Testing Tongue Scrapers

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (wheel clicks) – Merch – Welcome to Good Mythical More

– Merchicality, we like to see y'all repping that GMM merch out there with hashtag merchicality, and the winner this time is Laurie – [Link] Hey Laurie – [Rhett] Congratulations Laurie, and you win a $30 Mythicalstore gift card, so you can get even more merch – Yeah, you gotta get the new mug

– Is it Law-rie or La-rie? – I had a friend who spelled it like that and I called her La-rie – La-rie – La-rie Yeah, (crew laughs) not Law-rie – [Ellie] That is Alex's mom's name

– Is that how you spell it, L-A-U-R-I-E? – [Alex] Yeah – Is that how she spells it too? – [Alex] Yeah – But if it was L-O-R-I, that's Law-ri – [Alex] Yeah – But when people say Law-ri, or when people say Law-ren, for L-A-U-R-E-N, don't the Lauren's get offended by that? – [Alex] I don't feel comfortable speaking

(Rhett laughs) – But you call your mom what? – [Alex] Mom (crew laughs) – Mom – Got ee! – [Ellie] Darren cannot hear the difference, if you want to explicitly let him know – La-rie, Law-rie, La-rie, Law-rie – One is an O, one is an AU

– [Alex] My mom's AU – Okay, I'm gonna go super, La-ren or Law-ren – [Alex] My mom's a La-rie – [Man] I always thought it was just kind of regional, where you came from how you said it – Well you've offended a lot of Law-rens

(crew laughs) Or La-rens – Alright, so we I really do wanna clean my tongue, and we've got all types of tongue brushes, or tongue scrapers as you may call them that we're gonna test out today, and a quick reminder, if you wanna see us in London, or know someone who might, let 'em know because we're gonna be live in concert there February 15th, as opposed to dead in concert

– Yes, and just to clarify, there have been some questions about that because it is going to be at VidCon, but it isn't technically part of VidCon, you have to get a separate ticket for that event – RhettandLinklivecom – Yeah Yeah, you can bundle it with your VidCon ticket, but it is a separate thing

– So we have a Dentek tongue cleaner here, we also have an Orabrush cleaner, which apparently now is a Dentek product, it used to not be – And a fun fact about Orabrush, first ever sponsor of Good Mythical Morning – Mm hmm – First ever guys – Yeah

– And I still use an Orabrush, and it's not a A-rabrush, it's a O-rabrush, okay, it's not La-ren it's Law-ren, and I use this, and I swear by it, I use it every single morning, because, as it says on the package, 90% of bad breath is due to a dirty tongue, lotta people they're like "I think it's something I ate, "or I think it's my gums" – Yeah They all say – It's almost always your freaking tongue is dirty as crap – We also have

– You need to get this stuff off of it – Dr Tungs tongue cleaner, your breath's friend, works wonders for bad breath – That one's interesting – Stainless steel

– 10 seconds To clean your tongue – Yeah, it comes with a bonus travel pack, so we're gonna get into that one too And then we also have Wondrous tongue cleaner, they call this one a wand – That's a tongue wand guys

– And then in, what do we have in here? – Whoa – Oh my goodness – That's a scalpel, you just cut your tongue off – We have a, this is very clinical Who is this from? – A dentist

– Coco – Chanel – Coco Ting? Coco Ting What, what is this? A tablet? – Is there a battery in there? – Does anyone know how to use this? – [Alex] I think it's to clean the product after you've used it – It's like dentures

– Right – It's a denture cleaner – I'm gonna give you one of those Now – Thank you

– We have some food over here, we have some chips, what is this white substance, yogurt? – [Alex] Yeah – We got some yogurt – Is that some pudding? – We got some pudding, some peanut butter, I kind of feel like – That's not usually how I, I don't use it to clean my tongue off after eating – I think it's gonna get really gross the more we actually start scraping real food off of our tongues – I think it's gonna be gross either way It's gonna be gross, just scraping tongues is gross, nasty stuff – Yeah, so let's, in an effort to make this just as helpful

– We're gonna go like this – As we normally would And we're gonna censor it I'm not gonna eat the food because I can tell which one I think works the best just be feel alone – Now there shouldn't be much on my tongue because I did this this morning, okay? And you gotta go back, you gotta get back there, you gotta make, you basically gotta gag yourself

– Yeah, I was brushing my teeth, and I'll brush way back there too, and– – If you're not gagging when you're brushing, you're not brushing – My wife Christy, she walked in as I was brushing my teeth, and I went, I was like brushing the back of the tongue, 'cause I brush the tongue and then I scrape with the tongue scraper – That's an interesting technique – So you don't brush your tongue? – No, I do brush my tongue, but there are many times when I just do this because it gets it so clean, man – Yeah, well I was brushing back there and I like– (Rhett gags) I was like, (gags) it was like, and she was like

– That's a full gag – She like, turned and looked at me, she was like "You do that every morning?" I'm like "Not usually" – That's how you know you're done – It's not usually a (gags) but it was one of those like, explosive Alright, let's try this one

Ah ah, I mean, oh – Oh, oh – I don't like this because it's a freaking– – It feels like I'm about to shave my tongue off – It's a freaking, it's just a, it's like a– – It's just a scraper, there's no– – It's a spoon – There's no brushy brush

– It's basically a misshapen spoon I do not like that – Yeah, too clinical for my taste – Now – Let's work our way up to the thing we're familiar with, so let's go on to this weird one, Dr Tung's tongue cleaner, your breath's friend Get it? – It glides on the tongue and removes harmful bacteria and debris, even from the back of the tongue Dental experts say it's five times more effective for tongue cleaning than a toothbrush

– Mm, see? I think you just gotta push it through Like so And it does have a carrying case And it does– – Now I would recommend if you're buying something that goes into your mouth, you should probably wash it first – So again, this is– – But I never end up doing that with a new toothbrush, so I'm not gonna do it with this

– This is just a scraper, but you gotta use two hands I like to be doing something else while I'm brush my teeth, you know? – Like holding myself up – Right – That's what I do, I'm like ah, if I wretch too hard I don't wanna fall over – If I can't use it in an airplane bathroom, I'm not interested

You know how I You ever go into an airplane bathroom and urinate standing up, and then think about– – Yeah – What it'd be like for me to do that? – Oh, you mean an, I was thinking airport for some reason

An airplane – An airplane, it's different – Yeah – I don't fit well, is all I'm saying – You're like bent over like this

– I'm in a squat – This is odd – Uh – See, I'm a very, you gotta do it over something – Ugh, ugh, this is so nasty

– Yeah – I don't like this either – It's a little too, yeah, the two-hander – I actually don't feel like I'm getting as much I mean maybe there is some – This is not a good experience

– It says it improves taste – [Ellie] Here's another point against it, apparently on Amazon– – Somebody ripped their tongue off – (laughs) You can get one for 577, or two for 1210

– Oh yeah – Okay, they did the math huh? – But 'em in pairs everybody – Yeah – This one is, well actually this one is pretty unlike what we usually do – I want, let's try the Wondrous clean tongue wand next, because I'm predicting that these two are gonna be the best experience, 'cause you don't wanna scrape too hard, it's

– My top is stuck (smacks) (crew laughs) – You upset inside trying to get it out? You won the game – [Rhett] It's just, it's stuck, I'm just gonna have to just– – Is it, mine just kinda

Whoa! (crew laughs) That killed everything – It was really, really in there – Are we still filming? Did that kill everything? After all that work, you're not gonna like what it feels like It's narrow – I feel like I'm shaving and then I just went right on to my tongue

– Uh huh – Again, more people than not just think it's all about the scrape And I think it's about the scrape and the brush Maybe I'm wrong Dentek, oh this ones fresh mint, it's got a flavor

– That's a good idea 99% fresher kisses This one's got some real promise Ergonomic handle, fruity coloring Got a place for your thumb

Look at that, there's three levels to this thing – Oh, smell it, fresh mint I don't mind this, 'cause it's got, 'cause it gives a little bit, it has a little rubbery quality to it – Right – Doesn't feel like I'm about to saw my tongue off

– And the way that it's curved, it really keeps a low profile when you're going back to the gag zone (crew laughs) – Entering the gag zone – Oh yeah, this is a good one – Uh huh Oh gosh, I think I just– – It's like these other people who made these other things never tested it on themselves, these are, the previous ones were all traumatic experiences

This is the first one that it's a pleasant experience – Yeah – Almost fun It's like "Hey!" – And it smells like mint even after it goes on your tongue But let's go back to the old reliable

I can't open anything today – There's something, go like, there's something on your nose right there Okay, it's gone Could've got it with the tongue scraper, missed opportunity Mister opportunity

– So again, just feel the gentle caress of those bristles, man – Yeah, I don't think the bristles actually do that much – They massage They stretch, they stretch your tongue Uh huh, uh, oh yeah, uh huh

– Uh huh, uh huh – Uh huh, oh yeah, mm This feels so good (laughs) It massages your tongue, man – Yeah

– It's like a little treat, you're doing something bad to your tongue, your tongue may not like, but you're giving it something good at the same time It's like when you have to you know, trim your dog's toenails, you gotta like have a– – Rub it's belly? – Yeah, or have a little treat in your hand – I don't do that by the way, it scares me too much I can't trim Jade's toenails – You know the best way to trim a dog's toenails is to go on– – Chainsaw – Concrete and throw a ball

– You just let them wander down Jade bites her own toenails – Oh, good She just takes care of it – Yeah, she bites her own nails

Learned it from me – Okay, so, alright, the official verdict for– – I don't bite my own toenails – For me is that you just stick with the Orabrush, now owned by Dentek, it's what I use and it's what I love – Yeah, highly recommend that – But Dentak is bringing the interesting game and that will not upset your gag zone with a minty fresh flavor

– Yes, I like the other one too What's the price difference here? 'Cause this one says seven bucks, the Orabrush How much is this, just the regular Dentek non-bristly one gonna cost us? – [Alex] The Dentek non-bristly one is 837 for a three pack – Oh, for a three pack

– Yeah – Eight dollars and 37 cents – I'd go for that, you need one of these, leave these other stuff in the dust – Okay – But hey, scrape that tongue

– Yeah, come on now – [Link] Wanna watch our Tour of Mythicality dressed in a three piece suit, a scuba suit, your birthday suit? Suit yourself, the Tour of Mythicality special is available now on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon and a wide variety of platforms including most cable TV providers

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