Tattoo Makeup Cover Ups Game

– ( rooster caw ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More We've got some hidden tattoos from the crew that we're gonna investigate

BYMB, that means Be Your Mythical Best, today we ask you to be your mythical best with this challenge Blood Buddies– become forever bonded with a buddy by going to a local blood donation center It wasn't what you thought it was, is it? Actually blood pacts are lame Giving blood together is cool Post your donation sticker– blood pacts aren't lame

We had one, but that was in a different time In a different time when there wasn't so many diseases It was a blood oath Post your donation stickers with #BYMB, and feel free to get as creepy as you want Let's welcome some Mythical crew members in here

David, you can take that over there Um We got John, we got Nicki, we got Hilary and we got Becca, – and– – They may have tattoos

This is cool cause I've always wondered about this, and now it's, I'm getting to see it up close and personal There's a type of makeup, like, what kind of foundation did you guys call it? This is just full coverage foundation – Full coverage foundation – She said Very exciting stuff

And this is what they use in the movies to cover up, – uh tattoos – Actually, in the movies they use more of like– – Okay I'm wrong – I think just like an oil based thing, but because we have to wipe it off Well, this isn't a movie, this is Good Mythical Morning That's why we use something else

Yeah, who are we kidding This is not a movie Uh, but you gotta point out this isn't a movie, man? A couple of people might have thought this was a movie Well, if you watch it all together– Like a really laid back movie It is a movie, and it's creating– it's like a universe that has it's own– It's kind of like Pixar? Like, if you put all the Pixar movies together

If you put all the episodes of Good Mythical Morning together, it tells a story about what's going to happen to the world, and how it's going to end Let me get this straight Um, you're each gonna show us a part of your body that, supposedly, has a tattoo on it that's being covered up by makeup It's our job, by looking at it, to tell if there's actually a tattoo under there But who should go first? Why don't we just go in order here? – Yeah

– So Becca, oh With John I wear a ring to cover this one up So, you're telling me you have a ring with makeup underneath it, and then a tattoo under the makeup? – My ring– – And removing the ring did not remove the makeup? I was very careful Why do you wear a ring to cover it up? This is a ring finger, so that's where– And I put the tattoo on my ring finger, so it just naturally works out that way

But are you ashamed of the tattoo? – I'm not ashamed of it – It's just for you to look at – Link: And for us, right now – So every night, before you go to bed, you go like this? John: Sometimes It's a secret tattoo

Well, we have secret tattoos, man We have tattoos that are just for us and our wives Look at that Illuminati You see that? Have you looked at yours recently? Because I looked at mine yesterday, and I think it's fadin' a little

– Fadin'? – Like, dispersing I thought you were going to say saggin' John: It's dispersing? Like, it's right there Yeah I think the ink is kinda– It's not tight anymore

I feel like I need to get it touched up, man Let's move on I don't think there's any tattoo under that finger I think there is Let's wipe it down and see what happens

– Wipin' it down? – This is a dramatic reveal John: Okay 'Cause I feel like I would have heard about John having a secret ring finger tattoo It's just for him He keeps it covered with a ring

Okay, here we go Look at him, there ain't nothing under there John: There is nothing under there ( laughing ) That was good though, man – Link: Right off the bat

– Rhett: That was good Thanks, Rhett Now, Nicki, I know you have tattoos Yes, but do you know where? All over the place All over the

Oh, goodness Am I supposed to be looking? On your arm

Am I supposed to be looking on your arm? – Rhett: I feel like– – That is not a place I knew you to have a tattoo If she had one there, she would have one there, because that's what you do when you got tattoos there Things like that? If you're like, a If you're like, a pro wrestler and you're – doing some sort of– – ( grunting ) Like the Bushwhackers That's before you do your signature move, or something? What did the Bushwhackers do? What was the thing that they did? They did this Man, they were the best They were the best

They were the best Bushwhackers, if you're still alive, you can come bushwhack with us anytime You're invited, guys There's a tattoo under there – Rhett: You think so? – Link: Yeah

You were right the first time If you throw a dart at Nicki, you're gonna hit a tattoo That's true All right, wipe it down I do throw darts at people

Rhett: Yes, there is! Nicki: And not only is it a tattoo Link: Is it scratch and sniff? No It's David Bowie, it matches your shirt today

Wow That's crazy Look at that Rhett: Don't break the girl's arm, man What if that broke your arm? That would be awkward

But we would continue the game – All right? – Rhett: Okay, Hilary All right, I'm next Here we have– Oh, you got a little ankle action? Just throw it up here, I don't care – Put your foot up there

– Put your foot on the– Okay Rhett: Uh, okay I think there is a tattoo under there Okay All right, give it a good wipe

And I think that's your only tattoo Okay, that's fair 'Cause that's a place that a lot of people start They're just like, "I'm just gonna start on the ankle," and next thing you know, it's like ( blowing raspberry ) You know what I'm saying? – I've seen it a million times – But not with us

Next thing you know, then you got them on your face, and you can't get a job That's what happens Right Except, you can get a job at a tattoo parlor Do we have coverage of this reveal? This is a dramatic moment

Nope, you gotta go back up here for the yoga pose – Oh, okay – You retreated way too soon Thank you – Here we are

That looks a little painful – You got it? Rhett: Oh, yeah, there we go Link: Oh, here we go Surprise – There's nothin' there! – Okay

– Except an ankle – Dang, okay You know what, you've got a great ankle – No need to ornate it in any way – Do you have tattoos? I have zero

I'm very plain – Zero tattoos – You are not plain! All right, thank you Okay, Becca Hold on, where are we supposed to be lookin'? Wherever you feel like, Rhett

Link: Right there? Right in the middle of my– No, my upper arm Link: Oh, wow I feel like I would know that you had this I mean, it's my upper arm, and I don't– I see makeup in your whole bicep What on earth? That looks like a painful place to get a tattoo

Eh, it was Like, I didn't realize that when I got the tattoo on my butt– – I'm gonna talk to you– – The real fleshy part? You're the only one I know to have tattoos besides Rhett My first reaction was, "Man, that's deep" The needle goes deep, dude Really? I always feel like, once I get into it I just get into this rhythm where I'm like, – it's almost, like, meditative

– Yeah There was a point at which it turned from pain to just, slight pleasure And, if you're curious, I mean, the video's out there Rhett and Link Get Tattoos It's when we made a commercial for True Blue Tattoo Parlor in

( both ) Austin, Texas That's a tattoo I think she's got a tattoo

I've never seen you in a tank top I wear tank tops all the time, Link Okay, then that's not a tattoo, 'cause I would have seen it – No tattoo – Wipe it off

I don't think there's a tattoo under there, but that would mean that the only tattoo that we revealed– You gotta have one – Just, you know, – Final answer? – You must have just gotten it – Yeah Final answer from you is no tattoo? You got a tattoo under there Link: Something's happening

Something's coming through Ooh, you got a firework under there That makeup job is incredible, y'all Link: You're gonna rub your bicep off, here I can't wipe the thing outta my arm

Link: Try a fresh one, there you go Oh, that's real gross lookin' now How long have you had that? I got it in July, July first Link: I'm sorry I haven't noticed It's been a very busy, busy year

Y'all have been busy, it's fine It's been a very busy year I mean, in fairness, when you come into a meeting, it's not like this or anything Now, what is that? And why do you have it? – So– – ( others laughing ) – I'm like a dad – What is that? And why, on earth, do you have it? This is like the questions you ask to your kids' friends

Now, what is that, Johnny, and why do you have it? Tell Mr McLaughlin Well, Mr McLaughlin– No, I got it in July Let's keep it up, show and tell

Yeah, we can look at it My God, it's so red now I had to, like, scrape my arm Show and tell time with Becca It's a pulsar map, so it was originally designed in the late '60s for the Pioneer plaque, and then re-done for the Voyager Golden Record

It's a map of the relative position of the Earth as done to the center of our Milky Way galaxy, if I remember correctly Then, these are all the different pulsar stars So, Carl Sagan was like, "Let's put this map on the Voyager Record "We're gonna send it into space," and if somebody ever gets it, in the future, ever gets the Golden Record, which we've sent out with recordings of songs from Earth and languages and directions– It'll tell people how to get to us Yeah, it's a way of understanding– So, basically, you're hoping that an alien finds your bicep? Yeah, yeah

And they'll know how to get to Earth Aliens need to come to– Well, it would get to the Sun, but, you know, we're nearby Well, interestingly enough, because every GMM episode put together is a big story, and a movie that you can watch, everything has significance I'm just gonna give you a little clue there Now, of course, these two tattoos have no significance to the story whatsoever

Just a red herring to throw you off But 17 things that I said during this time have a lot of significance What?

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