What’s The Best Cheese On A Pie?

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com gift card, Jordan – Yeah, when you get your merch, make sure to tag the Mythical account on Instagram Now I'm gonna move this Roquefort back out, I'll put it over here next to you This is blue cheese – That doesn't mean I'm gonna like it on apple pie

– I know that you like it in general – Well let's just, let's establish a couple of things, first of all, a lot of people don't know this, and apparently it is mostly a Midwestern thing, I mean we didn't do this in the South People put cheese like cheddar cheese, sometimes like a slice of American cheese right on apple pie and melt it on the top, and I've had it before, and actually was like, pretty good – First time I heard about it was out here in LA My friend Daniel was talking about it, and he was trying to take us to that burger place called Applejacks or something, what's that place called? – Yeah

Apple Pan – Apple Pan It was closed so we had to go somewhere else, and we never been back but, so you're tasting, this is the control – It's good, I mean I know it seems like maybe weird for you but I can't really explain why it complements it – I know this seem weird for you know, but it's good for us

– I know you think that a lot when you watch this show – So we kinda need to do it – This may be weird for you, but we're about to do something It's good man Well you know, it's the fact that it's a dairy product on top of apple pie, like don't you like whipped cream on top of apple pie? – It's amazing I love it

I would say it's so good, when I eat out apple pie next time, and if there's no cheddar on it, I'm gonna miss it – Miss it, catch a fit? – Well I'm gonna throw a tantrum – You're gonna break something They're gonna have to pull you out of the restaurant – I'm gonna get down on all fours, and I'm gonna beat the ground

– you're gonna you're gonna go viral That's what's gonna happen – Right, I'm gonna yell– – "Man is upset because there's no cheese on his apple pie" – And apple pie will be flying out of my mouth, 'cause I will be eating it – Man does what though? – Man– – Breaks, what do you break? What are you gonna break? Man break skulls? – "Man brings his own skulls, breaks them because–" – Out of anger

– Hey, I'm not gonna break somebody else's skull, I mean, like their collection of skulls – Like the waiter – "Man dines at apple pie restaurant, "gets upset when they don't have cheddar, "and destroys restaurant's immaculate collection of skulls" – That's a good headline All right, so we know that that's good

Don't go to the blue yet, 'cause the blue is the most, it's gonna affect your taste buds for the rest of the time – Yeah I know – So, let's go to the most mild thing, which I think would be but maybe Mascarpone, maybe Brie – [Link] Well let's just see all of 'em here Let's show you

Triple cream Brie, ooh – [Rhett] That makes sense to me already – [Link] Mascarpone is in a lot of desserts – Yep, yeah it is – That makes a lot of sense

– You ever taken, listen I wanna give you an experience that you will thank me for Take a date, like a little, like a date, go on a date then take a date, and dip the date in marscapone, then DM me and tell me what you thought – What about the bacon though? When you gonna wrap it in bacon? – You can also wrap it in bacon, but do that the next time, you don't wanna overload yourself – Wrap your actual date in bacon, I mean with consent, like– – I have done that – You'll thank me later, go on a date, bring lots of bacon, have a discussion about it, when you're both on the same page about what's gonna happen, then wrap yourself in bacon – Oh, you went from wrapping your partner in bacon– – Wrap each other in bacon

– To wrapping yourself in bacon – Well you wrap yourself in bacon, and then you unwrap each other's bacon – Like a present? Like a bacon present? Like a greasy present? and then what, is there a water bed with no sheets involved? – How did you know? Waterbed with no sheets involved, that sounds like name of a song, a very slow song – Here you go, third date– – A sultry song – Baby oil, waterbed with no sheets (laughs)

– Wow All right, dink it Then sink it They were a bit stingy with the cheese, I'm gonna get some more – Whoa, whoa, whoa that's good, that's really good, is that better than cheddar? – Well it certainly makes the apple pie just creamier

– It seems like a more natural complement, does it not? – It's subtle – Marscapone on apple pie I got to recommend that, don't know if it's better yet though – I know because, I'm missing the sharpness of the cheddar– – You need that sharpness of the cheddar – Adds a dimension– – I don't disagree with that

– That you haven't experienced with pie, but still love, whereas this just reinforces the pie experience – Yeah, this is almost too complementary There's no juxtaposition – What you don't want to do on your first date, you don't wanna be too complimentary – Yeah, yeah, yeah

– You know you got to pace it out, like– – Like if you like music– – I love your taste in music What? – Well, I was gonna say if you like– – I was gonna talk about music and then you talk about– – Because a lot of people talk about that, but I was gonna go even deeper than that, and say that you know when you say I like music, you want the person on the date to be like, "I don't like music", then you know you're in a good situation Can't be too compatible, it won't last there's gotta be like two ends of a magnet, attracting each other – Am I wrong, this brie really has a pungent bite to it

– I would have thought that this is would've worked Wow', 'cause you can get a mild Brie, but I guess maybe the triple cream part of it has made it, it's like foot, there's a lot of foot in this cheese – That's not really working for me, I gotta be honest – Yeah, there's a battle raging between the world of the apple pie filling, and the foot of this cheese Don't love it – Listen, I'm just kidding about the not liking music thing

If you don't like music, you deserve to die alone All right, what do we got next? – What if they go to Community College currently? – Well, maybe they can connect with someone else who doesn't like music there – Go at – Goat Go at cheese

– [Link] I'm a go at this I got to pull some of this over> – You know I actually am coming around to the Community College thing to be quite honest with you Let me tell you something– – Why am I blowing this? It ain't that hot – I recently found out that you can go to, I'm thinking about going to Pasadena City Community College No, I'm not, but I found out in a conversation with someone that a semester of school at Pasadena Community College is less than $2,000, and then if you go and you do well, you can basically transfer to a UC school

I'm changing my whole– – You can get into any one you want – I'm pretty sure that's just all community colleges That's like yeah the point of that – Yeah, that's just the nearest one to us, but I'm just I'm using that as an example I'm saying that I'm changing my tune guys, I think going to Community College and transferring is actually the preferred method in today's educational system where everyone's going into serious debt for a degree that they can't even get a job with

– And you know what, Rhett– – Rhett, I went to Pasadena City College by the way – See, look at that, look where he's at now – Davin went to Pasadena City College – Yeah – Community College? Pasadena City Community– – Oh, they don't even put community in there, but it is, I mean it is a Community College, let's be honest

– Yeah, yeah – They just call it Pasadena City College – That's cool – You know what, you're being honest a lot in this More, and you know I wanna be honest for a second – Well, this sounds interesting

– And I wanna say you know what, this is an opportunity to let you have it man, you saying that you did, that all of that Community College banter – What are you gonna let me have? – I'm saying this as an opportunity to let you have it I'm not saying I'm gonna let you have it – You're gonna let me have something good? – You've seen the error of your ways You've basically gone so far as to apologize, I felt like almost

– No, I'm not gonna apologize, because that was just, it was just comedy, but now, now I'm just speaking from the heart – So when you call into question everything, I was gonna say, "Hey, a man changes his mind"– – You wanna go to Community College with me? – He sees the light, let's celebrate that with some pie – Are you saying that we're gonna go to Community College together, like freshmen again? – I am – Do they have dorms? – [Director] PCC has a really great flea market, so if you wanna go to Community College in that way, I would highly recommend it – Let's go back to school together

– Yeah, let's room together – Do they have dorms on campus, David? – He said no – Can we set up a tent? – [Director] You didn't say anything about my flea market – Well, I mean I appreciate the flea market, but I'm really thinking about dorm life, #dormlife I want more of that

– Have you tried this with goat on it? – I thought it was pretty good, if as good as the first two – These two But it's way better than Brie – I'm afraid of this – You said that like in an oddly sexual way, but you were roommates with Link

– I didn't hear what he said, #dormlife – Yeah, that's true (all laughing) – Yeah, I'm sorry about that I didn't mean for it to come across like that – Well what about people who don't like music

– They should, I do think if they die alone, I don't feel bad Hey, I can't be nice all the way to the core, and there's no interest in that – [Link] Now I'm afraid of this – People who are nice to the core, they should die alone as well People that you pull back every single layer, and it's just more niceness, let 'em die alone

(all laughing) – I guess – All right, as someone who really likes Roquefort, I gotta say this is not a good combo And I do you like mixing blue cheese with sweet things – Like what? – Honey you put some honey and some blue cheese on a cracker, that's good, this is not good

Now I'm just eating straight apple pie – Yeah, I'm having difficulty with it, I had to chase it with some cheddar – Okay, so I think what we're saying is– – we're down to the marscapone, and the cheddar – These two Which one's better

Do you have to put cheese on an apple pie, should it be cheddar or marscapone? – I have my answer They're both great, you should try both for yourself, but if you can only try one, you should go with our opinion – Cheddar – Cheddar – Yeah, it's like I said it's got that, it brings an added dimension to the apple experience, and if you put ice cream on top of this, it'll still be amazing

You put an ice cream on top of this, you're getting maybe too much creaminess – Yeah, I don't disagree with that – If it ain't broke don't untie it – So what we're saying beyond that is also that we shouldn't have even done this, it was pointless Let's just not even upload this

– There was a period in my middle school years where I didn't like music, and I would say it I don't like music – You know if you had die during that time, it should have been alone – [Link] We wrote a novel "The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek", and it comes out on October 29th To celebrate, we're hosting some very special intimate conversations about the book in six cities only

Tickets are available at bleakcreekcom, and every ticket includes a copy of the book

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