We Left Corned Beef In Beer For A Month

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to "Good Mythical More" You trying to rip that off? That doesn't come off

– Two Man Wave? – "Two Man Wave" Here it comes Here it comes, Link What? Oh, that? A wave? There it goes There it goes

There it goes There it goes – There it goes – Here it comes – Here it comes

– Here it comes Here it comes Here it c– No, it stopped – Weird – ( laughter ) Somebody– somebody call a paramedic

We have one right over there Ah But I was saying it in my fake voice to the real paramedic who's on set You know, that's something– If I ever were to create a meme, you know, just, like, type up a meme personally, that moment that the wave stops right before it gets to you And then it– what would the face be? It's just sad looking one way

That's a hilarious meme Totes "Hillar' Meme" Right, guys? All right, so there are lots of things that were put in Guinness for over a month Many of them didn't make it onto the show intentionally

Something like a barstool is an example Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was not a joke But corned beef– corned beef hash– corned beef and hash, – How do you say this? – Stevie : Corned beef and cabbage Rhett: Corned beef and cabbage Link: Corned beef and cabbage

– Where's hash? – Not there Corn– corned beef and hash is like when you chop it up and– – Ooh, that's good – I really like that – That's good – as a breakfast side Now, this is what it looks like if you're just gonna eat this

But then if you're gonna put it in Guinness for a month and then eat it, what do we think it looks like? – Well, first of all– – We have it under wraps, guys? – I have it right here – Oh, right over there Before we get into that, I have this theory well, first of all– Pull it out I wanna see the veiled jar I just want people to know

– That make you feel great? – See, there it is – It's under that – We're gonna show it to you Don't click away Whatever you do, don't leave us

Every time you say anything on the Internet, like, "This is very Irish," then all the comments Wherever you say that it's from, then all the comments are, "Actually, we don't have that Actually, that's not true Have you ever been there? Actually, we've never heard of that" So my theory is based on all past experience, Irish people have never heard of corned beef and cabbage

That– so I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say, I know you've never heard of this, Irish people This is only something that Americans think that you eat Just covering all my bases here, just so we don't get those comments But now I'm gonna get comments, "We love it!" – That would be great – "What are you, crazy?" Either way, you've made it to where we're wrong no matter what

Somebody's gonna be upset with us Either you know about this or you have no idea about it How about that? Right, um, it doesprompt a thought that I've had before, – which is– – Oh, it prompted a thought? – in working with– – I love it when I do thatwith other YouTube creators, we all develop this sixth sense as we're doing something of what the comments are going to be And it's– and it– It's very specific, I think, to– to Internetainment I don't know that it applies to other forms of– I don't know if some radio hosts are out thinking, "Oh, I'm gonna get emails about that I think that does happen some Like even if you're a public speaker, like, if you're a TED talker

"I'm gonna get emails about that line" But that's– this is– But it's so specific to Internetainment, to know at any point, and I've noticed it with many YouTube collaborations and friends and guests we have on the show Sometimes they all say that, too Have the ol' sixth sense I think that this

( a la "The Sixth Sense") I see comments from people That's a stout piece of meat there Yeah

I had a dream last night, by the way Was that a joke because this is a stout? I just– no It's subliminal Totally unrelated, but I would like to share You know how when you have a really exciting dream, and then you wake up and you're like, "It was a dream

" Yeah Last night I had a dream that I went to a thrift store, and I saw a Merle Haggard album box set You know, there's some that cost, like, hundreds of dollars 'cause they have so much stuff Then Cristy was there, and she found this box set, and it was one of my favorite albums, "Same Train, Different Time" He sings Jimmie Rogers songs Well, I was looking at this huge box set that I thought was unaffordable, and then she was like, "Look at this one

" I'd never heard of it, and it was just a box set of, like, the expanded version of that album, which is an amazing album And I picked it up and I started looking at it, and I was so excited that it existed Then I started looking at the liner notes, and one of the pictures in there was of my grandparents in the liner notes of the Merle Haggard box set that I– only in my dreams could've thought existed Doing what? They were just– it was like a– Listening to it with headphones on? No, it was a group shot of people, like in public, and they just happened to be passersby Passersby, what are the chances? in the shot

And I started freaking out I was like, "Christy, my papa and nanny are in the Merle Haggard box!" Right, 'cause it's such a coincidence – if it were not your dream – And then, and then when I looked– and I was freaking out And then I– I looked back down, and I couldn't find them in the photo anymore It was like, "Where's Waldo

" – Oh, wow – They were no longer in the photo Like a phantom, yeah And then I was a little disappointed, and then I woke up, and I was really disappointed because the whole thing was a dream Yeah, it was a sham

– It's a sham dream – It's a lie It was a lie It was a big, fat lie Every dream's a sham

Put that on a t-shirt – ( laughter ) – I almost didn't come in I almost didn't come in Let's give the kids a great perspective on life "Every dream's a sham

" You almost didn't come in 'cause you're so disappointed? I almost didn't come in Man, I thought the residual excitement for seeing your grandparents in a Merle Haggard box set would've just– you would've rode that wave right in here Then I couldn't find them Ah, yeah Carpet pulled

It's like, "Where's" frickin' "Waldo" Yeah, what do you think happened to this corned beef and cabbage? I don't even care Honestly– You think your grandparents are in here? I shouldn't've said that I mean, there's a higher chance that my grandparents are in here – Right, because they're dead

– They're all dead Yeah I think this is a stout piece of meat Yeah, there, you said it again So there's a little dome of cabbage there

And you're saying all these ingredients were left in there? – All of the ingredients? – Man: Mm-hm I mean, you know, miscellaneous things happened because– You don't care anymore either, huh? There's miscellaneous items, you know? I think that this disintegrated Oh, you're gonna get specific I think everything disintegrated except the meat flap And this meat flap here is just flappin' in there

Okay, everything is gone except the meat Nope Ooh, goodness I definitely see carrots intact Ooh, open it

– Do you wanna put the – Yeah, definitely I can't stop thinking about that dream

– What do you mean by that? – ( laughter ) What do you mean? It's just– it's funny when somebody's like, "I got this dream I gotta tell you about My grandparents were in the liner notes of a box set" I mean, I'm glad you told me But you weren't there You had to be there

– You had to be there – Yeah, I wasn't – I guess it's one of those things where you– – Oh, gosh! – you had to be there – Oh, tongs! I don't have "tongs!" Stevie: Still looking for tongs Oh! Gah! Ohh! Yeah, yeah, you really– you really went for it Okay, I'm currently tongless, but it's okay – Now, Link, you were– – Link: That's the cabbage

That's the cabbage We need the tongs Woman: They are working on it Ugh You know what, guys? I had a bad morning

If we don't get tongs right now, it's over Uh-oh, this is a big deal I'm just– I'm just joking We got people scrounging for tongs like you wouldn't believe I thought I had the best dream

Somebody's gonna pull tongs out of an orifice If somebody feels the need to smuggle tongs in this place, There's always one There's always one tong smuggler It's not a good work place Always one tong smuggler

Stevie: But can't you– can you reach in there? Stevie, can you reach in there? I'm sure you could reach in there Here, look Here's a glove, Stevie – Woman: I'll do it – Come on

Come on No, no, we don't want tongs We don't want tongs We didn't find tongs Come on, Stevie

Here's a glove right here ( Stevie sighs ) God ( mocking ) "Can't you just reach in there?" I had a– were you listening at all? – Yes – Here you go – Stevie, everybody

– Hey! I got Ranger Stevie about to put her hand down on some cabbage – Oh, God – Yeah, yeah Legitimately, our hands wouldn't fit – It's real bad

– And yours can Stevie: Well, it's a good thing I'm here Really nothing, kinda, I mean – All in all not bad – It's still cabbage

Did that tongless You know, you could– this is what I would've imagined – I'm going back – You put Irish things into Guinness and they don't change much – I want to find– – Find the meat flap

Don't say that Sometimes you really gotta dig to find the meat flap Uh, did you hear about my dream? Stevie: Wow, everything is like – Rhett: Intact – Stevie: It's pretty good Link: It looks like roast beef Different form of it But, yeah, it's pretty much intact

We could probably just enjoy it There you go – Keep pattin' it – Can you pat that? – There you go – All right

For a while Can you create a GIF?

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