We Try Kids’ Marshmallow Games

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (loud bang) – Welcome to Good Mythical More, still hanging out with the boys – Wild gesturing, this is when I do some gesturing and Link guesses what I'm doing

– Okay, okay, this is when you're, oh, you're at summer camp and you haven't pooped for three days but you want to, really badly, so, you start, you just give up, and know you're gonna have to wait until you get home – Yes! – Yeah – How did you get that? – Well because that was my life – I've gotta eat – You gotta eat a nasty s'more and then in honor of Camp S'mores, we have some marshmallow games that we are gonna play, we're gonna be working Team Neil vs

Team McLoughlan in a series of marshmallow challenges But first, is that real? – It's real mud – Can I? – When I smelt it, it smells like Oreo – Yeah – I think he mixed it

– Is it Oreo? – No, no it's not Oreo Get really really close to it – Oh, I smell it now (laughs) – Yeah, that's real mud boys – It smells like that worm I ate

– When? – I think it was like five years ago – Okay – That's good, – Didn't you roast it? – it absorbs the toxins – Yeah, I cut it in half (groans) Are you sure you don't want it? Lando, you wanna try it? (wretches) – Maybe I do – Yeah he's certainly making it look appetizing

(wretches) – Go for it Go for it Shep – Alright one sec – Come on Shep, go for it – Okay I'll do it in a sec

– All the kids are doing it! – Wait wait wait, so (spitting) – Oh, ew! That was disgusting – Are you scared Shepherd? – It looked like barf – Are you afraid? – Was that water? – Alright, come see us at VidCon next week on stage on Saturday, plus go to our booth to buy the limited edition Blood Oath tee that Rhett is wearing – See how happy it makes you

– Follow us on Instagram if you're not gonna be at VidCon, we intend to be posting some stuff – You should just know that whenever you wear that, it might have some dirt on it – So let's bring out the spaghetti First thing I'm gonna do is – You guys have spaghetti over there – Oh okay

Spaghetti tower challenge I'm gonna move your – Wait so we're working together? – Yeah so we're working as a team – What we were told the rules to this game are is that you got to use these full pieces of spaghetti and these little marshmallows to build a 3-dimensional structure that can stand on its own – Sounds like you can eat them, being decimated – I just ate one – I did too

– Man, I'm gonna be tasting that dirt for a while – Okay, we don't do it yet Shep And also I got a plan, I got a plan – I got a plan – Okay

– Shep, don't let him push you around – Alright so, – My plan is better than yours – Hold on, are you going? Are you doing it? – Alright so 3, 2, 1 – Okay go! – Let's build a 3D structure that stands – Do it in a square – What do you wanna do, a square? – It's easiest

And then just Wait no no I have a better idea that does stand up but it does not take long – Okay

But this is the base – This is fun, I wanna do this We don't have marshmallows though – Well you're doing it right now – I wanna do it like, for real

– Oh we're doing it for real – And then make something that comes down like that – We could do a pyramid Put that down and then we could do – That would be hard but sure – Like this – Sure – Done! – Tent

– Oh they were doing a pyramid! – No we were doing a tent – You know what, – Done! – Summer camp tent, that's fine – Only three sides – Look! It stands up, look – Yeah that's right, see? – Your pyramid doesn't have bricks

– Who cares? Yours doesn't either – You guys win but we have like a creative vision We're gonna go with a cube – Um, yeah Over-time! – You go right there

– We're about to win – We're going into over-time – Oh I just broke it! Who cares? – And then I just think it's gonna be satisfying for this cube to be done – You know marshmallows have like the hooves of animals in them – Yeah – Like the gelatin? – That's where they get gelatin from – Sad dead horses type situation

– What you got going on over there? – I bet it's made out of – Oo, idea – Wait! Look, I'm gonna make them go like

(laughing) – That was actually very cool – Yeah it was awesome! – It's so cool – Look it's mobile

– It's a diamond! – How it fell was so cool – Alright so we lost – Look at that

That's amazing – People pay me for this stuff – That's like oragami (singing) – We lost the first challenge, but the second one is marshmallow chopsticks With this one, you need some chopsticks

Do that again – This was fun – Take a pair of chopsticks – I can't use chopsticks – Get this out the way? It's very sturdy, Morgan – Ours is better though, look

– Object of the game is to get as many mini marshmallows, – Can I just do this? – into a cup – You gotta use regular – Let's use one cup – Just like Lando's doing Hold on, just wait a second – I can't

– Who's timing this? – Me? – [Morgan] I mean I'll time it I just yelled and I have a mic – Don't do it yet, just wait – I don't know how to use them – That's gonna hurt Team McLoughlin

– Can I just go like this? – You use it like this – As long as you use the chopsticks – You can't puncture them? – Shep, just do like that – Don't show him how to use it, that gives him an advantage – I didn't

I just told him, you do this – I know the best way – [Morgan] On your mark, get set, Go! – I think it's good to teach you boys to play games with red solo cups at a young age Okay – Oh my God

– This is good – No using hands, Shepherd – I'm just doing it to get the marshmallows off – Shepherd, you're cheating – I don't know how to use chopsticks

– You can't use your hands Take a bunch of those out – I thought you didn't know how to do that Yay, we're gonna win, finally – Good, Lando, I thought you always use the cheat chopsticks

– No, I use to, but then I got bored with them They were kinda boring – You taught yourself? – They're still fun though Cause sometimes, I like, put them in my mouth – They stick too much

– Oh my gosh, I just did your technique and it's horrible – Put what in your mouth? – [Morgan] Ten seconds – Chopsticks? What are you saying you put in your mouth? Marshmallows or chopsticks? – Chopsticks And then I act like a walrus – Oh, let's see that whenever she calls time

– [Morgan] Time! – Well, I've actually never done it before – I can already tell you guys won – Nope! – Woohoo! – You're hired We got a pretty good amount there, Shep – Let's go into walrus mode

Full walrus Woo! – Okay, challenge number three What's challenge number three for the tie breaker? – No, leave it – Go for it – These taste like toothpaste

– Walrus – Are these made of toothpaste? – That's not realistic – The sticky forehead challenge – You're gonna stab yourself in the throat, homie – Okay, each person has to lick one end of their regular size marshmallow and stick it to their forehead

Whoever's stays stuck the longest, wins the game So grab a couple – A couple? – Just one – Have you ever done this Shepherd? – Wait don't do it yet – Feel like this is the type of thing he would do? – Just wait – It's like he would do it

– I would do it unintentionally – I am so bored, but you and I are gonna get our marshmallows and lick it and put it on our foreheads – We're gonna stick it at the same time, okay? – Rhett, you don't have much of a forehead – Shepherd, get a new one, you've been licking it – I've got an oily forehead

– Fine – I've got an oily forehead, so it's gonna fall pretty quick – Okay, go – Wait, are there any teams? – We can start licking Yeah, we're a team

– Ew – Three, two, one, stick – Ew, oh my gosh, it works! Shepherd did it – Oh, mine's gone – What? – [Link] Yeah! Let's go again

– I did it! – He was going like this He was going like this, that's cheating – No I wasn't – All right, we'll go straight Look straight ahead

– Like this? – Give it a lick That's a pleasant sound isn't it? – Three, two, one, stick – Oh no, it's falling Dad? – Yeah? – It's a genetic thing – It's a genetic thing

– The Neil's got it a lot – Woo hoo! – One more time – I'm gonna go side ways just for the fun of it – I'm not even gonna lick this one, I'm just gonna use the forehead residue – One, two, three

– I didn't lick it, but I did this and it still works – I can't even stick it in my eye socket – You shouldn't lick it, just smoosh it on there I didn't lick it (laughing) – How'd that happen, Shep? – I just smooshed it

– Me neither, man – If you actually smoosh it really good – Actually, if you flatten it out like that – I could go the rest of my life with this on my forehead I could be known as the guy with the marshmallow on his forehead

– Now, whoever can stick their tongue up there and lick it off their forehead gets a 100 bucks – I can touch my nose – Okay, that's not touching that though – I'm out – Yay, I'm still in

I just smooshed it on there – You're moving a lot now – It's falling – Oh, good try – We win! – Well, you won that round, but you lost that challenge

– You put it back on – On my forehead? – Yeah – So the Neil's have one, two to one – [Rhett] Cop some pops in our shop Mythical and GMM popsockets available now at mythical


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