Sun Tan Lotion Pictionary (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More! – Lonely hashtag, this is when we find a very lonely hashtag on Instagram and then we add to it This one is #hotvoldemort

Voldemort – [Link] Hot Voldemort – Hot Voldemort Hot Voldemort – Hot Voldemort, if you wanna say the T

– I say the T because I am not a Harry Potter fan Post your– (groans) Post your photo– – You're not anti-Harry Potter though – No, I'm indifferent to it I'm a Lord of the Rings man Post your photo– – He's too old

– That makes sense with the hashtag– – To know about it– – So it's not lonely anymore Voldemort with a T – Hashtag hot Voldemort – Hot! – We are shooting this, what's happening right now a day after the hot sauce swimming incident, I will call it, because it took me many hours to recover from swimming in hot sauce – Did anybody take a picture of you? – I still recommend it

I took a picture – Oh you took a picture of yourself – I took a selfie for my Instagram and then I talked myself out of posting it just like I do with all my Instagram posts for the past eight years – Ah man, that would have been a good one Let's see that bit where we try to figure out what photo you're gonna use when you come back to Instagram

– It doesn't look nearly as bad in the photo – It looks pretty bad – It's very splotchy – You gotta up the satch, man – The thing is– – Do a satch up

– There are red splotches all over my face and ears, and I knew that I was gonna swim in hot sauce Tapatío I guess is what it was – I love how you just looked at your phone for a second – It's supposed to unlock When I look at it

– But you look like you were admiring your dog (chuckles) – Well it was that too You uppin' the satch? – I'm gonna up the satch, man – 'Cause that seems like cheating, but in real life, it was very splotchy and red but my entire body Well, I ran out and I jumped in the shower and I turned the heat on to whatever I think I normally do which was hot water

I can't even speak Still haven't fully recovered I turn the water onto hot and then I blasted my face to get the hot sauce off which is stupid, it made it even worse, and then it drained over my body into places that then started to get really hot down here Woo! Not a good idea From any angle

And then I proceeded to burn over my entire body, not just in the places where I was red Like sun burn It felt like the worst sun burn ever over my entire body But I like being warm, I much prefer that over being cold, so knowing that I was gonna be okay and I was putting ice packs on my ears and neck, and heat was radiating off of me, I was like, this is kinda cozy But I do recommend, not recommend it

Do I not? I don't recommend it But speaking of sun burn, we're gonna play some Pictionary here using, are you just looking at all of my photos? – No I'm trying to fix that one It's a little redder – My ears look like they're gonna catch on fire – I just modified it

– Okay, we will have already put it up for them to view – Putted it up – That's the magic of editing So we're gonna take turns using these cards and Picitonizing our backs with sunscreen, okay? – Now Chase was telling us that this is a game that they used to play on the school bus where you'd start drawing something on somebody's back and they'd have to figure out what it was – Gonna turn around here

– Anybody ever played that game? – It's a good spot – Yeah, yeah We got one, one, one played it – So this is just a gentleman's game – Of course

– You pull up your shirt and another gentleman draws on it Okay and let's just say, going by feel alone, if I can guess what you're drawing So you gotta draw a card there – I did I'm gonna create a canvas here, not a canvas, but what do you call the thing that the painters use? – A palette? – A palette

Okay, here we go – Okay Three, two, one, zero! Okay All right An upside down corn cob pipe

– This is just reinforcing one – Okay you're circling something Circling something And then over there, you're drawing something, you're drawing the bottom You're drawing what I would say is like a roundish square, rectangle, and you're circling something

– It's not a circle really – Is it a birthday cake? – No – Is it a swimming pool? Is it an above ground swimming pool? Is it – This is gonna be hard, because it looks like everything you said but it's not that – Can you see it? – Yeah, I can kinda see it – You gotta give me some more information, man – You can eat it Is that how Pictionary works? – A pie

A pie – No, think about– – Draw something else I have to face my head this way That's a line, you're just drawing a line and then a smiley face that you can eat A cookie

– I kinda do this But that's not gonna help you – [Link] A tea pot (Link sighs) – This is gonna be really difficult – I give up, what is it? – It's a hot dog

– Oh I feel it now – (chuckles) Yeah, yeah – okay now let me try – I knew you'd get it once I told you – Okay and I'm gonna use this to erase

– I was trying to think about how you would be feeling it– – Straddle your chair – It's very difficult, I didn't wanna give any confusing things like if I started doing a bunch of stuff on the top, then I got a situation where– (sunscreen squirting) – Oh yeah How long did it take you to recover from swimming with men? (crew chuckles) – 17, 18 minutes – Okay– – I cooled down after awhile – I gotta get a clue here

Okay I got it, all right I think this should be pretty easy – Am I showing my crack? – If I look like this then yeah – Okay

– But I'm not gonna do that Okay What's that? – Is it a flower? – What is this? – A circle – [Link] That's right – [Rhett] A sun

– Oh yeah Right off the bat– (clicks tongue) Home (mutters) triple (crew laughs) Look at it, can you? – That's why I got it, 'cause I looked at it in the– – Oh you looked at it, you can't – I didn't – Okay, all right so now I'm gonna go again, here we go

Let's pick up the pace, let's pick up the energy, come on! Come on, let's cheer, Mythical crew! – Oh no, don't, don't– – Nope, don't – No, don't Okay here we go – You want me here? – That's good, wherever you're comfortable Why are these so double-sidedish? – All right, three, two, one

Zero – (blows air) Okay Okay – Negative two – [Rhett] Can you figure out what that is? – [Link] Musical notes? – [Rhett] Really feel

– [Link] It's a Q You're drawing Qs on my back – Nope – [Link] I can't feel in that part of my back (Rhett and crew chuckling) – Okay you know what? Okay, mm, mm, mm-mm-mm

– Can you push harder, at least I can get a deep tissue out of this – [Rhett] Uh, uhn – [Link] Eye ball – [Rhett] Okay, that's the correct shape And then if I were to– – Football

– [Rhett] Do this to an eyeball, nn, nn, what would that be? – [Link] Poking out an eyeball – Nope – Check mark in an eyeball – No no, no, no, no It's the shape of an eyeball but if you add this thing to an eyeball, it changes what it was

This, then this, and then this, and I've done a bunch of those – [Link] Fish, fish Aquarium – School of fish – School of fish

– Yes Look at that – School of fish, School of Rock Okay, I got that one Okay

(sunscreen squirting) Oh yeah, smells like summer Okay, all right You still got some, go this way Angle that way, there you go, that's it, that's it Okay

– [Rhett] It's one side of a tree – [Link] Ho ho yeah – Christmas tree – Yes! See I'm so good at this – Yeah that's the key

(crew chuckles) Okay – [Link] Ready? – All right now really try this time, okay? I believe in you – I'm really trying every time You're the one who's not trying – Okay

No, that's too hard Oh that's too hard That's the only two left we have? Oh man, okay Two words First word

Oh gosh – [Link] Eye ball Football Fish – [Rhett] The angle's different

– [Link] It's a cap It's a toupee – There's a little something there A little something coming out there – A crab? – [Rhett] No, very simple

It's this and this and this, then this – Smiley face, clowns, smiley face – Mm, nope, okay– – It's a smiley face– – This one's tough It's two words, this is the second word – Okay

– [Rhett] I gotta get more on my hand Here we go – That is a bell curve – Oh It's a what? – A bell curve

– Yep but what's– – Bell – Yep Back to this, bell's the second word – Bell bottoms – Bell's the second word

– Okay Bottom bell – What is this? – [Link] Kristen Bell (crew laughs) – What is this that I'm drawing? What could be this shape right here What kinds of things are this shape, that are the first word and something that ends with bell? (crew chuckling) – Cow bell

More cow bell – What is this shape? What things could be this shape right here, this shape – [Link] It's just a half of a circle, it's a moon Moon bell – What kinds of things are shaped like half circles when looked at from the side that are the first word in something that ends with bell that's two words

Sometimes it has things coming out of it here on the side, maybe all the way on the top – School bell I don't know – Just name things that are shaped like half circles when drawn on backs – Half circles when drawn on backs

Just a moon Nothing else Give me another hint What letter does it start with? Put that on my back – Before it's– – Put the letter on my back

T (Rhett chuckles) – Yep – Tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh, tuh Tah Top bell

(crew laughing) – [Rhett] I gave you the second letter I'm giving it to you right now – You spelling it on my back? – Yep – Do that again You're so dainty with your letters, make 'em big

Make 'em bigger, E Is that an E? – What else could that be? – A Tah, tah Tah Tall bell

Tah – The thing that starts with T-A and is the first word of a two word phrase that ends with bell is shaped like this (crew laughing) What could it be? What could that be? – This is turning into one of those moments that people make fun of me for for years! – Okay and here's the third letter, here's a third letter of that T-A – Not Mike O'Pufty What is that, a G? (crew laughs) I can't feel on my back, that's why I'm so good at getting massages

– I think you might be back dead, man Look What could that be? – A C – Yeah, okay – Tac, tack bell

(chuckling) – Here's the thing – Taco Bell – Yeah (chuckles) You think he's joking You think he's doing it for entertainment, well it is very entertaining

But he's not doing it for entertainment Wanna go to Taco Bell? – Chase gave me the answer – (chuckles) Oh gosh – [Link] Put that on a t-shirt is no longer just a fun saying, it's our new fan art merch program Go to amazon

com/mythical to find out how you could submit your design for a Mythical tee

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