Sunscreen Face Paint Test

(rooster crows) (tiger roars) (explosion) (wheel pings) – Welcome to Good Mythical More! – Random disturbing fact – Ooh

– Here's a random disturbing fact We always want to learn new things, so here's a random disturbing fact (laughing) – Okay – I didn't need to read that This is the part I need to read 48% of fast food soda fountains contain fecal matter

– What? – 48% of fast food soda fountains contain fecal matter! Like do you know if- – who's loading it with fecal matter? – Do you know what fecal matter is? – Poopies – Yeah I think people in general, most humans, most humans, moist humans, have like, 90% of us have fecal matter on our hands at any given time, so we just, we're touching the drink machine and we're just spreadin' it everywhere Uh, here's an explanation – No, I don't want an explanation

– You don't wanna know? – Nope, I just wanna forget you told me anything about it – Ho ho ho actually nearly half of the 90 beverages from soda fountain machines, it's in the beverage? In one area in Virginia tested positive for coliform bacteria, which could indicate possible fecal contamination according to a study published in the January issue of international journal of food microbiology – Well- – Don't go to Virginia – To counteract this I am going to take us to my happy place which is face painting! Jen and Kevin come on in (guitar being played) – [Both] ♪ you know what day it is! ♪ – Whoops – [Both] ♪ It's mail day and mail day ♪ ♪ means mail ♪ – ♪ and also means painting your face with a zinc stick ♪ ♪ Kevin and Jen, you're gonna get ♪ beautiful life guard faces ♪ – All right, you ever been a lifeguard, Kevin or Jen? – Nope

– Never once – I trained to be one, but I never made it – You trained? – Yeah – Canada has pools? – Yup, hard to believe, but yes – Well, they are hard, they're frozen over

– Ha! – We don't need lifeguards – That's why the training could never get up and running – Um (laughter in background) – So did you fail, I mean, or do you just gave up? – I gave up, yeah – You know what? That's fine

– Didn't wanna do it I was not into it – I swam in the ocean before – Okay, Kevin – I've seen lifeguards

– Have you ever been touched by a lifeguard? In like a rescuing attempt? – No I've actually never even seen a rescuing attempt happen – Really? – Yeah – Wow – Like even in local pool? – Never once

– Oh, wow – Sorry, it's not very exciting at all is it? – So what we have here is- – I'm excited just that you're here, Kevin – You know typically you put the white zinc on the nose and then you lifeguard or you like, you chill out by the pool (zinc bangs on floor) – oh no – I think you kinda have to be a professional to like put on the white stuff

That's how I feel – It's like, this is like the opposite of karate belts – Yeah, but if, no I- – You work your way up to white – I just mean everybody else uses just normal sunscreen that isn't a color, but they, Zalan, not a sponsor, has all these different colors Um Jen, what would you like your face to be? – Um, I wanna be a princess

– Ha ha ha ha ha! – Don't we all? – I'm excited Kevin what do you wanna be? – You know, I too wanna be a princess – Oh! – We're gonna be princesses together – Okay well – All right so we're gonna get started, but um, while we do that, I also want to read this fan mail, which is a very important update

– I'll go ahead and get started on Kevin's – You're gonna get started? And then I'll probably give it to you half way through so I can get started – Okay – Dear Rhett and Link, Stevie and the entire mythical crew, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to travel to South Africa Not only was the Mandela 100 festival a once in a lifetime adventure, but we were sure to experience as many things as possible during our short time in country

As a way to express my gratitude, please accept these trinkets I picked up in a market on the way back to town from the elephant sanctuary at Hartbeespoort Dam Additionally, – Man – I think I might share some of the things we learned and experienced in our four days so you might see what your generosity enabled And just to fill you guys in, you may remember on LTAT we were promoting a wonderful charity called Global Citizens They enact mobilization efforts to end extreme poverty, that's a hard word to say, poverty, worldwide by 2030, and Kayla won the trip to the concert

And these are the things that she learned 1) rush hour is earlier on Fridays in Johannesburg South Africa just as it is in Ohio – Good (laughter in background) – From our Uber driver, no one likes Mondays (chuckling in background) – 3) watching public school teachers try to count their kids and get on the bus in South Africa looks exactly like it does in Dayton, Ohio

Wow Are you sure she just didn't like, get blindfolded and let out in Dayton, Ohio? (laughter) – I think I'm at home No matter how much you tell the Uber driver you're okay with their music, they change it to pop when two white girls get in the car and then we sing along Okay Uh, we need to dance more during dinner in the U

S Because when your song comes on you shouldn't have to repress it Rhett, you wanna read the rest of these? – Oh, yeah I do – Oh, you're already going

– Oh, Link (laugher) – You're lookin' more like a- – Lookin' more like a- – You look like Angelica from Rugrats – Every day! – I don't wanna look at myself until it's done – What Link, was that last one that you read? – I think number 5 Let's see

– Reconciliation seems counter cultural but it always wins Food poisoning on a 16 hour flight is as awful as it sounds especially when you're filled with complete regret because of all places it came from Hard Rock Cafe Oh, because of all places it came from Hard Rock Cafe Global Citizens greatest resource is it's citizens At the festival, it was obvious how powerful

You don't get to do your own stuff, Kevin! (laughter) – Jen, why you closing your eyes? you think I'm gonna paint your eyes? – Resource – I'll let you know – Is it's citizens – I'm very nervous – At the festival – Gonna get it up my nose – How powerful it's pull – oh my gosh! – With celebrities is The people in the audience is what really moves their mission (laughter) – But Beyonce does motivate people

And 10) elephant kisses are muddy and wet, but totally worth it Thank you again for sponsoring my sister and I to go on this extraordinary trip We are incredibly grateful I look forward to seeing you live- – Right there huh? – in concert in Columbus – What is that? – Which I already have

(laughter) it was great to see you Thank you for that I'm glad you enjoyed your trip Now I gotta turn my attentions back to princess Kevin (laughter) – Did that hurt? – No

Should I move that? – I'd hate for you to be hurt – I don't think I'm gonna get hurt – I'll close my eyes for ya – I feel like this is gonna be a really interesting princess look – You can probably put it anywhere

– Green, all right don't smile – It feels pretty good going on – Yeah, it looks good It looks better than it feels – It feels like chapstick

What is it again exactly? – It's just zinc – All right! – You have a zinc deficiency? – Well, we'll find out (laughter) – Not for long! – How would you find out now? All of the sudden you're invigorated? – Yes – I feel so invigorated by being face painted! Okay, um, I'm making my final touches here – I can see my nose

It's very bright – Your nose is, all right – You look incredible – Do I? Yes – Yeah, you need to close your eyes

– Oh, yeah okay Whoa, getting right in the crevices there – I think I do have a zinc deficiency actually Sometimes my forearms get itchy (laughter) – That's definitely zinc

– Yeah – Definitely zinc – Oh, you're giving me cheeks – Oh yeah Yup yup yup

And also, – Jen, you're not gonna regret the fact that this is permanent Just like all life guards – Do life guards wear this stuff? – I gotta get this- – Or is just water polo players like Jay said? – I think it's life guards – Look at that – All right, I'm basically done

– I'm basically done too (laughter) – They can't see themselves – You've got some on your earlobes! – Yeah, they're earrings – Oh pretty! – You'll have to explain to each other what was done to you – Well, he put stuff on my face

– No, explain what was done to her! You can see her face! You can't see your face – Oh I see the game now, okay – Yeah, tell me what happened – Um, you have some green lines around there – No! – What are you sayin? – There's a princess on her face

– Yeah, there's a princess on your face – Oh you drew a physical princess on my face? – It's pretty great Green armed, green legged, blonde, blue faced princess That's her dress – Oh you stabbed me in the nose! Ho ho, that went into my nostril

– So I like Link, I actually fulfilled my muses request (laughter) and I turned Kevin into a princess As you can see, you've got some blonde hair that's coming down out of your brown hair – Are those my arms? – Yup – Uh, I just wanted to give you- – That's her arms

– I'm trying to give you the idea of what it would be like to have cool blonde bangs – I like it – And of course you've got great eye makeup, great luscious red lips, pink cheeks, and purple earrings! Don't forget those details! – You want some purple toenails? – Oh, yup Great That looks, those are long toenails! Wow

Mm They're like whiskers – Oh, that's good (peppy music plays) Who needs James Charles now? We've got a monthly message for you! But it's only available in the Mythical Monthly so subscribe at mythicalmonthlycom

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