Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical More! – BYMB, Be Your Mythical Best, today we want you to add-a-roll, add a roll of– – Adderall? – Not Adderall (crowd laughing) Don't do Adderall kids

Add a roll of two ply toilet paper to a park or public restroom and take a photo of yourself That's a good idea Post it with hashtag BYMB – Pull your pants up before you take the photo And hide the Adderall

I actually don't know what Adderall is – It's like speed – Oh, okay – I didn't have to whisper it – I actually don't know what speed is

– Okay, we'll talk later (laughing) – Oh man, we're kicking off the summer We got Alex over there standing – 'Sup? – What haps? – Nothin' haps, you know – I don't smell like fish guts anymore

– Man, how long did it take to get it out of your freakin'– I turned and looked at you and I was just horrified It was, it was– – The good thing is, I never saw it I never saw it, I went straight into the shower and just, or straight into the pool out there and– – Yeah, well, no, I hosed your face off – Yeah, and then I went straight into the shower and got the bits off – And I was not there

We're gonna do a watermelon spitting contest – I smelled myself in the shower though – I got in the shower after you and the moment I walked in the door I was like– oh! It was, it was– – I'm sorry – Why did you leave all your stuff in the shower? – It's a present! – Take your stuff, like your shoes, your shorts– – No, that's for you – Your towel, they were all in the shower

– That's for you to know that I was there first – Our shower is huge, it's– – Yeah, because the shower's so big – You could shower a mule in our shower (crowd laughing) Like a full grown mule – Well that's why we did it that size, because that will happen

We'll get a mule dirty on this show before– – We gotta shower him down But in your last, you left everything in there – I put it in the corner! – Yeah, I know, that's kinda nasty – What do you want me to do with it? – Wring it out, and put it on the hamper But of course, then I'd just put mine on top of your pile

– Exactly – I tried to be very nice to Tom, who went in afterwards, and I think got it up Thank you Tom, sorry – I guess I should apologize to Tom – Exactly, that's what I'm getting at

And to me, again – So– – You're gonna measure the distance with which we can spit seeds Now, I would always go to my nannies house growing up, and she's have some watermelon, and we'd spit seeds out into the, off the porch, it was a very Southern-gothic kinda situation– – You got experience with this – Like spittin' seeds off the side porch of the house– – They weren't this small were they? – And then lo and behold, next year, watermelon vines would grow – Ah

(repeats self in gibberish) – That's what happens – These are small – I grew a, the only thing I grew successfully as a child, now that you mention that, is a watermelon I got a watermelon seed from somewhere, and I grew a watermelon that was the size of a baseball, and I was so excited to finally open it up, and I picked it one day and opened it up, and it was completely rotten on the inside – Rotten? – Yeah, because I had– – You waited too late

– Because I thought it was gonna keep getting bigger, but it was just because I didn't have a green thumb, my watermelon had completely ripened weeks ago – That's not the only thing you grew, you also planted that little cedar tree sapling right next to your house – Yeah – And then over like the next two decades it started growing huge and like displacing the foundation – I found a cedar tree sapling in the woods behind my house and there was a spot next to my house that didn't have a bush

– There were bush, bush, bush, no bush, bush, bush, bush – And so without telling my parents I just took that cedar tree and I planted it, literally two feet from the house (Link laughing) And then, when I went off to college it was like five feet taller than the house And then like a couple of years after that, my dad was like, we're gonna have to cut your tree down, because it's beginning to damage the foundation – But at least he like asked your permission

– The only time I've cried in my life was when that tree was cut down (off camera laughing) (Link laughing) Thinking about it right now makes me want to cry a little bit – So we've got a line here, which, it's like bowling, you can't go beyond it These seeds aren't, they're just not regulation seeds guys – I don't think I'm gonna be able to get it past the desk

– I'm also not measuring how far like total, I'm just measuring the difference – Do it any way you want – Okay, maybe I'll just eyeball, I dunno – Why don't you wanna measure the total distance? – 'Cause I gotta run back there and then someone's gotta hold onto it – [Link] Yeah, you'd have to move too much

– Each one of these guys– – [Alex] I'm tryna chill, dude – Hey, hey, revolutionary idea – [Alex] Yeah? – Each one of these tiles is 12 inches, that's one foot – [Alex] Oh god – So all you have to do is count them, and then measure into them and we can get an exact measurement

– [Alex] Great – No but, you know what– – Totally, math's my thing man, sick – He could measure relative, to see who won, but we wouldn't know total distance – [Alex] What do you say you spit some, and then we play it by ear boys, let's go – [Rhett] Alright, okay, play it by ear

You know what, I should go first, because I don't think I can get past the end of the desk – Okay, and plus I'm trying to find a watermelon seed in my mouth – Whoa, that's really not– – [Rhett] Zip it, it's not coming that far – [Link] Okay, I got one (spitting) – [Rhett] Whoa! Whoah! Wow

– [Alex] There it is – [Rhett] I guess I'm a roll though, does roll count? – It should be on dirt and I also noticed you did this, which I'm gonna do as well – That's not against the rules – No, it's a good technique (spitting) – [Rhett] Oh god! – [Alex] Right here

– [Rhett] You almost hit the back wall! – [Link] Yeah! – [Rhett] Hold on, I gotta count this off One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20– – Yours is right there – One, two, three, four, five, six, seven– 27 feet and six inches, Link – 27 feet and six inches, what's the world record? – [Production Cast Member] 68 – 68 feet

– [Rhett] So you gotta go more than twice that far, but here's the thing– – But we don't have 68 feet in here – I think your goal at this point is to see if you can hit the back wall Now hold on, let me– – Okay, I'm ready Now you're standing over there – [Alex] Yeah, yeah

– Give me some, coach me, give me some tips, man First of all, wipe that off your face – What is it? – I don't know what it is – It's a piece of watermelon! – Oh, it's a small seed – It's a small, white seed

– It's a white seed What's the technique man? – Continue to lose to me (Rhett laughing) – Hm, okay, I see how it is (inhales deeply) (spitting) – [Rhett] Fault! – [Alex] Right there (crowd laughing) – [Rhett] That's almost the exact same distance

– [Link] You went over the line – It literally is the exact same distance – [Rhett] I'm very consistent, like to the inch – What are you gonna do, measure– – I don't know why I have this (crowd laughing) – [Link] You go measure between his last spit and this– – [Alex] I'm just gonna see how close it was

It's exactly the same (Rhett laughing) – Okay that's my new goal, I'm gonna try to go exactly the same distance every time – I'm gonna try to hit the wall The totally for-real stone wall Gotta position it right

– Sorry, I'm making eye contact, I shouldn't (spitting) – [Link] Where did that one go? Oh, much shorter, okay – Well, two feet shorter – [Link] So, I still beat you, right? – [Rhett] Yeah – [Alex] Yeah

– [Link] Alright, let's go again We gotta go best three out of five I guess, if you wanna have a chance (spitting) – What? – [Link] That was a dud – [Rhett] Yeah, that went, I got nothing behind that one (spitting) – [Link] That was shorter too, huh? – Yeah

– [Link] I'm runnin' out of steam, and by the way, I think in an official competition, they'd probably spit onto dirt, where it doesn't like hit and roll and roll and roll on like a checkerboard floor, but – You make the hole smaller, or you make the hole bigger? You hold your tongue like this? – Not really, I don't roll my tongue I just kinda push it towards the– (blows air) Roof of my mouth (inhales deeply) (spitting) – It's almost exactly the same again – [Rhett] Really? – [Alex] Yeah, it's right here

– [Rhett] The same block? – [Alex] This is your other one No, you're about one block off – [Link] You have a watermelon seed spitting asymptote – Look at that – Okay, here's my final

My final chance of hitting the wall (spitting) – [Link] Oh, oh, where is it? – Right here, it's pretty close – [Rhett] That was pretty good man – [Link] Oh if it weren't for that rug Alright, what do I win Alex? – Happy for you

– Let me see if I can get one more exactly the same distance again – Happy for you? – [Alex] Yeah, I'm happy for you – I win Alex happy for you! (crowd laughing) (spitting) – You're getting worse every time – [Rhett] Oh, I screwed it up – Alright, let's just sit down and eat this watermelon now

Alright, we'll be back Wednesday, enjoy your summer – [Narrator] Kumba-y'all should grab this limited edition summer camp ringer tee now at Mythicalstore

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