Unboxing 16 Mystery Boxes

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) (wheel spinning) – Welcome to Good Mythical More ♪ Merchicality ♪ Oh! – We love to see y'all repping that GMM merch

Shout out to Ren Sauve – [Link] Yeah, you know he is – [Rhett] Is it sow-v or sauve? – [Link] Sauve, man, look at him – Congrats, you win a 30 dollar mythicalcom gift card

– Just wanted to say keep up the amazing work you do In honor of your awesomeness, I'm rocking both old and new merch And remember, 16 dollar t-shirts for 16 hours I was gonna say happy 1600th Good Mythical More but I don't think we did it that way – Yeah, I don't know

I don't know if we, we didn't do more from the beginning – The first Good Mythical Mores, we like put on our website – Yep, that was a mistake – Let's open some mystery boxes We got 16 of 'em to celebrate 1600 episodes

– Some of these are mystery boxes that the crew found on the interwebs and some they made – And I guess we'll find out by opening them – Yeah – Look at this – This one's like a treasure chest

– You know what, I turned it Now I want you to open it (crinkling) – [Rhett] There's lots of things so just take some of it – This right here says caution, pokey So I should probably give that to you

Oh, what is this? – Well, we're gonna be here a while if all the boxes have this many things in them that are also wrapped – Hey Rhett, check this out – Piece of wood – This looks like petrified wood, homie – This is jewel beetle wings

– This is a fricking archeological find – This is What? – This is a rock in a Ziploc bag

This is a freaking dinosaur bone! – [Rhett] This is a domino! (crew laughing) Made from bone and ebony – Rhett This is a freaking dinosaur bone I'm trying to get it out – You've seen one, you've seen them all

No, that's awesome I'm just kidding – This is your thing, man – I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding I love dinosaur bones

– You can tell it's a dinosaur bone because you've got the marrow in the middle there See that? – Toothpicks! – These are all ancient things We'll discover more of them later but let's make sure we keep these together and keep 'em in the box – Do you know the name of that mystery box, Stevie? – [Stevie] That was the oddity box And that's all

(laughing) – Okay It's a lot of odd things in there – [Stevie] And of course we bought it We didn't curate that one – This is a mink vertebrae

– Mink vertebrae – [Rhett] Whoa, you don't see that everyday – You chew these up and it cleans up that constipation from all the Play-doh – Mm, smell it – Just clears you out

– Let's move on to the second mystery box of 16! Some people have whole channels where they do this – Look at this one, I'm sure this one was shipped to us – Oh, it's a, is it Orbeez? – [Stevie] Yep – [Rhett] It's an– – Orbeez box (groaning) That's why they call it Orbeez 'cause you're like Orbeez

Look at that – Is there anything hiding in there or just Orbeez? – Something gonna bite you Ah! – Come on, man, you gotta know that's gonna happen – I tried to scare you by pinching your hand Don't put the lid on, I'm gonna– – Something gonna bite you

– Something gonna bite you– – And some Orbeez gonna get on the floor in the process – Now, Orbeez can kill you, right? If you like eat too many of 'em – If you eat 'em before they get big Once they get big, you can eat all you want In my experience

– That's a nice feeling – All right, quit touching the Orbeez, Neal Okay Number three! – Do the honors – This is literally a cardboard box

Okay – We're acting like kids at a birthday party– – Everything is yellow! – Who've opened so many gifts, they're kind of over it So it's a everything is yellow box – [Stevie] Yeah, it's a yellow box – Everything is yellow! – [Stevie] You pick your favorite color and then they send you a box of all that stuff

– Really? – Wow, I love yellow – That's not a good box (crew laughing) – No, it's a great box ♪ Everything is yellow ♪ Look at this Look at it

– Who knew so many things could be yellow or white with a little bit of yellow? – What is this? It's a return sport ball – You know what that means – You return it – I don't want this – Hold on, I gotta get so that I can return this

It's gonna return Hey, look at my sport ball (crew laughing) My yellow sport ball, it always returns How do you do it– – Yeah, throw it, throw it up in the air (crew laughing) – I think I gotta take the, I think it's the sunglasses

Hope these sunglasses are– – How convenient, a trash can No, I threw it beside the trashcan Oh, look at this, a Link box Okay The mouse from my desk

(crew laughing) The light bulb from above my desk that I took out and put on my desk The beanbag from my desk (crew laughing) The squishy toy from my desk – Somebody got the knot out of the return ball! (crew laughing) – All of the pens from my desk The thing that Lando made for me and told me to put– (laughing) On my desk

– Whoa, whoa! It goes right to the camera! I'm coming right at you– – Oh, look at that, and a Bleak Creek bookmark – Yeah, right at, oh, sorry – Ow! Dude, that's like the spinal cord, man! – Yeah Hey man, it's my return, it's my sport return ball – I just, I lost a memory because of that

Here, open this box Move on to something The picture frame from my desk – This is From by library, small storage – A wedding ring – Okay This is a box for cats

– Freaking put this back on my desk – These are cat toy, hold on, where, did this one come from some place? Did y'all make this or order it? – [Stevie] This is all of Chase's cat's toys apparently – Okay, I'll put 'em right in the box for you, Chase – All right, you take that one Goes back on my desk

– Your cat plays with a cat? (crew laughing) – I know you loved that one Check that one out, Rhett Another box for you – Hope it has a second return ball (crew laughing) Can't get enough of that

Whoa! My favorite shirt (crew laughing) All it needs is sunglasses – I thought that was Stevie's shirt Stevie, you gave up your shirt – [Stevie] Oh no, I have a lot of copies of it

(laughing) Please do not contact me about it (crew laughing) – Thank you for that – This box is not designated Oh my god Oh, it's Baby Secret but she has been mushed into the box

– Listen, guys, that is legitimately stupid to treat Baby Secret like that It's a demon possessed doll You think she's happy? Having her face crushed like that? – Oh, she's fine – Does she still work? Pull her cord and find out – My name is Baby Secret

(laughing) – Oh gosh, it's even creepier like that – My name is Baby Secret – Yeah, we know that Come up with something new Has your head been crushed too tight? (doll mumbling) What? (Link mimicking doll mumbles) – Don't talk so loud! – Don't talk so loud

– It comes out of her butt, by the way – Yep, that's where all babies talk until their brain comes together – I like to sleep with you – I'd like to sleep with who? – You (crew laughing) – I like to sleep with you

(mumbling) (laughing) – What did, what? – I like to whisper in the dark – I like to whisper in the dark – All right, I'm gonna take this home and give it to Shepherd (crew laughing) – Another mystery box, one looks like it was shipped Wanna open that? – Yeah

– And I'm gonna open this one – Thing about a return ball is you never have to wonder where it is I know it's at the end of the string attached to my arm – It's a Jen box Is it for Jen? Can we open it? Oh, it's from Jen

Jen's not here today? (laughing) – Ah, yes – It's just a Jen box (crew laughing) – So this is What in the, what? Oh Look at this – What is that? – It's an x-ray of something And then you've got this guy and then of course the thing that it is – It looks like a doctor's, like, looks like the Shroud of Turin or something

– Gah, Link, I can't– – What is that? – Hold on, guys, I think that this is– – That's a, it's a picture of a ghost – No, this is– – [Link] There's some scissors right there – I don't need scissors – And here's a, here's a picture of like an old photograph – It's a skull of some kind

– That's it? I don't understand – It's a human skull (laughing) That looks like it might be a deer – Coyote? – Or a dog I don't understand why the, it's definitely real bones because all the bones are flaking off

– [Stevie] That's the part two to the first oddity box That was like the bonus – Oh, thank you – Does it count as a separate box 'cause we got 16 of these – Is this a box within a box? Something to

(crew laughing) It's a pig chef with a broken ear – Kind of makes me sad Something about him makes me sad

– He's not very responsive All right, what else? How many is this? – This is not technically a box, this is a mailer bag – [Stevie] I think this is box number 11? – 10 – What, oh! Could this be? All old happy meal toys? No – [Rhett] Uh, yeah? – [Link] No, it's, Groo the Wanderer

– [Stevie] This is the 90's box – The 90's – 90's box – Oh look, they got some New Kids on the Block collectible cards Well, there was only five of them

How many cards could there be? – Oh my gosh It's the Berenstain Bears – I'm gonna open this up – And it's spelled the way that no one remembers it being spelled which is the way that it was spelled – I've got the Jordan card

– 'cause of the Mandela Effect – I've got the Johnathan Knight card and he's actually playing a bass Who knew he had talent? Are they still around? They were touring again Here's the, this guy's name's, that's Jordan too All right

Oh, and then there's this guy What's his name? Danny Then there's this guy, the young sounding one, the one with the highest voice What's his name? Joe Joe Bird

Joe Bird in the house – The Berenstain Bears cards are not cards They're just little captioned scenes – And then you got Mr Wahlberg himself

Donny is discovered When Donny auditioned for the hot new group, Producer Murray Star knew he had found a star of his own Donny was chosen to be the very first New Kid Check out the rest of the New Kids' story on the following card – Now you've lost track

Oh, here's some 90's ALF gum, you want it? (groaning) – No All right, let's move this way Let's open another, put that in there This, the Or D box – Or D! – Yeah

Usually a joke – Usually a joke, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Or D – Or D A mummified Egyptian cat penis

– [Rhett] Yes! – [Link] I get it! – Nice – They were so relieved that we got it They were actually paying attention to our show Look at that Mummified Egyptian cat penis

– Yeah, looks just like a bone – That's the most longest running, D – Longest running? (laughing) (crew laughing) – Oh Rhett, we also got a Brian box – Oh Has to be open, Brian

Mystery Brian I opened the box, I'll be Mystery Brian – You earned it, Rhett Here's a blue box I almost said here's a white box

I don't know why All right, so we got some poo-pourri spray Please return to set bathroom – Oh, this is running out of ideas box (crew laughing) It happens, it happens

– It does happen – We've been accused of it many times so it's appropriate that we got a box – Is this the last one? – This is please message me with any concerns or questions I appreciate your purchase and I hope you enjoy your treasures Jeffery

I thought it was just gonna be a bunch of notes (laughing) But it's really just the guy whose box it is (crew laughing) Oh, okay Well, my first concern, Jeffery, is what's an eyeglass chain? Oh, it's for my glasses – I mean, this is like a, this is from a long time ago

– Oh, look at this Look at this Look at that – What is that? – I don't know, how do you open it? It's an old compact – Okay

(crew laughing) – Oh, look at this Is this padding or a prize? – That's a doily I believe Oh! – [Rhett] Look at that! – That goes in the centerpiece of your table, good man – Yeah, oh, right here! Right there on the table – We could doily up our set

– You're gonna have to put a hole in it but I'm sure Jeffery would be okay with that – Now, my in-laws have a bunch of doilies like under their lamps and stuff – Oh, I have another question, Jeffery Why'd you think anybody would want those? – These are postcards of amazing lands – Also, Jeffery, another concern is that you're not gonna find everything in your box because of the way you packed it

You just loosely packed things in old newspaper – Let's just call that it – Well, I'm guessing that's it Thanks, Jeffery (crew laughing) – Speaking of it, we have one last box

(upbeat music) (gasping) Look what I found! (crew laughing) Got some hair? Got some lips? Got some stink? Get the Mythical Grooming Collection available now at mythicalcom

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