What’s More Country? (GAME)

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) ( imitates wheel clicking ) Welcome to Good Mythical More Don't Google that, whatever you do

Do not Google, "Does This Look Normal?" ( laughter ) Don't do it Ahh, you've already done it – Why would you do that? Oh, please – You're doing it right now – Oh, gosh

– All right, um– – Oh! Come on! Oh, gosh! What? – Oh, that doesn't look normal That doesn't look normal That doesn't look normal That doesn't– – Ugh! – Why are you showing me a slideshow of– I didn't know Google Images even did that – All right, Emily, come on in here

– Davin, how are you doing that? So, we invited Emily on She's relatively new– – Uh, well, yes– – Yeah, I'm pretty new relative to other people on the Good Mythical crew So we thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know you, as well as some southern things to determine which of the two things you're going to present – are more southern – More country

– More country – More country And we asked you to do this because – you've got the credentials, right? – Yeah, um– – Where were you born? – I was born in Arkansas, but I don't like bringing it up – But I grew up– – ( laughs ) but I did bring it up I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and my parents are both bluegrass musicians

– Really? – Yeah – We talking banjo? Mandolin? – Yeah, my father won a Grammy in 2016 – ( laughs ) – ( muttering unintelligibly ) – That wasn't on your resume – It is, actually I'm pretty sure– I think I brought it up in the interview

I bring it up wherever I can – It's the coolest thing about me – For what? – Bluegrass Album of the Year – Whoa, what? What is his name? – Well, who is he? – The Steeldrivers – The Steeldrivers? – Yeah

They're steel driving after all these years Yeah, look 'em up I will plug my family any–anytime, 'cause, you know, that will is not building itself, huh? ( laughter ) That's probably a saying, in and of itself Can you play a bluegrass instrument? I cannot They tried very hard

They–I took all kinds of lessons I took guitar– It wasn't like a family sing-a-long thing? – I sang with my family – Okay

– at nursing homes and church stuff – Okay

But we didn't– I could never play an instrument – I was so bad It's hard – How did you go over at the nursing homes? – Did you kill? Oh! – Great They're great

Oh! ( laughter ) – God, I hope not But, no, I think that – Oh, gosh

we did well We brought some life back into the place

– All right, present– – All right, give us the first option All right, so, your first option for what is more country, is Cracker Barrel vs

Waffle House – Cracker Barrel – Cra–uh – Without a doubt – Waffle House is not just in the south Well, neither is Cracker Barrel anymore, but– – But Cracker Barrel– – The things that they serve– – Yes – the whole environment is like southern down-home cooking where Waffle House – There's rocking chairs outside – is great breakfast food – Mm-hmm – That does happen to have, like, a– – They have patty melts, though – Yeah, I mean, it's got some southern influence – Oh, sure

– Definitely But the Cracker Barrel, I mean– – that's as southern as a chain restaurant can get – Are we right? – I would think so– – No, you're the authority right now – Yes, I would say– – So, if people want to hate on anything that we say, – they're gonna direct it towards youEmily – That's fine You can bring on the hate But– Does your family call you "Em'ly"? – Do they shorten it? – Emmy

Emmy – Eemy – Emmy – Eemy That's exactly right

– Eemy – But Cracker Barrel has the rocking chairs out front – Oh, yeah – They sell Beanie Babies I don't know why that's– – That's pretty country

– I think that's pretty country – All right, give us another one All right So next is cornbread vs biscuits

– Ooh, okay, well– – This is tough because – Mm-hmm – I've been to some– some deep, deep south areas and you get a good– you think you want to say biscuit, but that cornbread– And incidentally, at Cracker Barrel they bring you an even amount of both unless you ask They bring you cornbread and biscuits So now Cracker Barrel, their decision is the standard – Whenever we can– – Exactly

I mean, if Cracker Barrel is like, the arbiter of what is more southern, they're saying that these are equal; equally country And the most country cornbread is the ones that–it's fried in a pan, and it, like, gets real flat and you can fry it really hard and it gets really crunchy – You know what I'm talking about? – It's dry Like the kind that we had in Pembroke when we were making the documentary – Called fry bread – and they would have collard sandwiches And it be collards with, um fry bread

It was basically cornbread sandwich

Very greasy – Very awesome – Yeah – So we're saying cornbread – I think cornbread, too, but– I do

– Really? I was gonna say that they were equal – But not the loafy– I'm not talking about the loafy, in a pan, – you know, slice it like a cake, cornbread – Biscuits– – Ooh – I think that's equal to biscuits, in terms of southern But when you get that fried in a skillet

I think we're getting too technical at this point Well, here's one more question for you guys What's your opinion: sweet cornbread or dry cornbread? – Sweet – I like sweet, too I love sweet– a little undercooked, too

Mushy – I like it with corn in it – Ooh, there ya go – There's pieces of corn in it – Just like your dookie

– ( laughter ) – Next one – "Just like your dookie" – All right, so next one is: White gravy vs brown gravy – Oh, this is tough

– I've never seen– I mean–white gravy – Because I've never seen white gravy – It looks like ranch anywhere else Like white– Biscuits and gravy– again, biscuits and gravy It's not cornbread and gravy

– But they put brown gravy on things everywhere – Mm-hmm – You've got midwest– – But if you've got country fried steak, here in LA, it's gonna have white gravy on it

Well, yeah, 'cause they got it from the south And it has the word "country" in it – All right, it's white gravy – It's more country, yeah White gravy

I agree a hundred– Anything that looks – like ranch dressing is gonna be country – Okay All right, what about the people from Arkansas? You need to backtrack a little bit 'cause they– They're fine with whatever I'm doing right now I think they're just happy to see someone that's on television from the family Other than the girl from "The Bachelor" She's– shout-out – Girl, this ain't television

– Yeah it is! – It's the new TV! – Oh, God Okay – It's the new T-V! – Up next is Levis vs Wrangler – Wrangler – Wrangler is like a cowboy thing – Yeah

– Like it has like a mustang on their logo So just because it's cowboy– I mean, that's not– Well, I'm thinking southern

Cowboy is not southern Cowboy is, uh – I guess it's still country

– Wherever cows are – It's country Texas is country – And boys It's definitely Wrangler

Remember, we went through a phase A very short phase – Yup – I think there's evidence of this in the Book of Mythicality I dunno

I decided to put that picture in there I probably shouldn't have, but there was, like, a two week phase where we got, like, cowboy shirts, cowboy hats, uh, roper boots They were cowboy boots but they were ropers, which had the laces on them – Yeah – And then Wrangler jeans

– And we went to the state fair, together – Nicebecause we heard there was some girls that liked some guys at school that had that look And we were like, "Well, they can like us, too" ( laughter ) And then I looked in the mirror one day and I was like, "I don't care

I don't care how much the ladies like this" – Yeah, I agree that Wrangler is – And I burned it all

the more southern one All right, so next is

More country, you mean More country, my bad It's a little different, country and Southern

Yeah, I think so too 'Cause it can be more– it can be broader Broader, yep, all right, so the next one is fried chicken versus barbecue chicken Mm Well, if it's fried chicken versus barbecue, but barbecue chicken? It would definitely be barbecue

That really– that throws a wrench in it I mean, every Sunday for lunch, you gotta have that fried chicken after church – I think fried chicken – Yeah I think because it's fried

I mean, I think it takes the cake because it's got the word "fried" in it Yeah Do you agree with that? I agree, I think anything that whichever one is most likely to burn down your trailer is the more country one Yes So a deep fryer is more likely to do it – than a grill – Right You don't even have to go outside for it

So, no offense, I love trailers No offense to trailers, just don't burn it down – Yeah – That's the only bad thing – Hitch it up and move it if the fire's coming

– Yeah – Yeah, add wind to it – Well, the wind will – That'll help – cause it to completely enflame

I've done that Sounds like a movie scene from like "Smokey and the Bandit" All right, this one's gonna be real tough It's Merle Haggard versus Taylor Swift Oh! – You're baiting us

– Okay Although Merle was born in Bakersfield, California and lived his entire life in California – But again, it's not Southern, it's country – You can still be country, – yeah – Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I'm just saying – He's a country music legend Taylor Swift was born in Pennsylvania, so Oh, yeah, the answer's clearly Merle Haggard, – without a doubt – Yeah, yeah – A lot of people are, like, "Where's he from?" – Do you want to make – an argument? Good – No, I don't

– No offense to– I like Taylor Swift – You wanna keep working herebut, I mean, I just don't– she's given up that country life, I think Well, she's– it's still in there – I still believe in you, Tay Tay

– Yeah – Come back to us – It's still in there, but I think she's moved on She could make a country album again She could do whatever she wants She wants That's what I've always said about her

– All right – Next? – Okay – Merle can't 'cause he passed away That's right – All right

– This next one is big-ass belt buckles versus suspenders – Belt buckles? – Suspenders? Who? What? Suspenders, you know, like in "To Kill a Mockingbird" all the lawyers have the – That's not country, that's a Southern gentleman – Southern lawyer

– Southern lawyer – Yeah, so it's not country, I guess Yeah, suspenders and a bowtie Now, Uncle Glen wears suspenders everywhere You've never met Uncle Glen

– No, this name seems foreign to me – I know him, he's great My in-laws' friends, Glen and Carolyn, – they always come over to the house – That's not an uncle when they were visiting And they call him Uncle Glen – Okay – And he has a big belly and he has suspenders, and the suspenders, when they get to the belly, they go out and around the

Yeah, right – And he's the sweetest guy – They frame the belly

But he's not country – He is very, very country – Is he a lawyer? He delivered auto parts for years in a truck that looked like Jeff Gordon's race car ( bleep ), that's pretty country – He's pretty country

– Yeah But I think a big-ass belt buckle Yeah, it's gonna have to be

I think this might be, let's see, oh, this is, I think, the last one Yard couch versus above-ground pool Oh! Now, above-ground pools have gotten pretty fancy There's a lot of people that try to get away with above-ground pool and, like, pass it off as, like, a nice accoutrement to the house Yeah, I'm gonna add something to this and say these are both in the front yard

– Oh, okay – Which is more country? Now, does the above-ground pool have one of those – decks around it that makes it seem like a structure? – Uh-uh Just a little ( bleep )– Oh, just a little Sorry, just a little stupid ladder just going up there – Stupid ladder – Like if Uncle Glen, like, gets too close to it – and leans on it, the whole thing empties – Thing falls down It's an "America's Funniest Home Videos" episode

Oh, yeah, so you're talking about the one that my wife grew up swimming in Oh, I'm sorry – No, she had one that just was – Yes just right out there in the yard? Yep, and Just fill it up with a hose, that's it

She's pretty country too Yep, when we were dating, it's not there now, but when we were dating, we'd go swim in that thing – Those are great pools – And you know what? When I jumped in, you know what happened? I found myself sitting on a couch – In the pool? – In the pool

– They're real country – That's really country – No, the couch in the front yard is more country – The couch, the couch If you're not selling it, it's like, "You getting rid of that couch?" – No! – "No, this is where it is

" It's a yard couch Every time somebody tries to take it, like they think it's on Craigslist, he'd come out with a shotgun "Get off my couch!" – Yeah, that's more country – All right So we got 'em all correct? Yeah, I would think so

Yeah, I don't know if that was the object, but No, no, I think it's all opinion It's all what you believe

We apologize to the "Arkansonians," is that what you say? – Arkansans – She's not – I apologize twice – I'm not apologizing – They're fine, they're fine

– She's not backing down Yeah, they're doing great – You're doing great – They're doing great! What's your Twitter handle? Oh, man @FlemilyEming

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