Weird Soda Combination Game

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) – Like your brain kinda– – Just kinda stopped – Yeah

– Welcome to Good Mythical More Lonely hashtag! This is when we find a very lonely hashtag on Instagram and then you add to it This one is #WizardPickle Link: Okay Add to that

#WizardPickle It's lonely – Very creative – The wizard's pickle is lonely All right, so what we have here are glasses of soda

– We got an assortment of them – Five total And we're going to taste them They're swamp waters – They're mixtures of three– – Three

Carbonated beverages And we're going to try to identify them by using straw flags This one says cream soda on it We have almost 20 different options here – Oh, my goodness! – So there are some red herrings

Okay Let's just taste Oh, gosh! This is gonna be hard Okay, I immediately smell something citrus Mmm! Whatever it is it's a good combination Something's made it dark Looks like tea

Tastes like– – Mmm – Okay All right, I think I know right off the bat that it's got some of this in it I think it's got this and this ( smacking lips ) I mean, going between diet and regular of a certain thing is tough when there's something– Man, I don't know

There's something dark in there that's not overpowering What is that? I'm gonna– It's got something that sends it– I think it's this that makes it a little darker And then– – ( smacking lips ) – I'm actually trying– I'm identifying a number of things I can really get this one This one– this one is a guess for me

Okay, so here's what I said – So I need a– – You got all yours in there? I need a third one That I'm not getting It doesn't have a lot of flavor So I'm gonna go with this as my third one

– Okay – So what– what have you said? – Oh! – The same ones! – Are you serious? – No, no, no I said Ginger ale, Diet Mountain Dew, and Cherry Coke All right, so I said Ginger ale, Diet Mountain Dew– I definitely could taste the Mountain Dew – You said regular Coke

– And I said regular Coke because something made it actually sweet But not Cherry, man Do we get– Do we know the answer now or do we have to continue? Stevie: Oh, I can tell you now – Yeah, tell us– There's so many choices – Yeah, tell us now– It'll be too difficult without that

This was Mello Yello– – What? – Oh! – We didn't get Mello Yello? – Can't believe it! – I am ashamed of myself – We were addicted to Mello Yello as middle schoolers – What happened? – And in college, actually – I'm sorry, Mello Yello – I would go home from college every weekend to get my laundry laundered at home and I would come back with clean laundry and cases of Mello Yello

Those are the only two things I needed Clean underwear and cases of Mello Yello Literally, cases! – That's all we drank – How did we misidentify that? – I'm pretty embarrassed – What about the other ingredient? Which is Orange Fanta

– Oh, gosh – What? Oh, this is gonna be a long game, man Orange Fanta and Mello Yello So, if one has been used is it not used again? – Correct – Okay

– So let me set those aside – What's the third one? I have to reveal the third one 'cause it's the– it's the most special one, because one of you got it correct It's Coke! – Oh, regular Coke – Okay – Regular Coke

So I get a point So, none– So these are all still up for grab We both went real hard on Ginger ale It– Whatever happened it made it taste Ginger ale-ish To me Ginger ale was just a tasteless addition

No, but Ginger ale has a very specific flavor to me And I actually– that was the first flavor I identified and I was most sure about, but very wrong All right, so now we're going for the second one This is not the same glass This is a new glass

It's slightly lighter Than the– Well– It's significantly oranger, which made me think that it was gonna have– Oh! I already smell something I don't like Fanta Orange in it Oh, I know which one– I know one thing Yep, so that's pretty obvious

To me at least It almost tastes exclusively like this I can't get past this Um Oh! You know what? I just did Just found a little bit of that in there And now a third one Mmm

What is going on with this? This is interesting This is tough All right, I'm going out on a big limb here with this one for my third one Going back to this same freaking thing Right there

And, um– What's your third, man? All right, so I have said that this is certainly Root beer – Yeah, that was the one I'm sure of– – with Cream Soda added and then I'm taking a risk with Mango LaCroix, 'cause I don't know what the third one is Okay, so the one that you both got was Root beer What did you– What did Rhett say? Root beer, Diet Mountain Dew, and Fresca The one that no one got was Sprite

( grunts ) The last choice was either gonna be Sprite but I went for something that added some oranges to it But guess what else is in here Diet Mountain Dew – Yeah! I almost got all three of these! – The last thing– – Oh, you put Diet Mountain Dew? I said a Fresca– I went with Sprite– I went with Fresca instead of Sprite because I was looking for something that had some orangeness in it, but I guess that color comes from the Diet Mountain Dew So– Okay, so it was Root beer, Diet Mountain Dew and Sprite

– Okay – Okay, so we're tied Dang, all right Let's go to this next one This one is clear! Mmm! Oh! Okay

Definitely getting some information just from the scent Oh, wow! Hmm Hmm Mm-hmm Definitely that

The aftertaste gives that away Uh-huh But then the problem is what the heck else is there? I think– I think I know what y'all did Me, too That's what I'm going for

I'm not looking at what you're doing but I assume that you're going with what I'm doing No sugar at all No sweetener at all Yeah, we both said all three LaCroix together – Did we nail it? – Dang it! You both got it right

– Yes! – All right! – That was easy– when there's no sweetener at all There was no hint of anything except LaCroix – Yep – You know, it's– But the coconut– in the aftertaste the coconut was horrible to me – Yeah

– All right, so we're still tied up You almost got us! All right, let's do another one here Boy, this is really getting fun I could see kids doing this in birthday parties – How about adults, man? – And soda fountains across America

I could see old people doing this in retirement homes Old people are too lazy We could takeover the retirement home circuit, man We show up and we just bring 15 sodas and start mixing 'em and then we start betting on them You know a better market than that? – What? – RV parks

Old people love to gamble They got all– They got retirement pensions coming in – Yeah, and you know– – You can just siphon right from 'em You know what they do? They drive their RV to casinos And then they– That's where we need to go with this

Trust me I've been there Hey, okay, I'm down Mmm That smells like it's something I don't like

( grunts ) Definitely There's a very specific one ( grunts ) – Something I like – Something I hate I just now figured out I don't have to put the straw in it

I can hold the straw so I don't keep hitting myself with the straw It took me four drinks to figure that out As you can see you're still figuring it out but it's cool I'm telling you now so you can do it on the next one You know what? I'll just drink through the straw

Oh! One up I can't get past– I can't get past the nasty You know sometimes in life, you just feel like you can't get past the nasty And I want you to know that you can You can do it

Just take another sip of life and just do this– And you know what? Just push past the nasty You can do it You can do it I'm here for you We're both in the nasty and we're pushing through it

Wow! This is– This is tough, man Distressing to me This is tough I'm adding this You already said Coke

Right? I gotta put that to the side For my third and final– Have you been voting? – Mm-hmm – My third and final No, it's not that It's not that

– Dang it! – Okay These are my three I'm going with this last minute change I went with Dr Pepper definitely, Grape Soda, which I don't know why they didn't say the brand name, and then Coca-Cola Cherry Interesting

I went with Dr Pepper, almost went with Grape Soda, but I changed it out for Cream Soda and Squirt It's not Squirt, man Squirt's too strong Even against Dr Pepper I think you would– – I would've tasted it – Just a squirt of Squirt? – Well– – All right, let's see

What is it? Is it Squirt? No, it is not Squirt – Yes – But it is Dr Pepper – Yes – Ginger ale– – ( grunts ) – ( sighs ) – And Cream Soda

– Yes! Oh, Rhett, you have pulled ahead at the last minute! The Squirtness Mm I hate Dr Pepper Ever since he left a scalpel in my aunt That happens sometimes

Sometimes they leave sponges in there, too But that absorbs– Congratulations, Rhett! You win my– Hold on No, there's one more Oh, there's one more? After drinking Dr Pepper, I'm like– – I'm so done – Don't give up so soon, man

– I'm only up by one point – I thought it was over Why didn't anybody tell me that we had another one? Okay Well, shoot So Cherry Cola's still is there

Grape Soda's still there, Dr Pepper's out Oh, wow! That is fruity ( smacking lips ) Hmm This is tough Let me do this

Man This last choice It's very sweet Honestly, this third one– I– I'm down to two I said it was fruity so I'm going all the way

( sighs ) Yeah – So I– – I'm saying Grape Soda, Squirt and Coca-Cola Cherry Oh, wow! Okay, so I'm saying– I almost went with Squirt, but it was a last minute change out I went Grape Soda, Squirt– Sorry, Grape Soda, Coca-Cola Cherry, and Fresca Citrus – I went all fruit all the time

– So did I Okay, so we do have Coke Cherry and we do have Grape Soda – Oh! Okay – Yes! And the final ingredient is Citrus Fresca Yes! – So– – I'm a soda genius! – You got that one correct all the way? – All three

Dang it, man! – That's good! – Yeah! Hey, man, I gotta find a way to– I gotta find a way to monetize this talent – Congratulations, Rhett! – I guess that's technically happening right now, isn't it? You can still have my Dr Pepper concoction I have my own I'm gonna be burping for the next hour

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