We Left A Cactus In Salt For 3 Months

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More! Don't Google that Whatever you do, don't Google, "Acupuncture gone wrong

" Oh, this is one that I do not want someone to walk over here, having Googled it – and show it to me – But it's happening right now Uh! Uh! Oh! ( gagging ) Ooh! Ooh! Oh! – ( gagging ) – Ooh! – Oh! Somebody– Some of these are jokes – "Hellraiser" Somebody put "Hellraiser" in there

Oh! Oh! Photoshop, man Some of them are photoshopped, but– – I don't think all of them were – Bring in the hot fries – Whoo! We earned 'em – Let's do that first

Now I get the first fry because you disagreed with me Mm-hmm That's why I'm sorry I'll never disagree with you again So they're hot now but they were not– They were not purchased today

– Mmm – Did you give us the right fries? Quite a prize, guys Thanks for that You know fries don't keep All that work

You gotta eat fries right out the fryer – Ew! – Yeah – Yeah – Okay Boy, we really earned that one

Let's move on Are those better? Davin: You're welcome! – Oh, gosh! – Are those from In-N-Out? – Those ones? – What a shame! Yeah, the reason that In-N-Out fries don't work the next day, is because they're so pure – They're so pure – You gotta have McDonald's fries the next day – if you're gonna do a fry – You do have McDonald's fries right there, right? Davin: I think this is the McDonald's fries

– I messed it up Sorry – Oh, hold on So theses are warm McDonald's fries? I put in the cold fries in the toaster oven – You put the cold fries in the toaster oven

– Oh! Yeah Oh, yeah McDonald's fries will last a millennium – Yeah, these will not change forever – Oh! I mean, with all the experiments we've done, this one's already been done by many people

Oh yeah, here we go Even though these are old and kinda cool– Still good Salty Fried in beef and with a beef flavoring A beef seasoning

Oh! Yep! Yep! Davin You gave us the wrong ones, man Yeah You know what? – We put a cactus– Well, they did – It made it worth it

In salt for three months Bring in the jar but don't reveal it Let's conjecture– We'll come up with our own options here I'm not gonna glove that hand This is my fry hand

Now the thing about the way we did it Potentially we could've left the lids off of all of these salted items to see what would happen I am curious what would've happened if it wouldn't have been a closed system At this point this is most like the watermelon, which means the water's got no place to go Just like we've learned now that– We've learned that with the liver and everything else

So, this is a succulent It's got all this water inside of it, but it's just turned to goo, man Right? But it's kept its form in some way, because it's very– it's got a lot of integrity The outside of a cactus has a lot of integrity I've always trusted cactus

Let's find out You got no– You got no thoughts on it? Ow! – There's a cactus right there – There's a dadgum cactus right there Got me You okay? It hurt a little

Oh, gosh! – Where is it? – Oh, gosh! It disappeared I'm having a hard time eating these fries 'cause I'm thinking about that liver Oh, yeah – My taste buds are sad – Oh, my gosh! – There's just a hole

– What? – There's just a hole – What do you mean there's just a hole? – There's just a hole – There is just a hole – There's a hole There's just a hole

– There's a hole where a cactus used to be Turn it a little bit more this way Yeah, there you go Look at that, it's just a hole – Cactus hole

– Cactus hole – Right there – Is there a cactus down in that hole? Right there Right there – Look at that

Look at that – Right there I can't tell what you're doing but I– You shouldn't Oh! – And there's dirt on the bottom! – There's dirt on the bottom – It's like yogurt

– Look! Look at that! – Look at that! Move your hand – Fruit on the bottom – Right– right here – Fruit– You said fruit on the bottom – Yeah

– It's not yogurt I'm like the worst– The worst host ever who like every time he tries to show you something he covers it Right here There's– There's fruit on the bottom There's fruit on the bottom

Talking about fruit, you said fruit It's just like yogurt Ah, something's wrong I'm sorry Oh! ( groans ) – There it is! – Oh gosh, it's emerged! – It's dangling

– Oh, man! Looks like an udder Milk it See if you can get some cactus milk out of it – Put your lips on it – I don't– I don't have a– You need to touch that

Oh! Yeah! I've got a rubber glove I could just– You just pull – Pull, man! – You just pull ( groans ) It's rubbery Yeah, it– It's rubbery in my shrubbery

It's interesting because it really kept its shape in a lot of ways Let me cut it in half with some skissors Yeah, go right in the middle right there I always just thought cactus were– Cacti were just completely empty with water inside Now if you look at that, it's– you can still see the greeney

Oh, it still smells good, too Right there – See the green? – You mean right here? Right– Right here You can see all the– That's like a– That's like one of those SNL skits – that gets cut for time – Right, yeah

It's like, "I got an idea It's a guy who's demonstrating everything and he's covering it all" ( grunts ) You know now they put all those on the internet When they cut 'em for time, they actually put that in the title "Cut for time" or "Cut last night" and then put it up on the internet

– See– – Cut last night – So clickable – Now, it's– it's rubbery I mean, you just wouldn't have thought but it's– Again, what does that do? It sends all the moisture in in as opposed to pulling all the moisture out – That's– – No, because the cacti– Cactus was moist on the inside to begin with

But it's more rubbery – It basically makes the– – Preserved it The moisture more uniform It's trying to make it more of one thing It's trying to goop it up and probably over a long period of time it would

All right, what else do we have in a thing? – Anything? Just a cactus? – Potentially nothing else, Rhett – Okay – I don't want you to be disappointed – if the answer is nothing else – Give me some more fries Can have all the fries you want right there

I got some before you– Before they hit the cactus

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