Which Disney Princess Are You? Quiz

( rooster crows ) ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More You're always welcome here to hangout with us

Lonely Hashtag This is when we find a very lonely hashtag on Instagram and then we add to it This one is #BadHug Link: #BadHug Post your photo that makes sense with that hashtag, so it's not lonely anymore

– Bad hug – Bad hug #BadHug Okay, if you want to find out what Disney princess you are then type in OhmyDisney

com/quiz /2014/06/25/quiz-which/– Nope -Disney-Princess-Are-You – Again – The nope– The nope was confusing – You have to do all that again

– Yep – Can you start with https: – Yeah //ohmyDisneycom/quiz/ 2014/06/25/quiz- which-Disney-Princess-Are-You/? – Yes, I can do that

– Okay Just go to https://ohmy

Disneycom/quiz/ 2014/06/25/quiz- which-Disney-Princess-Are-You And you can find out what Disney Princess– You forgot the forward slash at the end You're gonna have to do it again I didn't think you– Okay

If you wanna find out what Disney princess you are along with us as we find out via this quiz, then go to this URL It is https://ohmy

Disneycom/quiz/ 2014/06/25/quiz- which-Disney-Princess-Are-You/ Okay, got it! All right, that's the website that you need to go to Again, that's– No, just kidding Okay

All right, Stevie, ask us the questions Okay, my favorite weekend– Can you confirm what website you're on right now? No, don't No, don't We're done with that My favorite weekend activity is

curling up with a book, exploring a farmer's market, cooking, putting my feet up, anything outside, a walk in the woods, alone time, or hanging with friends Cooking alone Nope

That is so sad and entitled Alone time I'm going with that Solitude Putting my feet up

Mm-kay I have to pick a random one I guess I should also see what Disney princess I am Oh, really? Well, then who– No, you need to fill it out for us Oh, no

They're filling it out – Okay, yeah, let's find out– – Don't worry Everyone will know – What is your answer? I said reading a book Both: Okay

Okay, the animal– – That's a lie, but whatever Makes you look good The animal who will lead my inevitable royal parade is – Oh, yeah a raccoon, a fish, a tiger, a dragon, a horse, an owl, an alligator, or a chameleon? Can the horse be miniature? – Sure

– Tiger I like a good tiger You didn't say Snow Leopard, did you? – I did not – Horse, man What about snow bear? – I did not

– Um horse – Okay

– Preferably of the miniature variety – Okay – What's your answer? I– oh, it's a really difficult one, but I'm gonna go with dragon – Mmm Okay

– She went with dragon The most important quality I look for in a prince is I don't need a prince! That's my answer

Charm, kindness, dreaminess, humor, honor, personality, or smolder? – Smolder – Honor That prince I just had on my lap a second ago But personality– speaking– speaking of smolder – That was quite a surprise – Yeah Didn't see that one coming No

I didn't know that was gonna happen – The thing that– – I thought I was just gonna kiss a frog The thing that you don't know is how long they were making out – before they cut from the frog – Yeah You know, that was what I had to endure

That's going on the socials What's your answer? I've forgotten– – Smolder – Smolder? Yeah I'm shallow Personality doesn't seem like it should be an option

That's– they're all personality traits It's, like, by personality they mean what? I mean, 'cause to me it's either down to humor or honor And I don't want someone to out humor me I don't know My wife does that a lot, and it's pretty charming

Oh! Now I'm all over the place I'm gonna go with honor – Hmm – Okay Should've gone with humor, though

Didn't My favorite place to burst into song is Thought you were gonna say flames

a forest, a field of flowers, the beach, on the go, in my room, I don't sing, while doing chores, or under a willow tree? – Ooh! – So in front of my kids so as to embarrass them thoroughly is not an option? 'Cause that's typically where I burst into song Maybe your kids are in a field of flowers

Good point Field of flowers Your kids don't go outside Good point What's the indoor option? – Chores

In my room – Chores? – While doing chores Chores Chores is me Which is– That's Snow White

– You already entered it? – Chase: Yep – Go back! – Chase: Nope – Can't go back – What am I, a field of flowers? I'm fine with that I'm saying in the forest

In the forest Okay My favorite hairstyle is Why– There's a picture of Lizzie McGuire on this one a stylish bob, a high ponytail, long, really long, bangs, sleek and straight, half up, half down, a top knot, or curly? I'm gonna go with a high ponytail

'Cause it reminds me of a horse Hmm Mm-hmm Mm-hmm Long, really long

– Rapunzel – Rapunzel I am thinking about who this is gonna end up being Rapunzel Long, really long

Some day I want to be a baker, a business owner, a fashion designer, an animal activist, a singer, a writer, a soldier, or an athlete? Hmm Hmm

What was the first one? – A baker – A baker ( whispering ) Nah I don't see you– I don't see you as a baker I wanna be a singer

"Sanger" A writer – That's R-I-D-E-R, right? – ( laughter ) Correct I'm gonna ride the horse at Link's parade In one word, my style is

girly – Poppin' classic, timeless, retro– Wow, those are three– Okay Bohemian, vintage, functional, or colorful? Vintage Please read them again Girly, classic, timeless, retro, bohemian, vintage, functional, or colorful

I think you choose bohemian Timeless I live in a castle– Oh, what was your answer to the last one? – Uh– – You gave up, didn't you? I've already– Yeah "I've already moved on in my mind" I live in a castle, in a cottage, in a small town, in a big city, with roommates, in a secluded area, on a farm, or in a mansion

– Cottage – Secluded area Oh, this is really difficult for me Okay, got it – What? What? – I live in a big city

It's 4 PM! Where is your child? That means it's time to hit the gym, take a stroll, have tea, work on my chess game, see what my friends are doing– – Chest game? – Yeah, work on that chest game Have a snack, take a nap, do my chores

Tea If I say take a nap, I'm Sleeping Beauty all day Well, just say the thing that's honest, man – I was gonna say– there's no coffee? – This is serious My chair just shrunk

I'm becoming a dwarf – One of the seven – Yep – What did you say, Link? – Take a nap Take a nap

Okay – Tea and nap Oh, here's a good one My favorite color is– Well, now I have to– I'm guessing this is green I'm gonna say green

It's kind of like a little teal-ish, but I'm gonna go with green And then the blue is also kind of a teal, but we'll just go with blue So, green, blue, yellow, kind of like a burnt orange situation, and then a pink Blue – Green

– I thought you were burnt orange My real favorite color is gray Oh Okay, I think that we got the results Are your eyes still closed, by the way? My eyes haven't been closed at all

Yes, they were I saw your eyes closing and I decided to close mine, too – That's weird – Oh, no It appears as if the only person who got their results was– was Darren

( crew chattering ) Oh, what's Rhett? Rhett is Rapunzel Hey! And Link– Link's quiz reset itself – Link broke the quiz We've gotta get to the bottom of this So, one moment

– What? What? ( high-pitched tone ) Okay, Link, the results are in You are Jasmine "You're stubborn, energetic, and compassionate You wanna see the world and be allowed to make your own choices And may we just say that choosing to wear those harem pants was a pretty great start?" That's all

– This is– – I like the breathability of a harem pant From "Aladdin"? Is that Jasmine? – Correct – Al-addin I think is what it's called Al-addin, yeah And who is Rhett? Rapunzel? – Rhett's Rapunzel

– What does that mean about him? – Describe that – I need to get that description that is not currently on my screen right now But– – Cool We don't have it Rhett has long hair that goes out of a window

And likes– – Likes to take risks? Yep And likes being barefoot – Likes heights – Yep Mm-hmm

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