Weird Mac And Cheese Toppings Taste Test

– Welcome to good mythical more – Random disturbing fact

– All right, let's here it – Corn flakes were invented to stop masturbation I already knew that – How is this true? – This is Dr Kellogg man

We talked about this on ear biscuits – Worried that seasoned breakfast meats were irritating men's nerves and causing them to pleasure themselves, he thought that was extremely unhealthy, so he created an alternative, corn flakes Okay – I'd say it works – 1850

Um, you know what we need to eat? Some mac 'n cheese – With corn flakes (laughs) – Mac 'n cheese with weird toppings, and also talk more about these freaking amazing cheese wheels So, let's bring in crew member Mike Pasley and Nicole – Yeah, introducing Nicole – Yeah, you saw Nicole

(applause) – Hi guys – Nicole, Nicole is a – You dealt with quite the uh, you know, a situation there – I really did, I really did It was great, working with Josh and having some incorrect shipping methods, but we got it in and that's all that matters Right guys? (laughs) (chatters) – And by the way, so, you guys submitted weird things that you put on mac 'n cheese

Nicole has prepared those, and we're gonna eat them But I've gotta say, I love the fact that you're like I don't know if I'm supposed to say this on camera Yeah, you're supposed to say whatever is the truth, which was you never believed – Yeah, unless it's disparaging to us personally Other than that, you can say anything

– I like how you and Josh talked about a softer cheese might work better, like a hard cheese would just shatter – Cause I was thinking of the bounce Yeah, I was thinking maybe like the bounce of a soft cheese would work, but – I think it was pretty clear with you and Josh's vibe that as long as you got cheese, this was really on Pasley (laughs) – Well Josh literally said let's just get this and give it to him and say have fun, so, which is kinda what happened

– But then when the cheese didn't show up, you're like oh, if the cheese doesn't show up, that's on us, and you were correct – The weight of the cheese, completely irrelevant also Discussing the weight of a tire versus cheese (laughs) – All right, so user M-J-9-N-B-F-S-4-P-U-A-N, someone acidentally pasted their password as their username – Yeah, right

– Replied to us and said peanut butter on mac 'n cheese – This doesn't seem like something they've tried, it seems like something they wanted us to try – I do not believe M-J-9-N-B-F-S-4-P-U-A-N, or should I be more specific, lower case m, capital j, n, lower case n, lower case b, lower case f, capital s, four, lower p, upper u, upper a, upper n – I gotta say, you missed the nine that time – Nine, I gotta start over

– Yeah, you gotta do it again – Let's try this mac 'n cheese – So, I'm not opposed to the peanut butter – Dairy and peanut butter together, is there, I mean, milkshakes, you know – I don't know, there is a burger that puts a big glob of peanut butter on it

I don't know where it's from or anything, but – I mean it can't be offensive It's peanut butter and mac 'n cheese – That's not bad – Oh, you know what? – It isn't bad

– You know what it tastes like? Nabs, cheese crackers and peanut butter on the inside – Oh my gosh – Y'all have those growin' up? It tastes like nabs in a bowl It's nabs in a bowl – Nabs in your face, nabs down your throat

It's a wonderful place – I like nabs in a bowl – That's good, right? – I mostly just taste the peanut butter – Peanut butter's so strong – You gotta get the right ratio

I think one dollop will do – One dollop'll do? – Take notes? – Yes – If you had super sharp cheese, to cut through it like – I like how Nicole's tryin' to get you to take notes You made her make the phone call – [Josh] I'm writin' this all down

– Can you get a giant wheel of aged cheddar? Cause that would work in that – I think our aged cheddar wheel budget is pretty much tapped out Maybe give us a couple months (laughs) – All right, so let's leave that one out here, and let's see the next one – This is from half nakey with a blankey

(laughs) – @actualgroundhog – Wow, now that's a good name Turkey bacon, pomegranate seeds, and brie cheese – I have a lot of faith in this one – This feels right, you know what I'm sayin'? Just as you hear it described, you're like, well this is – Anybody need to do a peanut butter wipe? – I dunno if I need to, but I probably should

– Thank you – This one's a lot fancier by comparison – At what point in the process were you most exasperated? Point number one, like when you heard? – Upon the request – The first time it came up, we were in the middle of some other project, and Kevin and Matt came back like, (inhales sharply) like what if we put the car on cheese wheels? And just with no explanation or anything, so And it just kinda like steady, like that was just kinda like a flat line through the whole process

– Well I saw in the, you know, in the big team meeting, you were just quiet – Yeah, just contemplating, you know, plotting – Everybody was quiet, but that's because they knew you should be the one to speak And you were quiet – Well I needed some time to digest, you know? Get paper to pencil, start workin' out some plans, and just kinda let in the emotional toll it takes on you to do that kinda thing

– And besides the phone call, we didn't really talk the whole time I avoided you, big time – I would kinda walk past the art department and see different things happening, but I was never able to piece it together logically Are you okay? – My pomegranate seed fell on the floor – It was my leg, not the floor

– Sorry – That's very good – That is very good – I mean, brie cheese by itself on mac 'n cheese is a win A lotta people don't like brie, I know it's a polarizing cheese

– I normally like brie, and I love pomegranate seeds, but I dunno, it's not comin' together for me – I think it's cause it's turkey bacon – Blame it on the turkey, I'll go for that – Okay, what else we got? – Castle Francis, @punishandsave, suggested white and or brown gravy, corn, shredded carrots, and lime juice, – Brown gravy, just decided on that one – Um, this is – Is there already lime juice squeezed on it? – There is, I just wanted to – Oh, that's garnish

– A little food styling, you know – Little garnish – This kinda feels like somebody spun a wheel of ingredients, you know what I'm sayin'? Like a not a, I don't understand the logic here Is there another dish where these items come together that I don't know about? – No, not to my knowledge – And Pasley, you definitely, I mean, you made that whole, what'd you call it? – The tour de fromage? – The tour de fromage, like Rube Goldberg machine

– Yeah, it was a real boondoggle, that thing – You were really determined for that thing to work, because you were trying to save other people from havin' to help you Was that the motive? – Yes, yeah, cause there's a lot to do, you know? We're a busy department, a lotta fun things to work on, and so I wanted to figure out how it could just be like a one person operation, which was a catastrophic failure Doesn't work Real John Henry moment for me, ya know? I realized that John Henry had it right, that's what that fable's about

– Is it? – Ya, you know all the story John Henry he fought the steam-powered digging machine He's like a single man and he beat it, but then he dies – Well don't give away the ending – Spoiler alert, I'm gonna die

– If you don't like to read, there's a great Johnny Cash song about it Very good song Speaking of failure, this is not good I think this is a joke I think this is a joke, guys

– Yeah, that's what I was tryin' to figure out I was tryin' to figure out is this somebody who is tryin' to like, get more vegetables for themselves? – That kinda just ruined it – Lime juice – Brown gravy – The lime juice and the gravy together, something that – It like coagulates, it's weird, not very pleasant – Okay, and now we've got pinnacle roses, who's just pinnacle roses, @pinnacleroses Mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard

All together like that, and I thought it was good I was nine (laughs) – All right, so all together like that, y'all – Kind of an apology at the end – I'm excited for this one

– I felt nine when you were pushin' that car, like, we were told afterward that the front drivers wheel was not turning, and didn't start turning until like halfway through the trajectory But you could tell by pushing it that like, it was a really hard to push, and b – Gettin' off the dime there was not, it wasn't easy – It felt like it was crawling – It's like an artificial safari kinda thing, where we like keep, add that to the wheels so you feel like you're in a jungle or something – Artificial safari, that's a good name for a song

Like an indie band – Do you think it's legal? Do you think what we did, if we were to have gone out onto the street, let's just say that we had gotten that car to run, could we have been pulled over, and what would the ticket have been? – I don't think that's street legal, yeah, that's like a, I think it's after market type stuff – After market, you can say that After farmer's market (laughs) – They're googling are cheese wheel street legal, and – I'm sure it's gonna pop up

– There is nothing returning on Google that has anything to do with it, which tells me, guys, we are, we are in uncharted territory – Breaking ground here – That makes me feel good – I feel you might just outrun the cops, I guess that's my answer I would just floor it

– You know what, the cheese that you left on the ground, is gonna like, he's gonna slide all around – Exactly, just, you'd have to at some point, ditch the car, cause it also leaves like a cheese trail Like where did he go? Just follow you to the end Yeah, so that's probably not a good plan – What's the verdict on the three condiment? – I don't like it

– I don't like it at all – I think it's delicious – It's honestly my least favorite of all of them – Peanut butter's my favorite, but this is my second – This is my favorite, for sure

– I would put them in this order – Oh really? You like this last – That's the worst – I would also put them in this order – I'm gonna eat more then

– I'm gonna go back in for nabs in a bowl – This one's just wrong – I'll just reiterate, I am just, I'm just so proud of our team for being able to pull together and do this But I'm also sad for them, because it just means that we're gonna be doin' more of it – Yes

– I'm excited Good job – Thanks, you too – Feeling groovy? Head over to mythicalcom and grab some of our mythical tie dye tees

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