We Model the Mankini

(rooster crowing) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Don't Google that

Whatever you do, do not Google chicken venting – Chicken venting – Oh no No – No

What? – What? – Oh – Oh Oh – Oh – What? Oh – Yeah, don't

– Do yourself a favor don't Google that, even if DrButts tells you to Do not Google chicken venting – All right So we tied, which means we both get to try on our very own mankinis

– Which color you want? Are they the same size? – I think one size fits most – Yes – And we're also going to peruse the fashion world of men's swimwear – [Woman] Guys, there's good news too You can go jogging at night in these

– Right Well, I was already planning on that Okay Uh Yeah

– This is like a Borat situation – Yeah, I think I actually have the same color that you had I would assume that this is the way the thing goes The bulge is in the front (laughing) – Now first of all, you typically would start out naked, but we have standards

– Oh, you don't wanna do that (mumbles) we got it, but grown (laughing) Just from the thought of that – Oh wow – Whoa

– I mean, it goes – I got my– – [Link] I know it – My bulge is in front of my belly button at this point This is for a huge outie If you have a huge outie and you really want to just capture it all right there

– I mean, you can pull it really high like this, and it becomes like a dress tie – The thing I like Ooh, look at that Perfect placement The think I like about this is that if all you had

First of all, when I'm in the apocalypse and I'm leading the tribe, I'm gonna just be wearing one of these, in addition to the pig carcass and the baby femurs and stuff because my weapon of choice is gonna be a slingshot that is my own mankini I'm gonna have stones and I'm gonna be like – Ping – Pow, pow – I mean, I think the best way to do a slingshot would be like this

Don't you think? – [Rhett] That gets too close to the seed – The seed – We have to carry Oh, of course we can't anymore – You know when you wear this– – I like the idea of carrying all the human population but I'm not able too

– With these colors it definitely seems like we can be doing construction, like roadside construction type of thing – Yeah – Like you're wearing normal clothes, instead of putting on a construction vest, just put on one of these – This is DOT issue All right

Let's sit down with our mankinis and look at some bathing suits Now it just looks like suspenders It just looks like, hey, I just got suspenders on I'm one of those guys – We need to evaluate

Is this the best option for our summer wear or is this the best option? – [Rhett] Oh man – Oh my goodness (laughing) It's like this except– – It's got like the Andre the Giant one strap situation – [Link] It's over one shoulder – He doesn't look ashamed enough

You know what I'm saying – [Link] Well, at least one of his nipples is covered – [Rhett] Yes – [Link] I mean, that's tasteful – Oye

– Okay Let's see another one – Next (mumbles) Guy Fieri That, okay

All right Okay Send me that link – I can get into that – I got a vacation coming

I think I can talk Jessie into that – I think the sunglasses are a little low – Oh really? – [Link] The goatee's a little odd Let's go to the next one – No, the goatee's gotta be right there

That's the whole point – I know, Rhett (laughing) Oh my goodness So, hairy man front on a woman That is so animalist

This is like something This is footage that would get cut from Planet Earth That's what I think – This is kind of think you can probably wear this out and from a distance it's just, what has she got? It's like a cool, nude And you're like, no, no, no, no, no, as she approaches

– [Link] No, I think you would think she's naked and hairy from a distance – No, I'm pretty certain that's not what her body looks like Okay Next – Oh gosh

Why are we here for this? (laughing) – [Woman] You're seeing a lot more than the mythical beast will be seeing, so sorry about that – Yes – Okay – Of course, that could work as a slingshot as well At least his belly button is covered, which is tasteful

That guy could be my sidekick in the apocalypse – There's not much left to the imagination except for his spine – It is intimidating though That's the thing about just having on a bathing suit like this is that people will listen to you because whatever you're asking them Sure, whatever

Just get out of my face People become very compliant when you dress like this – Please show me another one Those are like bags with goldfish in them – [Rhett] Aquaraboobs

– This is homemade situation here – You think I wonder what the goldfish think – You got any more? Good – No, now we just gotta sit here in our mankinis and have a conversation

– I thought it would be tighter vertically, but it's not which is nice – It's pretty tight on me – There's lots Well, you're seven inches taller than me Yeah, there's lots of room here I think

I'm definitely gonna try this on the proper way on my own time – Oh yeah, of course Yeah, Red Door, your mom wore that Yeah, so did Jamie – She wore it beautiful too

When I was a kid I would buy my mom Beautiful by Estee Lauder every year for Christmas – You would buy it? – I would buy it Yeah, that's what I would get her for Christmas every year Beautiful – That's interesting – She would ask for it

I think it would take a year for her to use it, so every time when Christmas would roll around that's what I would get my ma – So, your grandma would take you to milk and you would get Like would you buy it while she was there? My mom would take me to the mall because my mom took me to the mall every weekend, which really means my mom took herself to the mall every weekend and I had to go with her It was horrible – And then you'd separate

– I would say– – She'd give you some cash – I would say separate Yeah – She's was just like you got to buy me some Beautiful – I had some grass mowing money that I spent on my mom

– Really? – Yeah, you didn't spend your own money on your mom for Christmas – Uh, I don't recall – That time a year you know It's never too early to start thinking about your mom's Christmas present – That's right

– What would you get your mom? – Red Door – No, you wouldn't – Yeah, I wanted all the ladies in my life to have Red Door (laughing) – But I'm pretty sure she got some Red Door as well, but I got her the Beautiful – Yeah, every once in a while I smell that Red Door and one part of my brain thinks about Jamie and the other part thinks about your mom

(laughing) Sometimes they fuse together into one women (upbeat music) – And wearing this mankini doesn't make this any less awkward (laughing) – [Rhett] There's nothing like the sweet smell of success, unless you've smelled our cologne Grab Mythical No9 at mythical


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