Tasting the Enchilada Omelette

(rooster crowing) (lion roar) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – The anticipation

– What? Look at it Getting started with some Gifticality That means we are donating $1,000 to team Audrey Kaller for the 2017 Walk to End Epilepsy Remember our friend, Adam, is trying to raise $100,000 for his daughter's team, by Thanksgiving Day And if he does, he will eat a shoe

Yes, he will eat a shoe Join us in giving at EndEpilepsyorg/AdamEatsAShoe Thanks for being your mythical best – We have another omelet that we want to try right now It is called "Enchilomelet"

It's an omelet and a enchilada that have mated Or they're currently mating – Oh, I'd like to see that – And then we're going to eat them white they're mating It's not weird at all

Here it is Tess come on in You guys come in and you can try it with us Woo, that looks good – I love some enchilada sauce on anything

That feels like something that should have already been done – Tess you even made the surströmming look good – Thank you – If I didn't have a sense of smell, taste or sense at all – Yeah it was horrifying

It was really bad – It's the worst smelling thing – It was probably the worst smelling food – Yeah it was just so pungent Like it stunk up the whole room

– [Link] But it's not a food pungent – Have you had it before? Have you like cooked with it, or dealt with it? – No, never – Good for you – Yeah it was, because also like when you open the can you have to remove its bowels (Link gasping) And then take out the spine

– Hold on, you have to remove the bowels of the fish? – That's what smells so bad 'Cause it's basically, it's innards are rotting – The innards are making, imputing the smell – Yeah, and that's the fart, the uncle farts that you were – Uncle farts? You all had an uncle collect his farts in a can before? (laughing) Uncle farts, it definitely seems like a gag gift that you'd see a Spencer's

When was the last time you went to Spencer's? Let's talk about that Do they still have them? – I think Spencer's still exists, right? – [Stevie] Yeah – Stevie is like, yeah (laughing) We went there just now – Stevie's like yeah that's where I request all my gift cards for birthdays, Spencer's – I remember Spencer's

Spencer's was like party in the front, bigger party in the back – There was an adult section – Various dirty pastas – Penis pastas, yeah I would go back there as a six year old and be like "look at that"

– You can also squeeze the avocado on there, too I sliced it up – Before you do that, I am allergic to avocado So if I'm going to taste this – Oh okay, my bad, sorry

– Well, let's see what happens (laughing) – Let's run a test – [Rhett] Would you go into a serious reaction? – [Link] You could have a whole shi-lom-o-let Who want's to try the shi-lom-o-let? – I think we should try a Willett allergic reaction – Yeah, I want to try that

– Yeah try it, here we go – The shi-lom-o-let was surprisingly good We've still got an in-and-oh-ma-let – Yeah, that was number two I made – Oh my gosh, that is so good guys

– What was your favorite? – I like them all – I'm gonna go out, is there, what kind of enchilada is this? – So it's a beef enchilada – Ooh shredded beef – Yeah – Let's get some of those vegan packets to put on it

– Do you get any soup with it? – I kind of want to try the champagne one, to be honest – I didn't even see that there – Well go ahead and be honest man – I actually like crepes I am a crepe person

– Alright mythical beast – I'm a big crepe eater – Let's talk about the fact that this is our first – Kevin, did you have any of this? – Elongated episode – Yeah, did you stick around? Of course you did because you're still watching

– Mythical beast, you made it all the way through to the fifth and final segment of the inaugural, expanded, Good Mythical Morning (applause) – Congratulations – Lot's of clicking – It's an opportunity to try different things like, baking in the wind (Tess laughs) – That was exceptional

– I'm very serious about returning to Instagram I don't think that would have happened in a shorter show So that's my reward – Mmm, this is good The matzo balls are good

– It tastes like vomit – Yeah I know, it has the consistency of vomit, I don't know why you said that it would, it doesn't – What? – It never will – Oh, that it does? – It doesn't – I was just being funny

– It's actually a delicacy in Sweden The gentleman we ordered it from – The surströmming? – Yeah, it's a delicacy He game me a set of instructions and a photo of what it's supposed to look like He said its delicious on crackers

– Yeah – And I was like I'm sorry bro, we're going the other way with this one – It's definitely one of those foods that started as an accident – This is so good – Y'all get it on that That's really good

– Now is there a flour tortilla in this as well? – Yeah – Now without a doubt, this could be, again, I can't imagine that this hasn't been done – What the in-and-out-omelet? – No, the enchilada – Oh for sure, oh dude, it has to be on a menus – Yeah that's gotta be

– Like I mean 'cause it's so easy – Like a progressive Mexican restaurant – They're probably just sliding it right in – Well Adam, what's the restaurant in Los Feliz that has all that outdoor seating – Home? – No, further up from that

Back toward Los Feliz boulevard – The Alcove? – The Alcove The Alcove has a carnitas omelet which is amazing – Yeah, similar Putting the tortilla inside, and basically wrapping an enchilada is

– That's totally correct – Is a really unique idea – I had a friend fart in a can – Oh my god – Before he got on an airplane and he closed it up

(Tess laughs) I thought about what you said, this the whole time, a bit earlier And then he flew, I don't remember where he was flying to, Seattle, I think? – That's a good place to fly with a fart – He flew home and asked me to smell it And it was the worst thing I ever smelled – Oh, really? – Next to the surströmming

– He captured it? – Yeah, it works – Did he tell you what you were smelling before you smelled it? Or do you just voluntarily smell anything that is put in front of you – No, he said smell this – He didn't tell you what it was – No

– I wonder if it – You were like, yes, I'm gonna smell that – Well we had a whole, our whole business idea, WeFartInJarscom (laughing) – We actually did – What is wrong with you? – And PootCrate

com How many websites did we come up with? – Toot crate – Toot Crate – Toot Crate, poot crate, we fart in jars We had them all for a while – We owned all of those domains

– I think I relinquished it Because I'm a cheapskate – Does it still have it? – Actually, Flanagan, sent us an email, he was like would you like to hold onto these domains? (laughing) – I can't hold it anymore – And I was like yeah, I think we should – [Link] Wonder what sound it made? – [Tess] Did it keep it's flammability? Or do you need a fresh fart for the gas? – If it smells, it's flammable

I mean, that's the principle – Oh – If it smells, if you can smell it you can burn it

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