Weird Rhett & Link Fashion Choices

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– What about elbows though? – Yeah, Dave and elbow I think is doin' great He got a little massage Is your arm okay from you where jerked it outta that? – It was, it was more like my boob – Okay – Like the top of my boob, I was like oh

– And we, well, you panicked your way outta that suitcase – I thought it was a snake – Yeah, I tell ya – Snake like elbows – The way your mind plays tricks on you when you've got your hand in that suitcase

– It's scary – Um, okay, so I am told – Sorry – That you will be presented with photos of us as we have made certain fashion choices – Yes

– And we are going to submit ourselves individually to your fashion ratings – Okay – Yup – This is not a competition – We don't know what we're, oh gosh

– But here's the first one – [Gigi] Aw, cute – [Link] Okay, yeah, this is – [Rhett] This is probably, like, this is probably between, like, eighth and ninth grade, I would think – [Gigi] You're tall

– So this is like, this is like – What is this, Rhett? Is this when, like, I went on vacation with you and your family to the beach? – Yeah, because that's not my house That's not your house – This is like a beach house – Like a beach house

– Beach house situation The Sandpiper, is that where you stayed? The Sandwhistler? The sand? – No it was the – The sand, Sandsucker? – Oh gosh man it was, Whisper Sands somethin' like – Whisper Sands? – No, no, it was – Sandwhisperer

– Sand, sand, sand, ah – I don't know if I wasn't ready for the photo or if I'm just embarrassed to be on vacation with you and your family All right, hit us with it – You know what, the only thing I'm gonna come for is the blue tee shirt and the dark shoes I think that you look amazing

I think yours is a 10 – Oh, wow – Right off the gate, I think you got a 10 And I'm gonna give you an eight – Those aren't shoes, those are socks

– Oh, even worse – Right, bring it down – Seven – Well, no, no I was talkin' about All right, here's another one

– [Gigi] Aw, cuties – [Link] This is, this is probably, you think this is cute too? Okay, this is, we were grown men at this point – [Rhett] I'd say 2004? 2005? – [Link] This might be, this might be '06 – [Gigi] You guys were obsessed with facial hair? – I remember we were in Florida for this photo This is a Florida photo

– Walk down memory lane – That's your first pair of glasses, isn't it? – Yep – So what year'd you get your glasses? – '06 – '06? Okay, so this is like '06 – And you've got a gray goatee

– Yeah, that, that's gotta go – This is before I started dying it – I would give you – Well if you don't say that you don't actually do that, then they'll think that you dye your beard – Yeah

– Yeah, I don't dye my freakin' beard – Oh, I was gonna say it's natural – And I've never dyed my hair – Never, he never did that – I'm gonna give you a nine, 'cause of the

– Hold on, Gigi, that is a, that's a sweater that has a zip up collar – [Rhett] It's very convenient – I mean, it's just, it's like cute – That's like, it's not, it's 90s nasty I've got like a timeless V neck situation happening

– No, you have on a sweater that's way too tight – Yeah, I thought it was tight too – Yep – Yeah – Tight is a compliment, right? – Not too tight, TT

– All right, so I didn't get a score though – I'm gonna give you a nine – Oh, okay – Okay, I guilted you into it – You're so gracious

Now this is me with my prom date, Stephanie I'm a lot taller than her – [Gigi] Yes you, yes you are Damn – [Link] And you're wearing tails

He's wearing tails – Well, because, you, here's the thing, you go to the mall and you talk to the guy at the thing and he's like, "Well you're very tall "so you should definitely wear tails 'cause tails are "for tall guys" I'm like, okay I look like a moron – I mean, no, it's a look

It's a memory I wouldn't do it again though – I look like a 2001 – Neither would Stephanie – Like a 2001 NBA basketball player

Like, if that were the actual length of the entire suit in the front – Yeah – I saw Stephanie last year in a Zaxby's – You say hello? – I said hello and, over some chicken fingers And she's doin' great

– She got regrets now? – Nope, she doesn't need you at all – Oh, okay All right, no regrets – Burn I'm gonna give that one a seven

– Oh, wow, okay – Yeah – Yeah – I think we need a – Feel free to be more critical, I will just

– Do you know that the scale doesn't start at six? – I think it's cute – The scale starts at zero – On a scale of seven to 10 I give it a seven – [Link] Here we are Doin' a business deal

– [Rhett] This is college – [Link] This is Meredith College which is an all girls school, basically across the street from North Carolina State University – How do you know what, what this is from? – Oh, from her in the back of course – This was the, yeah, she went to Meredith – This is like one of those formals? – It was one of those Meredith formals that, like, I was dating Christie, my wife now, my girlfriend at the time and y'all got roped into it

I don't know who your date was but it was just a formality – I can't remember It wasn't a good night apparently – [Gigi] I mean – [Link] Look at those sideburns

– [Gigi] Yeah, those are intense – [Link] Yep – [Gigi] I kinda like them though – Greasy hair Lotta bang action happenin'

– The stringy – Lotta bangs – Yeah, and I like the shave, too, it's cute – Yeah, I might, I might do that again I might go back there again

– Um I'd say for this one, 'cause of the sideburns, I've never been a fan, I'll give you a six – Which is a zero – And then, I think you're, you look cute I would say, like eight – Hey, I'm an eight man

– Like actually – Can't argue with that one All right, here – [Rhett] Oh, wow, oh – [Gigi] Oh my god

– [Link] Oh here, this is us on – [Rhett] What are you, what motion are you doing right there? – I don't know I think I'm, I think I'm bench pressing air – Well, that's a charitable interpretation of what you're doin' – This is us on Conan – Yeah, this is a Conan O'Brien appearance

– We decided to wear just clothes that we were wearing that day – Okay – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we were like we don't wanna look like we're trying too hard – That's a choice – Yeah

Conan was very cool He never said, "Guys, why didn't you actually dress up "for my show?" He was just very nice to us That was my favorite shirt I had it for like seven years by that point What do you think? – [Gigi] Yeah, it looks like it

– Dice it up, dice it up – Honestly, I think the shoes could go The hair is awful, right? – Yep – Yeah, this is way better Um, yeah, and

– [Link] Well, the shoes kinda hurt because literally those are our shoes that we sold – Oh – We didn't sell many of 'em – Shoes gotta go, you're right – But specifically

– Tryin' really hard – What do you think about this? – I don't get it – I think I was doin' like the shakeless shake weight – Yeah, with two – What about me

– Um I love the jacket, not with the undershirt – Oh you don't like the undershirt – No – Well, you know, I coulda wear it without the undershirt I could just wear the jacket

– Yeah, or just like a black or like a nude or a white The hair, you look the same from like here up – Yep – So, for that, I'm gonna give you both – It hurts

– Fives – I don't understand your scale – She gave you a five because you look the same – The same – I love it

– You haven't changed so it's a five – All right, so this, this photo is when we were, we were hosting a show called Online Nation on the CW Network, I'm sure you watched it – [Gigi] Yep, Gossip Girl – [Rhett] It was a big hit, it was a big hit – It was, yeah, it was not, it did not rival Gossip Girl in the ratings

– I think it got a 1 – I remember there was a guy on a step ladder with a camera who said, reach your hands out as if you're taking a selfie because that's what internet people do and that's how this photo was taken – And smile like you know that you're taking your own picture – [Gigi] What's with the white background? You guys look like you're in heaven

– [Link] Right – Yeah, we felt, we felt like dying the entire time – I don't know why but he told us to hold hands with the other hand – Oh my god – So, Link, again

– We look like we're holding hands – Now, I was still doin' the chinstrap which I think was a mistake on many different levels – Yeah – Link was doin' the haircut that he did for a very long time – [Link] Yeah, that's the greasy version of my head mop

It's greased down a little bit – That's the fresh outta the shower look – Fresh outta the shower – You have little, like, eaves troughs going on, all on this side, like little skateboard, skateboard ramps – Yeah, yeah, eaves troughs? – It's cute

Yeah, just like catching the leaves – Oh, whoa, oh wow – [Link] Here's another photo from the same thing So rating those two together – [Rhett] It's quite a photo set

– [Link] Yeah – This was, by the way, that picture on the right was because I had no, you don't have control over this At least I didn't at the time, was my IMDB picture for like 10 years – Oh, it would be Head shot material

– It was like, who's this guy? Oh, a douche? – This does not hold up, does it? – What brand were those by the way? Do you guys remember? – Ed Farty – Um, yeah, I think that was probably, like a Seven Diamonds shirt at the time, you know, when they were doing the embroidery You should see the back of that shirt – Oh I'm sure – It has five eagles on it

– Embroidered eagles It's weird that like we're at the same height Like, I'm obviously – Yeah – Standing on a step ladder

– Well, I think that's two different pictures In fact I can see the line in between – [Link] Oh, okay – Oh my god, same – No photographer was like, can you stand, like, four feet apart so we can get this shot of you together

We'll put the CW in between – All right, don't hold back What do you give me and what do you give Rhett? – Okay, this one, this one's bad, this one's bad – Yeah, real bad – I'd say for Rhett, the hair, the top, the everything, I'd say this one's a two

– Oh, a two – This one's a two – You can tell in your own eyes, you knew you were givin' 'em a two – Yeah, and then, Link, I would say, you get a three – Oh, really? – yeah, you get a three

– [Rhett] It it because of the dotted lines on his shoulder? – No, just not as bad as yours – Oh god – Right, it's true, it's true – If I look worse than Link right there, boy, that was an even darker moment in my life than I realized – Yep, it was a pretty dark day

– It was, man, it was – Well – Gigi, thank you for your honesty and for finally bringin' the scale down below a six – Thanks for having me – Yes

– Thank you for hanging out with us Congrats on the book and everything else – Thank you – Yes – Yep

– We're on Amazon – We're on Amazon – Well, technically it's just our merch, Mythical goods with Prime shipping, available now at amazoncom/mythical

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