Testing A Cotton Candy Maker Toy

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (booming) – Elevator pitch – Welcome to Good Mythical More

– We've got an idea for a new film – Oh yeah, it's gonna be great – Got a new film It's called, just listen up, Soap Boy 2: Return of the Disinfectant – All right

So you may be asking yourself, what about Soap Boy 1? I don't remember hearing about that – [Both] Exactly – Here's the thing Sequels work now Sequels are all the rage

Why start with the first one? – Right, and you know what's- – Just start with the sequel, ha! – What's cleaner than soap? More soap The sequel to soap So it's also got like a cleaning component – Oh, but what is Soap Boy? Who is Soap Boy and what does he do? Well, you know what, details, details – The details

– We'll figure that out There's soap, there's a boy Use your imagination – We'll name him after you if you give us money – So what do you think? – Yes? (laughing) Okay, here we are

In the interest of experiencing more products, let's experience this cotton candy maker! – Candy maker! Oprah's so lucky that she gets to do that – It's her brand – But now we can't do it Now we can't yell out the names of things – Man, we're gonna turn this thing on and somehow this magical powder, just look at that

That's just- – Sugar – It's just powder – It's just sugar that's got a color in it – It's gonna be turned into- – Oh, it smells good – Stringy cotton candy

We have cherry, we have blue raspberry – Blue raspberry – We have grape, here it is right here – I've always liked the idea of blue raspberry, because raspberries aren't blue (container shaking) – Ha! – Okay, great job for that, Link

Great job Hand eye coordination still intact – Look at that, I'm not even looking at it I'm not even looking at it (container shaking) – [Rhett] Oh God! – You were supposed to catch it if you're gonna put your hand there

– I did, okay? – Don't even look at it Don't even look at it Put the top on first Whoa, put the top on – No

– Come on, man You don't do the cleaning around here – You gotta go long distance if you're gonna not look at it – Why are you sticking your neck out like, you got that look on your face (smashing) – [Crew Member] Oh no

(laughing) – What a jerk What a jerk Shop-Vac! – Hey, I mean that wasn't my idea – All right – It wasn't my idea

– Yeah, but man – It's pretty localized It's pretty localized – So we've got these paper tubes And all we gotta do is, I was gonna use the grape one

I wanted it to be grape – I knew that (laughs) – All right So does this say one or two scoops? I can't remember – I think one, one scoop

I've gotten confirmation – Serving size, 22 scoops – Yep, so do one scoop – Serving's 22 Oh

– Yep – All right, so I'm gonna make a- – So you put that right in the middle there, right? – [Link] Yep, put it right there in the middle – [Rhett] And then- – [Link] You shake it down Turn it on – You turn it on

– And then, oh wait, centrifugal force – Now while you're waiting on that thing to heat up (machine humming) – It's kinda loud! – I've got a secret hope that by making cotton candy like this, a certain special someone may show up

– Maybe, maybe this will repel him I don't know how he works – Yeah, will he be intimidated by the cotton candy or will he be happy that we're making it? – It should be coming out any second – [Rhett] Yeah, I'd say I give it five, six seconds – Hold on, let's- – So, you know, it's just

– Should be coming out any second – Mm, yeah – Happy cotton candy day, daddies

Hey, Cotton Candy Randy – Hey, do you want to hear a sweet nothing? – Yes, of course I do – It's gonna have to be a little louder than usual – Okay – Because of the machinery

(heavy breathing) – Your wife says it's okay if I join your marriage (laughing) – Okay, well I'll discuss that with her tonight – You're currently on an operating table and the last five years have all been happening inside your head (laughing) What are you guys making? – Gosh – Well, we're making cotton candy, Cotton Candy Randy

– All right, me on a stick – Yeah – Hey glasses, I'm gonna put you on a stick later (laughing) – Glasses, you have a pet name for me now? – Yeah, I don't know your real name (laughing) – Have you ever used a cotton candy maker? – It's not working, Randy

Can you help us? – Yeah, I'll give it a shot Have you dumped in more of the powder? – No, let's do that – Oh – Hold on Ouch, it's plumming by beard off

It's so powerful What a powerful machine – [Rhett] Okay, that's probably plenty – [Cotton Candy Randy] Oh boy – Was that a good thing or a bad thing? – [Crew Member] Bad

– That was a bad thing Oh, no, oh! – That's not gonna work? That's too much – [Cotton Candy Randy] Just throw a handful of pennies in there See what happens – Was it about to work and then we messed it up? Yep

– It was Randy Oh, oh, here we go – Oh whoa, whoa! – Here we go, it's happening You see that? There's a little web – [Rhett] Now just start going like this

Start going around in circles – [Link] Is this good, Randy? – [Cotton Candy Randy] Those are my babies – Oh and look – Well, you don't have to do that yet, do you? Well, I guess you can – Oh, I'm a little nervous with the- – He's not very steady handed, Randy

– Yeah, right? Why do you got the shakes? – Because I'm nervous around you, man – No, dude, don't worry about it if- – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Look at that! (clapping) – Wow, yeah, all right – I didn't know if you would be upset that this is heinous to you and where you come from? – I mean, if you take a bite of it, I'm gonna feel kind of weird – Oh wow – It's only gonna increase my animosity towards you

– Okay Look at how satisfying this process is – [Rhett] You're actually doing a really good job at it – [Link] I actually feel like I'm bonding with something that comes from you – Oh interesting (laughing) – I feel like maybe if I eat this we would be making a connection

– Huh, dude what're we in a dorm room right now? (laughing) You been blazing bro? (laughing) – Wow, look at that, I'm making you a new beard man! – Well actually that's probably gonna be pretty good at this point (laughing) It's experiencing a little premature, demon pattern baldness – That's a big thing of cotton candy isn't it Randy? Is that one of the biggest ones you've ever seen? – That's a pretty standard size at this point – Okay – Standard carnival size serving – Do you think that cotton candy can get too big? – Oh yeah, absolutely, you know, too much of a good thing right? – Right

– [Cotton Candy Randy] Oh boy – [Link] It looks like a spider web – Yeah, that'd be cool if a bunch of spiders would pop out and get all over your face and then lay their eggs in your face, a guy can dream huh? (laughing) Maybe next time, maybe next video? We can do a thing were spiders pop out and lay eggs in Link's face – Oh you're a producer now? – (laughing) Yeah, I want EP credit for this video – Wow, that cotton candy is so big

– I'm making a wife for you Randy – Hey man, I'm just doing my own thing right now, I'm not really ready for a relationship – But do the ladies in your land have cotton candy, where is their cotton candy at? Let me just say that – That's a little bit personal (laughing) I mean every lady's gonna kinda of groom however they want

And I think that they're all beautiful I think that they're all beautiful choices – Okay do you like when they have a lot of cotton candy or very little? – Yeah, I'm kind of a natural guy like that – Do you partake of, do you eat your own beard at the end of every day or? – Yeah, once in a while If I've been doing good about sticking to my diet

Yeah what the heck I'll have a little cheat day, come on – This is so ironic I dunno how to feel about this but that's kinda par for the course with you (laughing) – I'm getting some candy and some beard (laughing) Ow, ow, ow, ow (laughing) I can feel it

– Some, you want some? – No I don't like cotton candy – Why not? – Well, it's kinda been ruined for me (laughing) – Now that I have this new mustache that obscures my vision I'm going to blindly grope out of here – Okay, alright, oh, no no – Okay, bye guys, bye

– Bye Cotton Candy Randy Wow, that was perfect timing I don't think anyone saw, I don't think anyone saw his real face (laughing) – I didn't – Yeah see, I was so quick – Steer you ears towards some biscuits you can hear, listen to new episodes of Ear Biscuits now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts

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