor – [Stevie] Yeah (crew laughs) – [Link] You work with the youth- – [Rhett] Yeah – Now I think you're, I think you're a cable installer

– Yeah, I could be (crew laughing) Somebody, a guy who's really into softball – Somebody who carries lots of things on his belt, for whatever he does for a living – Mm hmm Yeah

– [Stevie] What about this one? (crew laughs) – [Rhett] That's my hair on on my face – [Link] Is that your hair? – [Rhett] Yeah that's the hair on my head turned upside down

– [Link] (chuckling) Oh my gosh it is! You look like, oh my gosh – [Rhett] It kind of works – But it's not the hair that's currently on your head there It's not the exact same hair it's hair from another photo – Uh, I think it is the same hair it's just uh

– No it's not – Yeah it is, they just- – It's much lighter – Yeah, they made it lighter but it is the same thing, I mean, look at that triangle right there or that triangle right there

You know what I'm saying? It's just, it's the mirror image and then they just made it lighter – Oh wow! Oh wow it is That is crazy You look, there are people who have facial hair that is that flowy It exists, man

– I mean, yeah The thing about my beard, if you, they're almost, they're not really the same size but it's just is so crinkly What if my hair looked like my beard? – [Link] Do we have that one? Can we put the beard- – [Stevie] Uh, we have something close (all laughing) – [Rhett] (chuckling) Yeah – [Link] Oh I see Now, okay – [Rhett] I'm interested, uh, and you can do this, you at home can do this – [Link] That is so weird

– [Rhett] Make my hair my beard Because I want to know whether or not I want my hair to be my beard or my beard to be my hair because I am doing one or the other – That's twisted, man And when it changed the only thing that changed was your face it didn't, the whole thing didn't, am I making sense? The whole thing didn't move – Right, it was just the face

– That is weird Look how much bigger your face looks upside down on your face (crew laughs) When your face turns upside down all of the features look like they're enlarged – Yep – That's a talent, man

– Yeah, yeah, I've always known that (Link chuckles) I've looked at myself upside down many times – I mean, isn't his face bigger? Upside down? – [Crew Member] Yeah! – [Link] It looks like- – [Rhett] Ha! We got a "yeah"! Somebody agrees – [Link] It looks like it's zoomed in a little bit Go back to the previous picture

– [Rhett] Yeah, I've got a small face – [Link] Small face everything – [Rhett] Not really though – [Link] And switch it back – [Rhett] Oh it got so much bigger! – [Link] Bigger face – [Rhett] I think it actually got smaller – [Link] You think it got smaller? – [Rhett] I think it did

– [Link] Do we have another one? – [Stevie] No, I think that's all we got – Oh I could do that all day – You know what that's plenty I'll dream about these tonight It'll be weird

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