Try Guys Play ‘Never Have I Ever’

(Rooster Crows) (Lion Rawrs) – Don't Google that, alright Eugene, tell us what 'Don't Google that' is – Don't mind if I do (clears throat) Don't Google that Whatever you do, don't Google Goose Mouth Don't Do it

– Don't do it – Don't you dare do it – Auuuggghhh! (all together) – Okay, – Wow Oh it's beautiful Wow, I never knew! – Geese are nasty creatures They will defend their own to the death – Oh! (all together) – The inside's even worse! – It's like predator – Wow, that's fascinating! – I always thought geese were kinda tame, I mean they honk a lot – No, they're not They're really nasty, and they poop

Everywhere – Look at all those chickens! – Anyone who had geese, like around their home or at their school knows that geese are pieces of crap Ya know, I think that they're the worst animal I'm gonna go ahead and say it – But their sound is so unique and pleasant (mimicking goose honking) – Honk! – Welcome to Good Mythica More (laughter) – Today we're gonna play 'Never have I ever' uhhhh, today we're gonna play 'Never have I ever', and learn new things about each other – Wow – You know, after all these years, we're still learning – Yeah, – And the lo- whoever has never done the ever, will be having a mystery shot, of mystery liquid – Ooooohhh – Zach, I believe it's if you have done the never ever – What did I say? – If you haven't done it – If you haven't done – If you've ever done the never, – If you've ever done the never – You'll take a mystery shot of the mystery liquid ooooo these are fun looking, that one's got some sediment on top (laughter) – A lot of smells coming out here – Looks like Jägermeister, triple sec, – Yeah, – Lemon vodka – Yellow Curaçao – Well I'll start us off with a real spicy one, Never have I ever, eaten pig anus, to my knowledge

– Okay well, – Alright Let's do something they haven't just seen (laughter) – That's the point, they just saw it, take the shot boy – Which one – Up to you really, – Alright, – I said the "To my knowledge" 'cuz who knows what's in hotdogs you really can't know – That's true, we probably all have – Alright, let's do the middle one – Does it matter? – Yeah lets do the middle one – Powers that be? – [Woman] No you're good – Great – Alright, – Lets do the middle one K, give me that middle one, It better not be hot sauce, I'll be furious – Oh wow – It looks the most like hot sauce, – Yeah, it does look like uhhh – Why would you choose the one that could be hot sauce? It's the only orange one – My tongue, is problematic – It's definitely tobasco – I want you to look at my tongue camera, and show everybody what's about to happen to me – He has something called 'Geographic Tongue' – It's hyper sensitive to spice – So he actually- – All flavors really, – He physically can't handle even the one chilly pepper in the Tai restaurant – If we do this, there's nothing else I can contribute in this episode

(laughter) okay? Just so we all know, this is all I do – You chose, that orange one – I didn't, Ned did – Eugene did, I was gonna do soya sauce – I did – You're right, Eugene did it to me – I thought it was supposed to go one, two, three – Ummm, well we'll cover your shot for you – No! No no, this is what everyone wanted – Wait so you guys, – Eugene, I mean Keith and I obviously, they just saw eat pig anus but when have you eaten pig anus? – Yeah why did you take a shot? – Oh

I've eaten pig anus (audience laughter) – Yeahhh? – Yeah I thought that was the whole – Tell me more – I'm Asian, it's like, (audience laughter) you've eaten everything everything in an animal – Jews get Bar Mitzvah'd, in Korea they eat pig anus apparently – You've never eaten pig anus? – Not to my knowledge – What, hm, well, your loss – He knows that we drop secret food into his mouth while he sleeps (laughter) – It's how spiders crawl into your mouth you never know what pig anus might do – Well good job Zach, you got us all taking a weird shot – Alright, just so you know, this episode is going to devolve into madness because Keith is taking a hot sauce shot so, just prepare yourselves, – Yeah, it's definitely Tabasco, – Yeah – Good Mythica More will never see the likes of what's about to happen – I'm excited – Right

Cheers – Cheers – To anus – Aaaggghhhh (laughter) Immediately – You okay? – Yeah – Look up so we can see your beautiful face – Ahhhhh oohhh – Mmmmmmm (laughter) – Ah it hurts so much! – Lets move on to Ned's question yeah? – (Makes noises with his mouth full) – I feel like we should let Keith go, it's only fair huh? – Uh Never have I ever – Uhhhgh huh! – Never have I ever, been a scrawny, little, (laughter) piece of garbage – Hairy, – Fully to the left of all three of us – I dunno who you could possibly be talking about – I mean, I was thinking it (burps) coulda been me in elementary school, but then you said "fully to the left" (burps) – Are you okay? – I mean I, – You know I've been working out dude, you don't think I'm toned? – Now you have a shot – I mean, you have a skin tone, – Should I, should I do the one you just did? – Yeah – Yeah – I think you deserve it too – What do you want me to drink? – Are there more shots back there, of other stuff? (moaning in pain) – [Woman] Yeah there's more shots coming, – Okay, so you can maybe try a different one (moaning more, loudly) – Is this lemoncello? – I'm salivating – Smell it – Uh-oh oh that's certainly vinegar mmmm this shouldn't be so bad to my scrawny friends out there, love yourself (laughter) oh boy! Oh that's abrasive the thing about me is that, I've never been able to take shots so I like, hold it in my mouth and then I swallow, which is the worst way to do anything – I know, I do it too – Oh it's so bad! – I held it in there for a good, like two minutes – Ooooooohhh boy! – Just, feelin' the flavor of the hot sauce, – What is that? – [Man] Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar It really- – Are you gonna do the tobasco? – No (laughter) they told me to do the other one! They got a whole bunch of flavors here! – Apple cider vinegar (tisk) – they know! – I'd do that just for fun – Okay, please – Hippies literally drink that every day – Yeah it's supposed to be good for your digestive system – Well good – Apple cider vinegar, that's what it is? – I've got a lot of stomach – what are you complaining about? – It's really good for you I got a lot of stomach issues, – Ahh my God – To be cleansed – You wanna take the next question then? – Uh sure uh, I was thinkin' of one that will probably get one of you, but maybe will get all three of you

Never have I ever, stayed up for more than 24 hours straight – Yeah well obviously, – Yeah we all work – Wait you've never done that? – Yeah I've stayed up all night but always, you know, I try and go to bed like right in the morning I've never done like a 36 hour, certainly not a 48 hour, – Not even in college? – I don't think so – Not even like a laser tag overnight? – One time I stayed up all night, and then I fell asleep like in class the next day – So wait what about, you're telling me that when you had a sleepover as a kid, you never stayed up all night – I think I always like, slept for a little bit, – You must have had the most boring sleepovers – No they're pretty- – In the history of sleepovers – Yeah okay – You gotta make it past that 5am mark! – Yeah but if you go to bed at 6, it's still under 24 hours – Okay – I don't think that's possible, 'cuz your friend certainly would have put your hand in a cup of warm water and made you pee your pants – Well yeah, that happened – Alright, – Wow

(burps) – You okay Keith? – No! I'm not okay, – What's the latest you guys have each stayed up? – 36 or so, – 36? – Yeah, we like pulling all nighters to edit It's the only time you can get something done – So like go and stay up the entire next day and go to sleep that next evening? Have you ever done 48 hours? – I've done 48 hours – No, oof – Really? – Yeah, working on Try Guys videos (all agree) – Well lets uh – (burps and moans in pain) – But it's worth it (laughter) – Are you okay Keith? – NO!, you keep asking me that! – 'cuz I'm concerned about you we love each other, we're best friends! Cheers – Cheers – I got a gooood one, I got a good one – Ooo soya sauce! – It's fine, – You guys, sleep is great for you ya know? – Very delicious – It's you know, all these flavors, I like this flavor, but having so much of it at once is, uh shocking – Alright so, as we bring in the next round of shots, it's my turn right? – But I didn't get apple cider vinegar yet! – Take it then yeah, save it for later it's cleansing – I wanna ask a question that will open up for potentially a really, you know, humorous anecdote – Mmm – Never have I ever, accidentally, even just a little bit, pooped in my pants (everyone laughs) – Ooo boy which one am I gonna take – Pass me a shot – (laughs) are you serious? – Yes! – Wait have you never?! – I'm pretty sure I have, – Not even when you were like 5? – Well, you know what I mean – yeah, – Like maybe, – Never have I ever! Never ever Eugene! – I was not someone who pooped in my pants – So you're saying you never pooped your pants? You never pooped your pants

Never Never? Never never? Never – You're talking about like actually, letting go, like a little turd as you're walking around, or sitting around – I do weirdly believe that as a baby Eugene was like "No I shall wait" – Mhmm, I was a strong baby – Uh yeah, I mean, I've definitely have pooped my pants multiple times One is the, what is colloquially referred to as a 'shart' (agreement and laughter) where you think you're farting and then just a little baby bit comes out, and, for some reason, you're always wearing white shorts at the time (laughter) – Mhmm – And then I remember running to a pizza shop, and not making it, – Oh no! – Yeah

Those were dark times – What do you guys- – Oh no actually yeah! I'm thinking of so many times now it's happened several times At least three that's coming to mind – Have you guys ever like, pooped in the ocean? – No! – That doesn't quite count, but like it's close enough that – You pooped in the ocean?!- Why would you do that? – You pooped in the ocean?! – Why would you do that? – That's not the same as peeing! – Because you were too far away from the beach and you – I was too far away where are you gonna poop on the beach? Ya know, it's like it's soooo far away to get to the port-a-potty – How old were you?! – I was probably like, 11? – 25, – You know how currents work, – Yeah, you're just gonna have the turd wash up on the beach – Old enough to know better – Just smacking against people's legs – Think it was like, my like, fourth grade like, end of year party – Wow All of Ned's fourth grade classmates, just so you know, that soft thing that went against your leg, (Ned laughs) probably just poo-poo – What is that brown fish? (all laugh) it's such a weird shape! – Alright, what's the shot you're taking? – I dunno – Looks like clam juice – I'm doing apple cider vinegar because, it's good for me – What? No no, – That's not how the game works – Ugh, okay – It's a, it's a mystery – And this is clam juice? – It certainly smells like it – It's settled on the bottom – Clam juice – Alright, cheers – I dunno, – Yummy – (quietly) You've pooped your pants, – (gags) – It doesn't taste very good – Mmmmmm – Ughhh – What is, what is that? – I swallowed, and I regret it – Clam juice? Ah

– Yeah baby, – I'm gonna build a little pile of tissues, – Whooooo that's abrasive – We're having so much fun (they laugh) we're having so much fun guest hosting this show (more laughter) – It's, it's really a blast if you ever get the chance, (laughter) – [Woman] Okay, lets do, lets do- – Ugh! That took a lot of mental strength – [Woman] Like – Why don't you wash it down with the apple cider vinegar? – Oh I will, that's a great idea – [Woman] Lets do one final, final question, final shot – Ahhhh! – [Woman] Has to be a good one – Yeah, – We need to think of a good question – Wow, this clam juice really brings out the natural shine of the wood (laughter) look, can we get a spot on this wood? It looks beautiful – Just imagine what it's doing to our stomachs! (huge burp) (woman laughs) – This is our final shot? Okay, – What is that? – [Man] To cleanse your palate – What is that I'm sorry, what is that, it looks, it literally looks like vomit – It looks like banana! – Can I get some more water please? – We've been given a final shot, it's frothy

– Does anyone have a really good question? – No, – (muttering) – I dunno, the combination of of clam juice and vinegar and soya sauce – There's a lot going on in my stomach – It's just messing with my brain, – It would probably be delicious in a bloody Mary, but individually not good – Mmmmm – What is that? I don't, I don't want it – Do you wanna ask the question then? – Yeah, – Pick a nice one, pick a nice one – Okay, never have I ever spent more than 3 minutes on my hair (snickers) – No way, really? – Yeah man, I don't care about this – Oh man, – I look exactly the same every day – Nooo, come on – yeah – What about, what about a hair cut? – That's not me spending time on my hair, – You sit down in a chair, – That's me spending money on my hair – no, – That's time Time is money – Uh-uh, – Keith, he got us, he got us I mean, I have – So the story is, I'm a big hair guy – Mhmm – Literally big hair guy, and both of them, were more like Keith, where they didn't care about their hair, and then, eventually, – They got vain – I brought, I brought them over to the stylish side, and they go to my stylist

– Right And now it takes me a good 20 minutes – And now they're friggin' hot – Well, – I just, I have terrible hair, so it takes me 5 minutes to not look like a monster, (laughter) you know? – It just takes me a long time 'cuz I'm not good at it I have spent my entire childhood not doing hair stuff, Eugene has like, all of this knowledge and expertise – (burp) (laughter) – Mistakes were made

On this show, – I think, I dunno, I'm curious, I think that a haircut qualifies as spending time I think we've caught Keith – No, I think Keith is a – Dead? – Is dead from the Tabasco, – Don't try and get out on a technicality – Alright, lets uh, – Trying to get him in on a technicality – Lets find out what this is, – Hmmm – Okay, – What if it's just Mango Lassi and it's delicious – That would be great, – Alright, ready? – I'm getting nothing, I can't figure out what it is – I'm not even gonna smell it – I don't, it's, it has no scent – Well, he's putting a trash can right next to us, so that means – Bag – It's definitely gonna be Is this someone's vomit? – It's Link's mythical barf bucket – Okay, put it in the center – Alright, – Wow there's a lot of people around us Every body got closer to us – Why did everyone bring barf bags all of a sudden? (laughter) – There's like a crowd around with baskets now (laughter) – Is this like, what is this? – There's also a fire extinguisher (laughter) and a bucket of snakes? (laughter) – It doesn't smell like anything smell it, – I was gonna do a shot but I dunno that that's a thing I can do – Oh I know what that is, that's some sort of mustard and something else, – Mmmm – Is it like, you automatically vomit? – Oh it is mustard-y – Smells like mustard – Yep alright, – Maybe it's hot mustard, – Mustard and ipecac? – You guys ready? – Well mustard is something that's good, – Well, too Keith for taking that Tabasco – Ughh – Yaaay – Oh, that's not bad was that just yellow mustard? – It's not good is there chalk in here? (laughter) – tastes like yellow mustard – Almond milk, mustard and almond milk? – Ohh – So you were thinking of my stomach, thank you – No one thought about my mouth! (laughter) – Thank you Rhett, thank you Link, for having us on this fun fun show, we're gonna feed you a bunch of gross stuff next time we see you – And, I just wanna say, never have I ever, had friends, like you guys

(awwwwwww) – Stop ittt, – Does that mean we're not friends? – That's so sweet, (laughter) – Wear a different mythical tee every day of the week head over to mythicalstore and pick your favorites – Hint It's all of them

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