Supreme Fast Food Items Challenge

(rooster crowing) (lion growling) – It's not easy to do that, I'm just saying (screeching) – Win face! Congratulations to Erika

You win a GMM Mug! – Way to go Erika – Which you can drink out of! – Win face – Wow Yeah, I don't mean to be critical of your wheel-spin – No, it deserves some critique

– You know what, it's over – Yeah, now you can just – It's typically my thing, I just wanted to let you give it a shot

– I'm gone now, thank you (laughing) – Come back Eugene! – Eugene, come back – Come back, Eugene – We need you for this supreme exercise in– – Food – Food construction

– But before we get into Supreme, Supreme, I think we've both got things we want to promote – That's right – Ooooh – We've got a tour – You've got a tour? We've got a tour! – We've got a tour! – We've got a tour

– We've got a tour! – We've got a tour! – You've got a tour? – Yeah – You've got a tour? – You want to combine tours? – No! – That would be, honestly – It's too late! – Too late, logistically! Logistically! – Do you want to do one night where we trade tours? We'll just do each others show? – Prank the audience

– No one will be disappointed – You think you're coming – Either way (laughing) – No (laughing) – I'm just thinking though, I don't think we're gonna be

– Where are you guys going? – Logistics – I mean, you'll be in– – So many places – You know what? – Denver– – Of all the places we're going

Oh, yeah – Yeah, we're going there – Yeah, yeah

– Rhettandlinklivecom, get tickets for us – What's your site? – Tryguyscom/tour – Oh, you went with a slash, huh? – [Try Guys] Yeah

– You should go to both (laughing) What's the only way to really compare? Going to both – Yeah, yeah, yeah – You have to go to both – Right, that's right

– Gotta go to both – Unless they're on the same night in the same city – Right – That'd be thrilling – Then you'd have to pick

– Then you'd have to split yourself in half – Uh-huh – That's not happening – I don't think so (talking over one another) – We would never do that – If so, we'll try and wrap our show early and then come over to yours to check it out

– And we'll be there later, whatever made sense for whatever you were saying (laughter) – All right, so here's the mission We've got some supreme fast food items, items that have the word supreme in them, and we're going to super-supreme them together into a fantastic new food concoction – Now you guys have three items over there, we've got three items over here We've got a Taco Bell Nacho Supreme

– Hold on, hold on Okay, so there it is – Hold on, hold on, hold on – This is what you're referring to? – Yeah, Jack in the Box Supreme Croissant – Oh

– Wow! – They have a Supreme Croissant? – Supreme Croissant? – Uh-huh And a Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza – Oooh – Huh – And so you have all the items replicated over there

– We have the same thing, except ours is dairy-free because of Zach and I's little sensitive bellies (laughter) – How does this look without – Yeah, what do they do? – [Try Guys] Oooooh! – Wait a minute, this isn't a Supreme Pizza! (laughter) – This isn't supreme! – It's supremely– – It also has no bell peppers

– What happened? – It's a supreme pizza, hold the supreme – Could you compare that to this? – Man – Two different worlds – That must be a disappointing way to live (laughter) – This is not how I eat

This is not how I eat (laughing) – It is, it is for them – It's just crust and marinara sauce – Yeah – Is there anything else on it? – No! – (laughter) No! – Maybe we'll borrow some of your slices and pick some – Okay, yeah, yeah – They could have at least put pepperoni on it – They could have done something – You could've eaten pepperoni

– So pass a plate down, Link, so they can have a palette – Should I try it? – A canvas if you will – Yeah, I'm curious – Yeah, yeah – Maybe it's actually awesome

– Get a baseline – Thank you – I mean, it's just going to be sweet sauce and bread – It's kind of like eating spaghetti (laughter) – I'm being honest, it's like spaghetti

– That's what they want to hear – It's not bad, it's just not – It's actually pretty okay

– Ooh marinara sauce soaks underneath – If this was the free bread at a restaurant, I'd be like, "Wow, this is the best free bread" – I got this free bread, it's like pizza without any of the toppings – I like how you're like– – But it's great – If I didn't have to pay for this at all, I might kind of be appreciative of it

– Yeah – Yeah – Definitely a step up from bread sticks – Okay, so– – But a big step down from pizza – How do we want to do this, because I think if we

I have a hunch they're going to use the pizza as a base, because – That's all it could be – That's all it could be – I want to use the pizza as a wrap Like, I'd like to wrap it around– – So wait, is this a competition? – Yeah – Oh, yeah

– Oh – I'm interested in using that croissant as a little– – Everything we do is a competition with you guys, I think – Yeah – Didn't you pick up on that like a year ago? – (laughing) Yeah – Oh, that's true

– And then, who judges? 'Cause were judges, so does that mean – Oh – Yeah

– Yeah, so you're also the judges – Oh, okay, great – I think we're screwed – Right – The majority rules

– Yeah Well, we're going to handle this – What else we got, what's in the– – I didn't mean it guys, I don't think we're in constant competition – This is the dairy-less– – Now that you're here – There's no cheese and no sour cream

– It looks like there's fake cheese on that – I don't think it's fake cheese – A hefty amount of beans – I think it's just seasoning – Oh, the seasoning, yeah

– I want to try stuffing the croissant to get, like, a little calzone, taco action – Mmm – And what exactly is the Supreme Croissant? 'Cause that's not something I've ever heard of – I think it's just a bacon, egg, and cheese – Except I can't eat eggs

(laughter) – But they did leave the egg on, that's good – There's a lot of dietary restrictions on this side – (laughter) I've noticed – Especially considering we eat a lot of weird stuff – This bacon is more fun when it's not bound by the cheese though

Isn't this fun? – Yeah, loose bacon I've always been a fan – Let me get in there – See? – Oooh – Let's all touch it

– Everyone want to touch it? – You want to see what that's supposed to look like? (laughing) – They say don't play with your food, but you guys have made a career out of it – Now that looks pretty supreme – You know what? – Look how sorry that is – Hold on, they give you more bacon They feel sorry for you when you don't get cheese

– But look, the bacon's only on the right side – Not any more You see what I did there? – All right, so – I see what you did there – Do you guys have a plan? – I'm seeing one now, because we have really good loose toppings for this pizza that came without toppings – Oh, we can fix the pizza – Yeah, we're just gonna– – Make some pizza – We're just going to make a pizza

(laughing) – And we need a different approach – That's what I'm saying, so, like I mean, we've got this tub of stuff

– Well, first of all, you can take two pieces of pizza and sandwich between whatever else we do – These nachos are soft and filthy – I don't know what I'm talking quietly, like I'm trying to keep it a secret – Hey, guys, they're gonna sandwich– – So check this out Typically, you might think you want to do this, but that's predictable

We're going to do this – Ooh – Yeah, it's like a double down, really inconvenient to eat – And then we're gonna– – But beautiful – We're gonna take that apart

Let me put – You don't need double the croissant You don't need both sides of the croissant

So I'm taking the thin part Yeah, the best part of the croissant is the top, so I think I got to keep that – Keith, I think instead of making a whole pie, we should just make one supreme item

– Yeah, that's kind of what I'm thinking– – Put that there – But that needs to go inside of it – And then this goes here – Well, no, you want to go inside that – I don't know what you mean "inside that

" – You want this to be two pieces for the bread of a sandwich You want to use– – Oh, you want this – I'm really watching Rhett and Link's creation – You're saying you want this to be the bottom, like that – Yeah, yeah, yeah, but hold on

Don't put it on there, because– – I ain't putting it on – You want the nachos to create glue– – And then inject it with stuff – That's fun, keep doing that I like watching that – No, this is just me making a hole in the croissant

– Uh-huh, yeah – You guys need some forks? – Oh, sure – Oh, I was just sort of using my fingers – You didn't have to give them forks They didn't know there were any

– Guys, I'm making a meat-lover's pizza – Just take that, and make a– – It's on my pants – Oh, sorry – Oh, it's on his pants! – This is just a normal offering – These are my longer pants, man

– So you just make, like, a base of that – Smoosh that croissant all up in there – I don't know why were both only using one arm That's not part of this challenge – It's 'cause we're working as a team

– Well, this is, usually you would have, like, a pastry-filling thing, but I'm just using my fingers – What's the significant of the win face? – Oh my goodness It's people who, they make a face as if they won something, expecting to win something – Oh – And then if they look like they already won something, then we let them win it

– If we think they really look like they won something, we'll give them something – Right on – Yeah – That's how I've raised my children as well – Mmm, good parenting

– Act like you won something, kids All right, so we've got a nice slathering of Taco Bell in the middle, and then we're going to take– – You might want to cut that– – Can we stuff the pizza inside this croissant? – Oh, yeah, probably – I think we should – We've gotta have some actual croissant That's a lot of bread

– Pass that pizza over – The whole pizza, or the slice? – No, give me the whole pizza A slice – That's gonna go there – A little, uh– – And this is gonna go here

– Mordor – No, I'm gonna– – Yeah, just stuff the entire thing in our little calzones – So you're saying we need some croissant? – Yeah

Well– – Can we get a fork to– – What's happening over here? – I'm trying to stuff the pizza inside the croissant – Yeah, we're turning our Supreme Croissant It's, you know, it's gonna be supreme at the end

– Oh, that looks awful – Yeah – I'm trying to make something that just shreds the roof of your mouth And then, after that, you'll be like, "Oh, but then there's a lot of meat" – Oh, and then it cuts– – So it's okay

– Now that my mouth is bleeding profusely, I can clog it up with meat – What's your biggest compl Your biggest complaint when you eat is that you only get to taste it once

Right? – Exactly – If you cut the roof of your mouth, all of a sudden – You taste it forever

– Straight into the blood stream – Yep – There it is – I'm going to give you my cooking show pitch You know, I'm Italian

I get all of my influences from my grandma, so this is a supreme calzone – Badaboom – You'd cast me on that cooking show, right? – I like it, yeah, yeah, it works – Isn't a croissant French? – Um, but I've twisted it and changed it to make it Italian – My uncle's French, and my father's Italian

– This is how, you know – It looks like a pizza tried to kill a croissant (laughing) – It was a horrible accident on the highway

– So now we need to just – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You just did it wrong – Wow, there's looks– – This is your idea, homey

– Way more supreme than ours (talking over each other) – The height They're getting the height on us – You guys should– – A little more glue – Because they're getting so much more height

– But this looks like it has a little mouth – But remember– – That's cool – Oh, yeah, right, yeah, right – The pizza faces up (talking over one another) – Because

for the picture in the window, you've got to see the ingredients It can't just be two pieces of bread Nobody wants that

– There we go – Yeah, now you're doing it Keith – All right, here we go – We gotta get closer to God ♪ Dum, dum ♪ ♪ Bono ♪ – Wow, yours is Supreme

– Can I do the honors of taking a bite out of this? – Do the honors – Wow – I'm going to hold the plate underneath – Theirs looks really good guys – Wow

– Wow – There's a reason they're professionals – Wait a sec, give them a thumbnail – That's a thumbnail right there – Look at that

Can I get in on that thumbnail? – With Eugene from the Try Guys (laughing) – [Zach] In a confusing wig (laughing) – It's gonna be the most confusing thumbnail ever – Here we go – Oh, wow

– The dairy on yours looks like it really is good Not having dairy, it feels like a real let down on our side (laughing) – Wow – Yeah – I mean, I want to eat theirs more than ours

– Yeah – Oh, man – What are you talking about? Look how good this looks Look at how good this Look! – Yeah – Oh my god! (laughing) – Oh my god! I'm delicious! – Yours is a bread puppet? – Ours is sort of a supreme leader Sort of what we went with So it's sort of an alien

(cawing) – I like that – Hail, leader of the bread planet (cawing) – We receive you in peace – We can't digest dairy (laughing) – Keith, take a bite of the bread puppet

– Oh, no problem – Kill it, right in the brain – Wait, get the thumbnail (laughing) – [Rhett] Oh, God! (laughing) – Your mouth is so big – It's the food that fights back

– Wow – That's how supreme it is – If you've never seen a snake eat, like, an egg Then you just have – [Link] Did you know your clothes can tell a story? Well, check out Post-Apawcalypse, a Mythical Storywear collection, now at mythicalstore

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