Which Infomercial Product Did They Buy? (GAME)

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (wheel clicking) ♪ At the Red House ♪ Welcome to Good Mythical More – What's the word? This is where we have a word and we have to make up the definition of it

Today's word is pooter – Pooter – Pooter is, my mom has a bunch of pooter things – What? – You know, it's little figurines and she gets 'em at all the stores – Oh yeah

– She said do they have any pooters? – That's how she says it? – Have they got any pooter figures? – That's how she says pewter – No – Is that how– – That was a joke – How they spell it, brother? – They spell it like poot like it come out your– – A pooter, it's the one who poots It's a person who flatulates

– I think literally speaking of infomercial products, I think the pooter wasn't that Jack, what's his name? – Jack Vale? – Jack Vale created a Pooter, it was a thing that made fart noises and he made a bunch of YouTube videos – This is just in, the pooter official definition is a suction bottle for collecting insects and other small invertebrates This is like a scientific tool called a pooter – Wouldn't you hate to be a small invertebrate and get sucked up into a pooter? – Oh yes I spent five days in the pooter (chuckling) All right

– I think your last days are in the pooter – [Link] I spent my last five days in the pooter – [Rhett] My last five days in the pooter – Come on in guys, let's play a match that Mythical team member to their ridiculous infomercial product and I'm going to drink champagne from a shamrock – Yes you are

– Which sounds like a prize to me – And welcome Vanessa– – Ellie, Matt, and– – For the first time – Yay! – Vanessa First time on Good Mythical More Just take a whiff of that, Vanessa

– That's a champagne ShamWow – Oh man that smells cloying – Wait wait wait, why is that attractive to me? – 'Cause you like champagne – It's champagne – Oh yeah

(Rhett laughs) – Oh yeah I remembered – Did you say cloying? – Yeah like cloyingly sweet, like sickly sweet – Oh cloying – You're a writer, aren't you? (Vanessa laughs) – That's advanced verbals Okay guys– – I thought cloying was when you tried too hard

– Could be, it's like– – I also thought pooter was a butt hole – That's true (chuckling) – Okay Link, why don't you– – You were gonna say that I wasn't wrong – Was gonna say that– – And I should have let you finish for that reason – Yeah, I was gonna say that you were right

– Okay yeah – Well I think you should just tell yourself to drink some champagne from the ShamWow And while you're doing that and enjoying that Really put your mouth on it Put your mouth on it

– Oh – Suck on it – It does absorb a lot – Ugh! (Rhett laughs) – Does it taste better? – A brand new ShamWow tastes probably just as worse as one that cleaned up pooters for years – Just as worse

Okay here's what we're gonna do We've got four different infomercial products– – Ugh – That you guys actually bought so we're gonna hold them up, examine them and then try to match them with the crew member that we think actually purchased that item Link do you have the first item over there? – I do, brother – Wunder Boner

– No we don't have it – It's the Wunder Boner My wife would love that – This is an unsaturated with champagne ShamWow Did you guys know that in a previous internet life we took all the words from the ShamWow commercial and made them into a song that we performed

We did, it's called The ShamWow Song – I knew it – And after we released that song, Vince himself from the commercials called us on the phone and well, let's just say– – Actually his assistant called us on the phone but then we asked to put Vince on the phone – Right and then he got on the phone and we talked to him for awhile and let's just say I think I'm happy that we didn't end up working directly with Vince – His story had a interesting ending

– Yeah, right, yeah – I don't remember what it was but it wasn't positive – But it's made in Germany – One of you guys bought that – I think a lot of people bought the ShamWow

A lot of people bought the ShamWow – Trader Joe's sells their own version of ShamWow to this day We have that type of stuff under our kitchen sink – Do you use it? – The ShamWow or just– – Every time I Olympic dive – Oh (chuckles)

Right, the divers are into it – Olympic divers, they use it as a towel – Which one of us is a diver? – Well here's the thing it's like– – Well you're a swimmer – In high school I was, yeah – I don't know much about Vanessa yet so it's difficult, I don't know what to go on here

– Her hair just flows like water – Okay, all right you have it (chuckles) That's a good enough reason – The next one we have is a bucket I don't see any name on this

Oh here it is, Twist and Shout, and mop that makes you dance Oh Twist and Shout, the and twice Twist and Shout Mop that makes you dance, do it I'm having a brain pooter – Hold on, is this the kinda, this is the thing from the movie Joy

Right? – Oh is it? – That she invented, right? – Yeah Jennifer Lawrence– – Yes, yeah – Well it's a little different but this is different – Well it's the modern– – This is a– (chuckling) I look like I'm in the British military (laughing) Right, isn't that, or marching band – If we pull this piece out

– Fall mane show – Oh wow look, hold that scepter – Give me a French horn – Bucket on your head, let me do the rest of the talking – Uh no

– All right so who wanted to buy a cleaning product? I'd be into this stuff, dancing and cleaning? That's my type– – Well where does the dancing come in? – Morning I think probably the infomercial 'Cause it says that on here man Mop that makes you dance You know what, we should give this to a guy because guys can clean too

– That's right That's right, Link – Better than women (Rhett laughs) – Exactly, Matt Carney (chuckles) – Oh wow, that was a good one

– Jennifer Lawrence, anybody not a fan? – I thought I would see any movie starring Jennifer Lawrence, I love her Then she did a movie about a mop I skipped it – But you bought the mop – You think I bought the mop

– Oh – Apparently you didn't buy the mop (laughing) – Give it to Chase – Oh thank you – I was gonna give it to Ellie

– Oh – Yes – Okay – I love it – Does it make you dance? – [Link] This, I didn't know this was one of 'em

– This is making me dance right now – This is a Squatty Potty – My Squatty Potty – This is a Squatty Potty from our actual restroom – Yeah– – It's a bedazzled one

– If you remember, it was bedazzled on the show and then it was used in our restroom ever since and it's seen better days – Man – That's an understatement – Speaking of what it's seen– – Technically so many– – It's got quite an angle – People here have been in contact with that– – While doing– – While things are coming out of their pooter

(chuckles) I don't use it because my legs are too long I'm already squatting basically, just being so big– – Really? – Getting on a normal toilet, I'm in the Squatty Potty position – How squatted? Like a – Like this – Wow! – Wow! – That's good – You're in a Squatty Potty position just on a normal toilet – [Rhett] Yeah my bowels are in perfect shape (chuckling) – I use this here

It helps – You don't use one at home, just here? – I don't use one at home because it's ugly – It's bedazzled – Yeah we can bedazzle one for ya – It's gorgeous

– I'm sure you can get a fashionable one You wanna give it to Carney, he said it works – Matt said that it works – He's like it works, I use it, trust me – I'm not tall like Rhett, I'm short so, my bowels are imperfect

(Rhett chuckles) – I agree – I'm sorry you have to touch that – Oh God I just realized – Well I mean it's not– – There's a lot of errant hairs stuck to it (chuckles) – Ew! – Probably leg hairs

– Yeah yeah leg hairs – Oh they're very long – Brush my hair while I'm– – Yeah – That's a head hair – All right and finally– – Seems like Alex

– Somebody bought a Shake Weight – We bought plenty over the years here – Right 'cause comedy – 'Cause comedy – Yeah right

Wow – Shake it – It's so heavy – Why would anyone in their right mind– – It's a weight – My wife would love this! (laughing) – I don't think anyone bought this sincerely

– What do you mean? – Oh (weight creaks) It's a crow call It's a crow call when you do this – Open the doors – What? – To let the crows in

– Oh I know that Chase bought this 'Cause I remember he told me Sometimes he leans over and whispers in my ear and he says, "I bought a Shake Weight" (laughing) – About once every couple weeks

– You didn't ask me what I did this weekend but what I did was I bought a Shake Weight – Okay, I don't know how I feel about these guesses but let's start with Matt – Okay this is incorrect I do use a trash can whenever I make a number two, to put my feet on – Oh really? – Yeah

– To put on the side? – Trash can – Like I put my feet on the trash can, yeah It works, it's very helpful, so it's like you know– – You can vomit at the same time – Yeah, yeah, that's true, I'll try that (chuckling) It's like a DIY Squatty Potty so– – [Rhett] Okay so what is your thing? – So I bought this

– You did buy it? – You were right – You threw us off, man – The reason– – Did you see the movie too? You lying about everything? – No I bought this many years ago My girlfriend at the time, we'd been dating (clears throat), excuse me lost my voice for some reason

We were dating for about four years – You talking about your old girlfriend? – Yeah and, I had run out of, well we dated for about six years at this point and I'd run out of ideas for her birthday so I figured instead of buying her one good gift, I'd buy her 12 less than good gifts – Oh that's smart (laughing) – And she was not happy about it It has not been opened yet

I pulled it out of the closet– – That's it – This is the one – Oh wow – I don't understand how, what's with the dancing come in? – I think Link was right, it's the infomercial You can go under the bed with it and you're like oh, I'm having a good time, I'm dancing, I'm at home

– Okay – But we are married now so it worked out – Oh okay good Girlfriend at the time usually, okay but wife now, got it – Yeah yeah yeah so this is me

– Wow but you never used it – No it's been sitting under a sink for six years Four years – You should dance with it – You should cosplay as a Brit

– Like he did? – Monarch or something All right Vanessa – As much as I really wanted a ShamWow for like a long part of my life, not me actually I'm that guy – Yay! – You bought a Shake Weight

– And it was sincere – Yeah – Sincerely bought a Shake Weight – And did you sincerely use it? – I did, I was like oh man, this is gonna be the thing that finally gives me upper body strength but I can still watch TV and I did neither! – Wow – So you didn't actually do the work outs, you got it but then you didn't stick with it

– No I would start and then just give up halfway through 'cause it's exhausting but it doesn't actually do, like I called the number to buy this – Is there somebody out there who's stuck with a Shake Weight and they're like super buff? Somebody who completely committed to the program and they're in incredible shape? – Like a woman walking around the mall but she's got that thing – I don't know a lot about exercise, but don't you have to slowly increase the amount of weight that you work out with? – Yeah bigger Shake Weights – Oh yeah, they have add-ons – It comes in one size and there's really only two motions you can do with it and also yeah, I was mocked by everyone I knew

(laughing) – Oh you did it in public – No I did it in a home of like seven people – Okay – Oh okay – So we haven't gotten– – Any

– Right, there's no chance of getting 'em right at this point – Guess you could guess between the ShamWow and the Squatty Potty for me and Chase – We could, Ellie, thank you (laughing) – I think Ellie has the ShamWow – I also am on the shorter side in terms of my bowels

– I mean we all need both I don't know, Ellie, we're gonna say that you got the ShamWow – You're wrong – Gosh! – I don't wanna touch that one 'cause gross, but I actually got a two for one deal Squatty Potty for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day – You stack 'em

– Well– – Really high, your feet are really high – At the time, we didn't live together so one for his place, one for my place which was just so I had a Squatty Potty wherever I went – Oh nice, did he also use it and does he use it now? – Yeah he loves it, we're huge fans Evangelists? – Yes – I think everyone should have one

I think humankind has gone awry with the way that we go to the restroom now – Really? – Yeah – This is the answer And there's cute ones you can get if you wanna spend a little bit of extra money, you can get nice little bamboo ones They're adorable

– Ooh bamboo – Yeah – For your Insta selfies – Yeah – Right, get the top of the knees in the– – Yeah, I've taken many Insta selfies

– Chase, that brings you to the ShamWow – It does – Did you buy it from like– – I got this for Christmas This was the only thing on my Christmas list one year and I got it and I was very excited – And what did you do with it? – I cleaned, I was a very type A kid who wanted everything organized and everything cleaned and so in middle school I got this and I was very excited to go around and clean off the things at home and then I lost it by the time I was in swim team so I never actually used it as like in– – You can use it in the cool swim way

– No I just only used it to clean up messes – Yeah, put a wet sweater, roll it up, it dries your sweater – It really does – Mm-hmm – [Link] The Snotebook is back and it's more Mythical than ever

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