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( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" What do we have? Here it comes, Link! Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes! It's a slow one

There it goes This is an AARP conference There it goes There it goes There it goes

It's a big conference Ah Man Wow I think it stopped

Nope, it's still going There it goes There it goes – Man – There it goes

Lot of people are having trouble standing I see There it goes Yep Oh, someone help that woman Okay, good There it goes

Okay, it's making its way There it goes I think it's gonna make it There it goes Yup, yup, yup, yup

Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes ( clears throat ) It's fading a little

( laughter ) I think everyone's lost interest Okay ( laughter ) Both: ♪ You know what day it is ♪ ♪ It's Thursday ♪ ♪ And Thursday ♪ ♪ Means mail ♪ All right – Hey, Jen – Hi I see that you have a box I do, I got a big old box

You got a Globus box? It says "Globus" on it Yeah, it's from a foreign land Have you ever participated in a wave? – Yeah – Like a human wave? Yeah, I have, a few times Lemme guess, at a hockey rink

– Yeah – They do it at hockey rinks? – Yeah, they do, yep – That's good, that's good It's a thing, it's a thing that happens I truly have never understood the wave

– Yeah – Why? Why does it happen? So you participated? Yeah, but I didn't understand it I thought it was one of those things that, like, you don't you don't really understand it until you try it But you're saying since trying it, – you now no longer understand it? – I still don't get it – I think it's kinda dumb – I'm not a believer in the wave because we're there to spectate, we're there to watch what's happening, and then the wave comes around and it's like, "Guys, I don't care, I'm watching this sporting event that I came for" But usually, "uchilly," it happens, like, in, like, an intermission, right? Just to keep people occupied No, it happens middle, middle of the game – Oh

– There will be important things happening – Also, I constantly look – Important things happening in hockey, though? Yeah, yeah, yeah

I constantly look like I'm standing up, you know? – Whoa! – So it's like Oh, you constantly look like you're standing up Well, that's easy for you, your hands just go up, – you don't have to stand

– Oh, I've never once stood – You're – Never

I'm just like, "Oh, okay, whatever" The people who stand during the wave are aggressive Yeah, and losers Yes I can't believe that you're in this boat I thought you'd be like, "I'm all in

" No, I like to cheer Have you ever painted your face? Not for a game, absolutely not – Oh

– Yeah Most people who participated in athletics do not go take their fanship to a place where they begin painting their face – No – To me, when you paint your face and you get super, like, you start wearing things on your head, it's a sign that "I cannot play sports, but I'm really into sports" – Really bad

– So that becomes their sport Right, yeah Nothing against it, it's just, you know They are a fan It's like I like having on the color that I'm supposed to have on, like that's where I take it And then I just do some, like

Yeah, there you go Really excited is like, "Whoo! – Now – Whoo!" But, I mean, if you're in like the most amazing overtime, extra innings type

Oh, I get pretty excited What's it called, extra periods? Yeah, overtime, period – Overtime

– Shootout – Shootouts – Yeah, shootouts Unfortunately some shootouts, yeah – Yeah

– Then that is then it gets freakin' awesome, and all of a sudden, you're hugging strangers Yeah, I've done that, yeah

– You've hugged strangers – Yeah I've hugged a stranger Right, getting their face paint on you I've definitely given a high five to a strange person

– Yeah – Yeah Hockey is more about, like, people paint their bodies rather than their faces That's what I've seen To keep warm? Maybe, also to write things across their bodies

– Usually it's to write things – Oh, okay Okay, read this thing out "Dear Rhett and Link, hello My name is Abigail

Hupker Hobker I'm 13 years old and live in Highland, Illinois I watch GMM almost every day with my older sister, younger brother, mother and father" ♪ Family affair ♪ "My favorite episodes are the ones with pugs in them" – Okay, we'll do that more

– Do we have a lot of those? "I love pugs a lot and hope to visit the pug sanctuary one day" Is that a bunch of dead pugs? No, that's where Mike That's where Mike and Alex went

– Oh, that's right – And I don't– And I, actually, I don't think we're welcome back there "I like the 'Book of Mythicality' too, it's very good and mythical" Mythicalstore, we got

– There it is – We might still have some signed copies over there – Maybe

– I can't say for sure Uh "I own and

" I'm gonna keep reading this because she keeps promoting our merch – Yeah, absolutely – so I'm loving this

"I have an old GMM logo mug, a new GMM logo mug, a "Boiled For Safety" mug, old Link's Lip Balm, and an orange beanie" Yes! All available at mythicalstore "I hope to one day get Rhett's lip balm" She's saving up for that

– Okay – Yeah – Next up – That could be arranged "After two months in the making, I made a picture with 13 catchphrases from GMM I love

I hope you like it because it took me a while to create Bye!" Oh, 13 catchphrases Oh, look at that, look at that You want to present the catchphrases? That's art Read 'em and weep, Rhett

"You can do it, serpent king" "As you can see, we can't" "It's like Oprah in here, except it's goats" Link: ( laughs ) Wait, I don't remember that one – Do you remember that? – I don't remember that one either

"Let the tigers tiger" – "Take a dumpling on us" – ( Link laughs ) "Rub some bacon on it" – "Dink it and sink it" – Link: Yup

– "It's not my cup of" – "My Yeah, "My puff of" Hold on, I don't know, what is that one? Mike puff tea

"It's not my cup puff tea" – Yeah – "It's not" You're not gonna figure it out All right Uh, "Cutie punch featuring Linkie poo" "Queen sweep" "Would you?" "Boiled for safety" and "Nachos are for sharing

" The queen sweep, I think, is the newest one on here – Yeah – That's the more recent revelation – Yep – Very cool, Abigail, thank you for that It's nice to know we're still making catchphrases – There you go

– And shout out to your family We should merch all of those Absolutely Merch that poster right there Well, we'd have to give her a share

– Yeah – We're not gonna do that – Okay, never mind – Okay – You wanna read this? – Oh, we got more

– Yeah – Oh, my gosh "My name is Florian, and I'm a mythical beast from Bern, Switzerland" With an E "I have prepared some traditional Swiss sweets and snacks for you in this box

Hope everything is in good shape and not broken" All right, let's check it out, is anything broken? Yeah, this chip bag has seen better days – Okay, Bern or Florian – Oh, open that anyway – 'cause I like a good chip – Chip bag broke – What else broke? – Have you had these chips? No, have you? I've had these ones "It would be absolutely amazing if you could feature any of these in one of your videos on 'Good Mythical Morning

'" Well, look what's happening right now, Florian? Wow Wow – I don't know what this is – "'Cause I think you won't be able to understand" It says on there "I think you won't be able to understand what's in these products" ( chuckling ) – Mmm – Oh

– These taste like soup – Ye of little faith! – "I have listed the products and descriptions below" – Like a bouillon cube Yeah This is like a bouillon cube-flavored chip

– Which one is that called? – It's the top one – Provencale – "That's chips from a traditional Swiss chips manufacturer with different herbs and spices" Mmm That's good

I'm gonna save these Oh, these are a pepper – Paprika ship? – "That's the best paprika chips in the whole world" In his opinion I'm gonna

There These are the things that you should try You know what? What's thems? There we go

And, by the way, with the peanut butter that I ate in our Andy Warhol spin-off spin-off, I don't know if you could tell, but, like, I was in a lot of pain And I was just trying to kinda stay in character But you asked me afterward, you were like, "Were you making that face on purpose?" Or "Were you laughing?" That's what you asked, "Were you laughing or were you in pain?" Wait, why were you in pain? – 'Cause he was choking on peanut butter – 'Cause I swallowed a bunch of peanut butter without drinking anything – Oh

– And it turns out – You can die that way –

you could die – Oh – Don't do it

It's like the saltine cracker challenge? You're advised, 'cause what happens if you start choking on peanut butter is a Heimlich won't work, liquid won't get it down, you'll just die, so you should always put– you should always eat it with bread or something Look at this! – What is that? – This is a Munz Banana Wow, that's beautiful Link: This just tastes like barbecue, basically – Rhett: Look at that

– Link: It's great, but – It's banana-flavored – Jen: Paprika chips are really big in banana-flavored marshmallow covered in chocolate

( clears throat ) "Ovaltine crunchy"? – I'm just opening things – Ovo Ovomaltine

– So that – Ovomaltine "A cream made with Ovomaltine, a traditional Swiss chocolate and malt instant drink powder

You're supposed to spread this on bread I sent you a view– a few products from this manufacturer" This is another one, Choco Ovo Oh, my goodness, this is not good for you Is it like next-level Nutella? – Yeah

– I'm gonna lick the – Yeah, that's a Nutella –

I'm gonna lick the lid It's in the Nutella family But it's crunchy Nutella, that's pretty epic

Everything broke, I'm just gonna say that right now And it doesn't even matter Every single thing broke This is some I need to go to Swiss – It's a good place – Here you go, butterfly, that's what you're gonna eat Um

those are – Oh, wow – I'm dipping, I'm dippingthin cookies with almonds That must be like a rice thing This is like an old-school "Good Mythical More," all of a sudden, we're eating a bunch of candy – Yeah – Dip that

Jen, you wanna try that? Yeah All right, we're just gonna sit here and eat for the rest of the day Enjoy whatever you're gonna do Try that right quick As a send-off

Yeah, just taste it It looks weird I honestly can't describe it

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