Weird Ice Cube Taste Test

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (loud bang) – All right, superpower – Superpower! – Yeah, here, don't tell anyone, but we're actually superheroes and our names are Dr

Prodigy and Nick Nucleus And our power is – Dr Prodigy, well, you were, do you want, I'll say yours and you can say mine – Yeah – Dr

Prodigy, I mean, you were just the best at everything when you were 12 But then when you were 18, you just became mediocre at everything That just kind of carried over So you're very good by 12 year old standards – Well I mean, Nick Nucleus, you've always been by my side

You were more just the kind of guy who carried my books around as a child as a child prodigy I just had – Right – so much to lug around that I had so much knowledge in my brain that you were really just the backpack guy – Yeah – At this point we're just like living out our lives in like a studio in North Hollywood

– Yeah – Just trying to recapture the magic of when we were young – Yeah, we're trying to write a pilot – Yeah – About your childhood

Nobody's picking it up, though – It's really a ripoff of Doogie Howser People said it's derivative but we're really making it work So that's our superpower – I would like to say that I'm definitely the core of it, though

– Yeah Nucleus! (laughs) I'm a prodigy, I know science – Nice – All right – All right, great

– We can fly this guy out – All right, get out of here How are you doing, by the way? Because it's now just in the back of my mouth and tongue and everything is where it's and somehow in my nose, it's a little in my nose still – Yeah, I'm afraid to touch any part of my body right now – Smart

– I just have hot sauce in the corners of my mouth – I can see it, yeah – And it won't go away And I'm worried about my emotional state because I had a big adrenaline rush and now I'm just shaky and I really want to crash – Ah

– So that's a wrap But the good news is we get to feed each other ice cream – Let's feed each other ice cream I didn't see what your favorite flavor is Pistachio

– Pistachio, Halo Top, 280 calories per pint It's got like, it's pretty much a protein shake And it almost tastes like ice cream – You really, man – That went really deflated

– Your memory is crazy 'cause you like you'll list off so much stuff about things that you haven't seen in a bit – Yeah Yeah, yeah – All right, here we go, all right All right

Ah Mm Mm – Mm – Oh man

Nothing beats chocolate, though – Can I have some of yours? This tastes bad – I think your favorite flavor is the wrong flavor – Yeah, I really, and someone asked me what my favorite flavor was and I was in a mood I should have said something like good that I really enjoy

– Oh, you were trying to eat, this is not diet shake – It's like the Diet Coke of ice cream No, I mean, I really like it and I eat it in my day-to-day life, but now that I'm just you know, tetched in the head from hot sauce – All right, you can have chocolate I mean it's fine

– Thanks – I did pick chocolate, that's mine, but it's all right, it's fine – That's cool You got a whole pint Also it's store brand

Who bought him store brand? Why would we have done this? – It's really good, though Here we go – Summer budget in shifts (laughs) – Mm Oh man

– Like Dreyer's is always on sale, too Like it's two for five You're saving 39 cents by getting Kroger? – Kroger, you did it, this is great – What are we doing here? – You did it Kroger, I love this – I think if I have anymore dairy, because I was jugging a lot of milk between rounds

– We did chug a lot of milk – If I have anymore dairy, I'm gonna get the tummy bubbles and it's gonna be bad – Yeah Think next up we have to try, we get to try – You were right the first time

– Weird place for some ice cubes Oh man – All right, I'm excited about this I'm also afraid because my biggest fear is like people finding out that I'm a fraud and my like palette is terrible – Oh, interesting

– But I feel like after naming cold two of the hot sauces that were just in a bowl, I'm pretty proud of that moment That was big for me – My palette actually is bad – Oh, is this Worcestershire? – Whoa, yeah, this is Worcestershire – It's Worcestershire, that's nice

– Eugh – No, no, no, if this was in like a Bloody Mary Are we right, is that Worcestershire? – [Woman] Yes, you're correct! – If that was in like a Bloody Mary, and it kind of dissolves through the cocktail – That, see, okay – Yeah, look at the positive side about this

You know what I'm saying? These are all opportunities That's how I sleep at night – That's chef part of you That's, that's This is just that's just urine

– That's pee, yeah I've made pee ice cubes here before It's not hard to do you just really gotta find a willing participant (laughs) – All right – So, yeah, let's try the pee

Okay, there's some brownage on it What? Eugh – I can't really taste anything – Eugh, it's super bitter Like kind of smells like sesame oil

– (laughing) I'm like an animal at the zoo just like Is that just like – That's really not good though – Wait I think I'm close to it, I'm so close – It kind of smells like Ramen, but I don't think this is

– Ooh It's got a weird, funky – Not a bad choice, though – It's got, is that garlic? No, it's not garlic 'Cause it's in my, I'm feeling it in my nose Some sort of horseradishy type there's like – Something aromatic in it

– Yeah – Yeah No, I'm not gonna get it, I don't have the faintest clue – Oh man, I know what this is – [Woman] Really? – Gosh

– [Woman] I think all of your guesses are far off from what the actual answer is – Oh, it was pee – It was urine! – Oh! – [Woman] No, it's fennel Fennel tea It doesn't have a kind of licoricey type of taste? – Wow

– It tastes like if someone just farted into some wild fennel and then froze the essence of that – I had more of an oniony type thing from it Yeah – Fennel tea, is it a product? It was like a pre-made product called fennel tea? – I've never heard of fennel tea – Or you just made – You made that up

– like a oil fennel broth? – [Woman] Water brewed over fennel See, this is what happens, Josh, when you don't do this stuff – Interesting All right – All right

– Okay – This is awful – Prune juice – I think that's right – I'm calling prune juice

– [Woman] You are correct – Nice! – Bingo! – I am the biggest supporter of prunes in this office I used to make what I called, hold on, I would make pruneteine shakes every morning I'd throw like a half dozen prunes in the blender with some protein powder and ice, and it's delicious Prunes, they're big, squishy raisins

They need to make a comeback – I've never, I don't think I've ever had a prune – Dude, come over to my side of the building Eat some prunes with me – You are on the same side of the building

– Yeah (laughs) – I can't tell you how many times I walk into the kitchen and I'm like, hey, Josh, what are you doing? And you're like, "I'm grilling a shoe" (laughs) – No, you're gonna want to braise it sheer Because you want a long cooking method to really break down the laces If you grill a shoe, like I'm not saying you're stupid, but you wouldn't want to grill a shoe

That's dumb Oh, you're probably talking about the time we air fried a shoe – You did air fry a shoe and we were all doing where we were just like – It was like stupid writing sketches, we're like is that, what is that? – You weren't here the time I just sauteed a Barbie Doll I mean, full on like risotto'd it

It was, and that never made it into an episode – You just did that for fun – That was just me doing it for fun – Wow, all right – I don't think someone asked me to but I think it was just me

– It was just you doing that That's great – Yeah, you know Gotta feel time of the day somehow – You're just Sid from Toy Story, it's fine

– Basically, that's what I was destined to be – Oh, this one's got, oh, that's eugh It's like soft – Mm – It's a soft ice cube! – Ah! – No! – Salty

(people laugh) Tuna water – What? – Tuna water? – [Woman] Yeah – Liquid from a tuna can – Did he guess that right away? – That's nice – Who knows tuna water that fast? Oh, that's tuna water right there

– I'm telling you, you know like a – I know tuna water when I taste it – YouTube has a whole algorithm Like we have it – Where? – There's like a food algorithm for GMM It's like playing Mad Libs but you just figure out what people are doing So you taste this, you know it's in like the seafood thing and you know that it's either clam juice

That's gonna be a big one – Eugh – Like it's gonna be some sort of tinned fish product What's the most common tin fish product? You gotta game the system Like James Holzhauer of Jeopardy

Anyone? James Holzhauer fans? – [Man And Woman] Yeah – I am so lost and I don't think it's the spicy high – We should have been playing this game the whole time This should have been the main episode – Ah

– I hope this is blue Gatorade – That better be blue Gatorade or something Don't you psych us out That is – Yeah, that's Glacier Rush Gatorade

Glacier Freeze, Glacier Freeze Gatorade – What the heck, man? – It's the right shade of blue because Cool Blue is that darker – Glacier Freeze Gatorade? – I don't know how somehow No, no – Yes, you literally looked at the ice cube and then named what it was before tasting it

– Yeah – [Woman] And then you went from blue to the actual name of the marketing of the Gatorade – Yeah 'Cause Riptide Rush is the purple one In the Gatorade Frost series, of course

– I somehow feel like the FBI needs you to solve murders 'cause you would go out and they'd be like, hey, we got a blood sampling And you'd be like, all right, I'll take a lick Mm, that's O+, that's definitely a middle aged woman from the Midwest, yeah – She eats chalupas and fire sauce – You even know her whole diet

Oh my gosh That's crazy – FBI workers, come find me, you know where I am – I don't know any of the flavors of Gatorade I just know blue, urine color

Red – You gotta go deeper, man – Boy, I really do, I got a lot to learn Is that it? Is that all it is? – Is that all the ice cubes? – We got all the ice cubes? – I wanna go home – (laughs) I wanna go home

– I'm still hurting, man – Oh man I'm definitely out of it I'm so out of it This has been a lot of fun

– Yeah – It's been great, dude This has been awesome Head's up! We have the hats you need in a variety of styles at mythicalstore

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