Strangest Foreign TV Show Titles

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org Thank you for being your mythical best You, you, you All right, here we go What are we gonna do? Stevie is going to tell us a title, a title of a television show, but it's gonna be in another language

And then we're gonna have to figure out – [Stevie] Yes, I've learned several different languages for this more – Okay, great Or is it the english translation? – [Stevie] Yeah, exactly So, I'll give you the title– – That will make it a little easier – [Stevie] After it's been translated and where it's from and you have to guess what TV show that you know from the U

S that you think it is – And can we utilize the help of Australian Rhett – Yeah, yeah, let's bring him in I really want to hang with him

– Well, really excited to be here (laughing) – You've got a boomerang here – Yeah – What kind of things are you into? Australian meat? – Crocs – Ah

(laughing) – That's it – The shoe or the animal – Ah, you know, a little bit of both (laughing) – Have you ever thrown this? – Yeah – Or do you just carry it with you? – It's a showpiece

Oop, hit my head (laughing) – Right Use two hands to it – You're an expert with it I can tell – Okay Stevie, give us the first one

– [Stevie] Okay, the first one is – Showpiece – [Stevie] Expedition Robinson from Sweden – Expedition Robinson I mean, Danger Will Robinson

No, Robinson Crusoe – That is correct – Okay, you know the answers – No – Okay, so just so I understand

So, this could be like Survivor would be like a potential answer for that – [Stevie] It could be Survivor – But why would it have a specific name of Robinson? – Yeah – Because of Robinson Crusoe – What do you have here first of all

– [Stevie] It could be – It's my red hair (laughing) – That's good It's much better like that – I'm going with survivor

– [Stevie] Wow, you're right – We did it – Okay, me and Australian me are right – Well, he was with me – No

– Neither of us were paying attention – But hold on you said, "Why would it be called Robinson?" Because of Robinson Crusoe – Okay – [Stevie] And actually Survivor is our adaption of Expedition Robinson, not the other way around – Boom

– That never happens Americans do not take other people's television shows to make them their own – [Stevie] What about Prisoners of War? – Tell that to the BBC – [Stevie] This is an Israeli show Prisoners of War

– Prisoners of War – Prisoners of War Okay, I'm thinking we're inscripted genre now (mumbles) – [Stevie] Chase just guessed Scrubs, and that is not correct – Prisoners of– – (mumbles) Chase

– Prisoners of War – Do you watch American television? – No – You don't want to try to use the accent, do you? – I can't do the accent (laughing) I'm so bad at it – You thought you were just given a look

– Yeah – It's like I'm gonna look great – Yeah It's a lot to it – Um

– Prisoners of War – Prison Break maybe Prison break – That's what I was gonna guess – No, Prisoners of War 'cause it's got war in it

– Mash – But they weren't POWs – Didn't think so – I didn't think if there was an American television show where they're POWs – What was that Vietnam era show that we watched as kids that's was? – Tour of Duty

– Tour of Duty – Tour of Duty Great, great show – I love that show – [Stevie] That is a great guess, but that is wrong

– Yeah, 'cause it wasn't about POWs – What is it? – [Stevie] You're thinking too hard It's a show that's still on – Oh, Big Brother – [Stevie] No

– American Ninja Warrior – [Stevie] It features an actress that every time she cries she kinds of looks up to the– – Homeland – Oh, Homeland – [Stevie] Yep, yep You got it

– There's no Prisoners of War – [Stevie] This one's really easy, and it's in another language (speaking foreign language) – Ugly Betty – [Stevie] Correct Colombian – Oh wow, look at Betty guys

She's working it – [Rhett] She's not She looks kind of nice – [Stevie] There are at least 25 different adaptations of this show and I will not be repeating the names of all of them – Oh wow, but they all include Betty

– 25 – Man – [Stevie] But the one in Thailand is called Ugly Betty Thailand (laughing) – Yeah, let's keep it simple guys – [Stevie] What about Money Tigers from Japan

– That's a Charlie Sheen show What is it? – Tiger Blood – Yeah, yeah – Yeah, yeah – Money Tigers

– Money Tigers – Money Tigers Money Tigers – For some reason I thought of like The Ballers – Oh, uh

– Entourage – The Shark thing – Shark Tank – Shark Tank – Shark Tank

– Entourage – [Stevie] Yes, Shark Tank – Money Tigers – [Stevie] What about? – [Rhett] Wow, that's it – [Man] It's just guys in folding chairs

– [Link] That looks like a Red Cross blood drive – [Man] Those guys have like 100 bucks between all four of them – Are they playing with Monopoly money? – Yeah (laughing) – Give us another one – When you get another one of those Money Tigers behind you it

– They don't want to say shark for some reason, so they said Tigers – [Stevie] This primetime favorite Strictly Come Dancing – [Man] Dancing with the Stars – [Stevie] Correct – Strictly Come Dancing

– You better not come walking – [Stevie] Again, our Dancing with the Stars is an adaptation of this show – I don't think so – Have you ever seen the Argentinean or is Argentine, I don't know the correct pronunciation I'm sure I'm gonna get blasted in the comments, version of Dancing with the Stars? – No

Is it pretty risque? – Uh, yeah One time a girl was just completely naked dancing It was like very controversial It was like she was essentially naked That's what happens in our– – What are you? – I'm playing with

– What are you doing with? (laughing) – I start talking about naked ladies, and Australian me's boomerang starts attacking Link (laughing) – There's gonna be jiffs of that – Okay – [Stevie] What about this one, Planet Homebuddies from China? – Planet Homebuddies – Big Brother

(laughing) That one could be Big Brother 'cause they're at home – Planet Homebuddies – Like homeboys – Planet– – What was the name of that show with Balky on it – Homebuddies

– Perfect Strangers – Perfect Strangers – Balky – I know that's not it Good show though

– Planet, I think it's an extraterrestrial show It's like Alf – Oh Alf – Planet Homebuddies – Let's just go with Alf

– [Stevie] That makes so much more sense than the actually answer, which is Prince (beatboxing) We had a rewind error over here – Planet Homebuddies – Wow – [Link] And why is that guy? – [Man] A cardboard cutout? – [Link] That's the strongest lady of all time

– [Rhett] They tried to make it look like he was being held but it's just a cardboard cutout – I don't know if it is – It is Look at how he's being held – That's strong

– It is – Strong fingers – [Stevie] I don't know where to emphasize this next title, but it's My Youth High Degrees from China – My Youth High Degrees – Doogie Howser

– No – My Youth High Degrees – What part is Doogie? – Youth He's a youth with a high degree of intelligence in a degree – [Stevie] Oh, that's a typo

– In doctor He's got a doctor degree – There was a typo – Typo – All right

– [Stevie] Wait, let me clarify this for you My Youth High Eight Degrees – Oh, Doogie Howser – My Youth High, like hi – Hey

– Is there a GH on it? – No, it's a different kind of high – Eight degrees – Oh, That 70 Show – The key's in eight degrees – You know why

– Like uh– – Eight Degrees of Separation – Different kind of high – Hot, eight degrees is cold – Gotta think about that in celsius – Still cold

– Still pretty cold (laughing) – Eight degrees Give us a hint – [Stevie] Okay, high is actually the only word that kind of makes sense based on the age – High school

– [Stevie] Yeah, it's an high school – High School Musical – [Stevie] This happens everywhere in high school show – Saved by the Bell – High school degrees

– Saved by the Bell – [Stevie] It's Glee – Glee – [Rhett] Oh – [Man] This kid's dancing in a suit

– [Rhett] I thought that was Robert Downey Jr for a second (laughing) – [Link] Eight Degrees – [Rhett] That kid's 45 – [Link] Yeah

– Why do you gotta have eight degrees? – [Stevie] Okay, what about this one? This also has a number in it Seven Stones – Seven Stones – I think this is the Bachelorette, you know Get it

– Casting your stone – [Stevie] You don't get a rose, you get a stone – Here is your rock I chose you – Steven Stones

– Seventh Heaven – If it was eight stones I'd know it, but seven doesn't add up – My strange addiction (laughing) – Just eating rocks (mumbles) Gotta eat seven rocks every episode

– He's always eating seven stones every episode – I think this is like a geology show – Yeah, yeah You know that geology show that we exported – Like uh

– What's this rock? – Like geology today – [Stevie] Close It's Modern Family – Okay Can you explain the logic because I'm sure it makes sense if we were to understand what? – [Man] Let me count

There's more than seven It doesn't make any sense – [Link] I don't see any stones I'm counting zeros – Well, more than seven people

– [Stevie] Okay, this is your last chance You guys are doing so well – You're welcome by the way I feel like I've been very helpful – Thanks for being here

– Yeah – [Stevie] Paris Criminal Investigations of France – CSI Paris – Yeah – NCSI Paris

– Yeah, that's gotta be it – I didn't know that the N was navy – [Stevie] It's so close, and it should be that but it's something slightly not that – Law and Order Paris – [Stevie] Correct

– Oh, boom – Nice (mumbles) – I got one right Did you see that? – I caught it – Yeah, it was awesome

– It was sick – [Link] This book could be a tiny table for an ant or a nice read for your aunt Order our Book of Mythicality at bookofmythicalitycom today right now, right now today

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