Which Celebrity Couple Are We? ft. LaurDIY & Alex Wassabi

(rooster crows, lion roars) – Oh, my gosh, these stress me out so much Welcome to Good Mythical More! (laughing) – Oh

– What is, oh, okay – Alright, okay – Okay, this is a Question That Must Be Answered It simply must! What's the worst name for a baby? Post your answer to this question with #QTMBA You must, must, must

– Oh – What's the worst name for a baby? – Uh – Have you ever seen that meme, where it's like, I'm gonna name my kid Lizard, so then when people are like what's Liz short for? And they have to say Lizard and not Elizabeth

– I like that Or I think a worse name would be Flubber – Flubber? – Yeah – I had a neighbor one time whose name was Harry Mussel (laughing) – That was his first name? – His first name was Harry, and his last name was Mussel

– Well, there's that (laughing) Oh, thanks for clicking through and hanging out with us some more (laughing) Do we spin this again? What's happening? – What do I do? – What do we do? – [Woman] Are you guys ready to find out which celebrity couple you are? 'Cause I have some questions that will determine that for you – Yeah, we're ready – Yes, we are super ready – [Woman] Okay, here's the first one

Where are the two of you on a typical Friday night? Dancing at the club – Uh-huh – Home with Netflix – Uh- huh – [Woman] They put all these weird phrases in that I'm just gonna have to say, in bed doing the dirty, – Doing the dirty? – Oh

– [Woman] Doing your own things, at a show or concert, or home with family – I wanna say on the couch with Netflix, right? – I would say on the couch doing the dirty during Netflix – Okay, did we not have enough R-rated content in this episode already? – Okay, then on the couch, Netflix That's the answer to that one – [Woman] Home with Netflix? – Yup

– Mm-hmm – [Woman] Okay, question two: PDA is: disgusting, sexy, not appropriate, fun, necessary, or normal? – Normal? – Is this PDA? – Now it is (laughing) – Uh, normal – [Woman] Okay, how often do you fight? Never, a normal amount, maybe too much, all the time, we always forgive each other, or we're fighting right now? – I feel like he's a little mad that I put a bull penis in his mouth – I'd say normal, you think? – Yeah, I'd say normal

– Normal, every day, right? – That's super normal, right, everybody? – Yeah, okay – [Woman] Question four: who wears the pants in your relationship? (man groaning) – For sure me – [Woman] You could choose either one of you, we share the pants, pants are a social construct, there are no pants, we're always naked, or who cares? – I would go with who cares, but somebody jumped the gun So I dunno, why don't you decide? – We – Choose wisely

– It's like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, you know they go back and forth – I've got some bull penis stuck in my throat (laughing) Okay, yeah – [Woman] Okay, we'll go we share the pants – We share the pants

– We share pants – [Woman] What duet would you sing at karaoke? A Whole New World, Somethin' Stupid, Summer Nights, I've Had the Time of My Life, Crazy in Love, or Baby, It's Cold Outside? – Oh, what was the first one again? – Aladdin – A Whole New World – Oh, for sure that one – Yeah, I think Aladdin or any Disney movie

– Any Disney movie We do a killer Frozen – Yeah, love is an open door – Yeah, we do a really good Love is an Open Door – [Woman] What's the grossest thing you can do around each other? Bite your nails, skip a shower, burp or fart, pee, poop, ew none of the above? – Poop! – Poop

– Poop – Poop – Poop – Yeah – Okay

– [Woman] Okay, what TV show would you binge-watch together? The Bachelor, House of Cards, American Horror Story, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, or we don't watch TV – I would choose Parks and Rec, but she would choose Bachelor – He was a really big fan for a while – Nope – In denial, but a really big fan

– [Woman] If you had to pick one together – Let's go Bachelor, because we had group viewing party every week – Okay (laughing) – [Woman] What's your favorite cuddling position? Spooning, face to face, with a laptop, one-sided cuddling, making whoopee – Whoopee? – [Woman] We don't cuddle

– I gotta go with the whoopee – Okay – C'mon – That's your favorite, I mean if that's your favorite, if it's your favorite – C'mon, is it your favorite? – It's okay, it's okay

(laughing) (man groaning) – I don't know how to take that – [Woman] Okay, this is the last question If your relationship birthed a lovechild, what unique quality would it have? Vanity, power, class, mystique, humor, or trust? – Humor – Probably humor, yeah – Humor for sure

– From my genes, not his – I don't wear jeans, 'cause she wears the pants in this relationship apparently – True – [Woman] Wow, guys, wow, this is no surprise You got Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

– Oh, that's such a good couple! – I'm Ellen – Yeah, Portia's hot, I'll take that – [Woman] This is the description, AKA oh gosh, I can't even say their couple name The two of you are as beautiful within as you appear on the outside The goodness and laughter you share not only bring joy to each other's lives, but to any one else who spends time with you guys

If you guys separated, the world would actually become a darker place – Oh, that's nice – Yeah I like it So we agreed that I'm Ellen? – You can be Ellen

– Nice – [Rhett] Make sure your endless summer, is not an endless bummer Grab our classic summer merch at mythicalstore

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