Weird Ice Cream Toppings Taste Test

(rooster crowing) – This is Calloway – Welcome to Good Mythical More

– Merchicality – Boom – We gonna shout out to somebody who reps some of that mythical merch And this winner this time Rapha Conrad Rapha she is a mythical beast if there ever was one

Congrats Rapha, you win $30 to the mythicalstore – Met at Vidcon last year and then on tour as well All right, for this special tasting of weird toppings on ice creams as recommended by you, I'd like to invite my daughter and her friend to come join us Yes, it's bring your daughter and her friend to work day

This is Lily, my daughter, this is Riley – My daughter You didn't know I had one – Recently adopted – That's weird

You don't have to continue that, Riley – This is just Lily's friend, I don't have a daughter I have two boys, sadly – Slide over that way a little bit, guys – All right

– And then come on up, come on up to the desk – Okay, so – Hello Lily – Hi, okay – How are ya? – I'm good

– You guys like ice cream? – Sure, of course – 'Course you do, it runs in the family, right Riley? – Of course – Do you, whenever Riley's hanging out with Lily she has all these production questions because she, like, does production What do you do at the? You do the announcements – I do the announcements

I'm the head anchor at our school's news production, I guess – Okay – Do you use, is it like Riley, something that starts with an R, like you have a fake name for your news anchoring – I do not That would be such a good idea though

– Riley Rainstorm – I need one – She's not a weather woman – But she could be I mean, I don't know, she's young

I mean, lots of life choices ahead – So instead of continuing to field all of her questions, I was like, "Lily, just bring her in "Just let her, let her drill Morgan" – Let Morgan answer all the questions I did see Morgan doing that

– [Director] The phrasing of that Link you have a particularly white hair that is on your darker hairs that is on your left – C'mon Lily, help me out – Oh, oh, gosh, Link – What? – I saw it when you turned

– What, this? – Yeah, I think you got it – [Director] Whew, thanks – You guys agree with the drumstick winning? – Oh yeah, totally, I was cheering for it behind the – The curtain? – The curtain – Behind the scenes

– Yeah, behind the scenes – When was the last time you guys got somethin' from an ice cream truck – Like, never – Well, I don't allow that in my home – Well, mom was always not very loving of ice cream trucks

– Yeah, throw mom under the bus or the truck – She was suspicious She was suspicious She thought maybe they had all been poisoned – [Director] I'm sorry, you've done something really great with the white hair now

– Hold on, turn, turn again – [Director] If you wanna just, no, don't touch Oh no, you've, you've ruined it – I haven't touched anything – [Director] Yeah, yeah you did

Turn, turn like more to the other way I think you did I think you accidentally touched it – Keep goin', keep goin', keep goin' – [Director] It was like hanging like

It was like an ear piercing that was further back – Oh, those the best kind of ear piercings The ones that are just in the scalp back here – [Director] Oh, no, no, it's gone now but, oh man, it was so good Everyone in the comments can just talk about how good it was

– That's what they're all talking about – Roll it back Okay, so Katashi tweeted "I like buttered popcorn "on chocolate ice cream "My dad like hot sauce on all ice cream "because he doesn't like how sweet it is" – Okay, so do you want me to put

I don't, I've got ice cream over here but you want me to put both of these on one? – [Male Director] Chocolate and vanilla – Okay, all right So I would put the hot sauce on the vanilla, right? Okay, this seems good to me, first of all – Why? – The way the butter The idea of butter going with ice cream

– Sweet and salty – Exactly – That's a good combination – It reminds me of, you know, the buttered popcorn jelly bean? – I've heard tell of them – I don't like them, so

But that's what this reminds me of – All right, but they're accurate I think that the popcorn flavor of that jelly bean Just get in there – It kinda scares me

– Oh okay – That's why I don't like it – It scares you? Like whales? – Okay, you know what, we didn't need to bring that into this – There are, no whales will be harmed or shown – It's shame your daughter at work day

– I have a phobia of whales Just, it's, you know – What's the scientific name for that? – Cetaphobia – Right off the top of your head – You're afraid of cetus

Otherwise known as whales That's good, y'all – That was really good – That's actually not that bad – Katashi in the house

– I enjoyed that – That's good – That's good – Now – I wouldn't have thought with chocolate

– But with chocolate's good – The chocolate's good I don't actually like vanilla ice cream so – I'm gonna do this – Just get like a second

– Now we – It's really good – We have some hot sauce here – Don't use The Last fricking Dab That's like, that'll burn you

You know that, I actually just last night I put the regular Hot Ones hot sauce on some chicken, it's so good Their just, their regular hot sauce from Heatonist, so good Why don't you give us that, Josh? Why'd you give us the hottest one they have? – [Josh] Who me? – Listen, I'm not gonna put that Last Dab on there – I think you're fine with it but Okay, ladies, which one do you want? Tapatio or habanero hot sauce from Trader Joe's? – Let's do the habanero

– All right – Right girls? – Shake it up first – Oh yeah, that was our decision, definitely – It's not too hot, right? – Unanimous – [Josh] Uh, it's like a seven and a half out of eight

– Out of eight? – Now Lily – Out of eight – Oh gosh – I know that you're okay, but, I mean, you're not, like, lactose intolerant or somethin', are ya? – Oh, I am lactose intolerant – Are you dad joke intolerant? – Very much so, yes

– Okay, you're gonna have a lotta trouble – If it has a, if it doesn't – Oh I can smell that – Have a little hole at the top, it can't be that hot – [Lily] I mean, some of us

– [Link] Whales have a little hole on the top Oh, sorry – I'm just putting it on – It's, it's fine – There in, like, Smucker's level

You know what I'm sayin'? – Oh, that's so gross – Like if I would put Smucker's on there – Oh my gosh Do you want a fresh spoon? We can use this – Yeah, let's use a fresh spoon

– I'm not gonna eat a lot Just gonna say that – Yeah, it's, it's gonna – Let's – This is gonna be interesting

– Okay So, just, you know – [Link] You know, you gotta get the hot sauce There ya go Lily

You goin' ginger with it – Oh gosh – Can I have a water? – Oh god I hate this – Um, here – You can have that one

– That was actually really good – Riley's out – I disagree – Riley's out – No, I'm loving this

– Lily, how are you doing? – I'm crying now – Okay, I, I can do the spice It's not that bad – Ooh, wow – Riley Rainstorm's havin'

– The spice isn't that bad – A tough with it now – The taste is terrible I hate it – Yeah

– But um – Riley Rutabaga's havin' a tough time over there – I feel like that one's – With that hot sauce – Better than rainstorm

– Ah, it's, it's – I wanna eat – That's hot – That's a good sauce – I'm gonna eat more of this one

– That's a good sauce – That is nasty – I like the popcorn one – That was so bad – You don't like it? – I do not like it

– I just can't handle spice – I think, I think with more of like a Texas Pete level hot it would be even more fun – The popcorn and chocolate cancels it out I would recommend going back in for that – Not good guys

– I recommend this hot sauce from Trader Joe's Not a sponsor – Zachary Gaulke tweets, "Ranch on top of raspberry sorbet, "the saltiness of the ranch balances out "the sweetness of the sorbet, it is the perfect snack" – So far – Is this a joke? – Katashi and her dad, they knew what was up? – Want me to put some on there? – But Zachary

– Oh gosh, this is gonna be fun – Zachary is trolling us, y'all – Ranch is like liquified cardboard to me so we're gonna see how this goes – [Rhett] Have you had that as well? – Yes It's actually my favorite food

– I'm doing anymore That's already gross – Is that part of the announcements at school? – Yeah – And now I will eat the liquified cardboard – Today in the cafeteria we've got

– If they had announcements, they did have announcements when we were in school! Why didn't we do those? – 'Cause Veronica Swan had a monopoly on that, man – Didn't Michael Juve take over? You had to be president – Oh, yeah – You had to be, you had to be – Only the president did the announcements? – The student body president

– The president of the United States – No The student body president – That would be interesting – Is the one who gave the announcements

– I didn't think through that very well when Michael convinced me to run for treasurer – I ran for vice president but I didn't get it All right, so, get your, get your – [Riley] I can't abstain? – Nope, that's not an option – Okay

All right – Go for, like, the little bit of ranch at the top – [Riley] Yeah – [Link] I don't think this'll be I think this could be good

– [Lily] It's not gonna be as bad as the hot sauce one – That's interesting – I don't like I just, I have to have ranch on somethin' super savory like a french fry – Okay, it's not that bad

– It's pretty – But it's, but it's bad – But it's It's not that bad – I actually don't think

– But it is that bad – It's that bad It doesn't taste good but it's not that bad – But would you do it? – I'd rather eat that than the hot sauce one – Would you, okay

But would you do it – I wouldn't do it, like – You would never just do it – Like if I was eating raspberry sorbet, I wouldn't just put ranch on it – I think this is somethin' that I might do

– That is the best – That is – This is good Like, I keep going back to this one because the other ones are worse – Okay, Matthew Dwyer, mythical employee, I think he's rescuing us, "Frosted Flakes "on vanilla ice cream is the bomb

" – Okay, this one, this one sounds good – We're engaging with our employees over social media – Yeah, that's the only time we talk to Matthew – Frosted Flakes – Is through Twitter on this show, he's not even here for it

– Now, Matthew is a, he's a very focused guy, you know? – He's always, he's always in that room with the lights turned off – Frosted Flakes is my favorite cereal, so – Are we gonna get any of the ice cream because – Yes – I don't know if this is my spoon but you know

– This feels like an excellent idea – I like the texture combination – [Link] Yeah, you got the crunchy – [Rhett] Oh man – You, you want a new spoon? – It's like, it's like getting, like the fruity pebbles on the frozen yogurt, you know? – You want a new spoon? – Matthew! – I'm good, it's fine

– You want a new spoon? – That's good – I'm gonna come in that dark room every once in a while now Is this what you're doin' in there? You just in there mixin' cereals with ice cream? Get to work – He's also doing amazing graphics – He is

– Oh yeah – In fact – That's good – If he, I mean, I could shoot lightning out of my fingers just like Shazam if I wanted to right now I'm sorry, no, no, don't do it again

Don't do it again, 'cause you're tempting him – He's gonna get angry, Riley – Oh gosh – No, but I – That's really good

– See, I still, I'm gonna have to double, double dip here Whoops – [Rhett] That tastes exactly like you think it does – I would never double dip with residue – [Director] Oh god

– Never, I would never I would never put my residue in there – It's just like eating Frosted Flakes with milk but the milk has turned into ice cream – It's like if you ate, if you froze cereal milk – Yeah

– And then you ate it with more cereal on top That's kind of the vibe that vanilla ice cream gives to me – So what kinda things do they have on the menu at school right now? And how do you say it to the student body? – Well, we do have an ice cream vending machine – No, I want Riley Rutabaga to say it like she's – Oh, I'm sorry

– Like, like I'm a student – Alright – My daughter can answer If my daughter wants to answer, Rhett, she can answer – That scared me

– She knows the answer too Just because she doesn't give the announcements doesn't mean she doesn't listen to 'em – Okay – All right – All right Riley

– So, Riley, what were you sayin'? – I don't know anymore Well – Rectangular pizza – Yeah, rectangular pizza, we've got, today in the cafeteria we've got, usually some form of vegetable that's not really a vegetable but it's a vegetable substitute so it works enough – [Link] Is this what you say? – No

– Well that's what you're thinking – You're like – This is what I have – The lunch ladies hate you – Say to, yeah, no

Sadly I can't do sketch comedy, but – What about you, Lily, what were you gonna say? – I was gonna say we have a ice cream vending machine – We do – What the crap, really? – Yeah, we have – I should go to your school sometimes

– No – We have some of the, we have the strawberry shortcake one – Well, does it, does it like – Oh yeah, we have that one – We do

– Is it on a coil, it's like – No, it's like the packaged ones – No – No, it doesn't do that – Doesn't work that way

– It's like the packaged ones – What do you mean the packaged ones? – Like the ones you just ate – Yeah, they're in a package, but then how are they delivered through the vending machine? – Like a normal vending machine – It like launches into a little cup – By a man with a mustache

– And it brings it – Oh a cup – Obviously, obviously Josh is inside every single one of our vending machines – Yeah – Yeah

– [Rhett] Got some hair, got some lips, got some stank? Get your groom on with the Mythical Grooming Collection available now at mythicalstore

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