Whose Ear Am I Touching? (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (roaring) – Wow, freaky – Welcome to Good Mythical More

– Who you talkin' 'bout? This is when we read a random comment that someone left on one of our videos and have to guess which one of us it was about – All right – Sourdragon_121 says, "blank gets so excited "over the smallest things" Hm, well – Well, we both get excited over things

– This could, this could – But the smaller the thing – Apply, this could apply – The more I think you – To both

– Get excited about it – That's probably true – You know, it's like the little, it's the little things in life That's what you keep telling me – I'm such a big man, it's little things that excite me

– I'm gonna say it's Rhett – I think I agree with this – That's right And that, that image of you is wicked It kinda, kinda goes with this image

– I don't remember ever looking like that I've looked different over the past but never like that – So we're gonna, we're gonna debunk the earwax candle – No I'm sorry – And we're also gonna play a game with some mythical team members and we're goin' to be blindfolded and feelin' of their ears to see if we can match the ear with the team member

– I gotta say, I'm no expert on this And I know that some of you are already upset that we're crapping all over your ear candles – Well, we're testing it We'll crap on it when the results come in – But this is what it says in the pamphlet, it says, "How it works: the ear canal "is gently filled with warm air, softening the ear wax

"The heat also enhances blood flow within the ear canal, "resulting in a feeling of wellbeing "and of general relaxation" – Okay – Okay – Can't argue with that – Maybe, yeah

– Did you feel well? – I feel great – Relaxed? – "The warm air rising creates a vacuum, "chimney effect, at the base of the candle "This helps draw out waste deposits and moisture "from the ear canal" – I understand – I question that

– The principle – I question that – I just don't know if it's true – I don't know if the suction is sufficient for that – All right, so we're gonna light this and let it burn down over the course of Good Mythical More

– And just so you know, there's nothing inside this mannequin's head, right? So there's nothing to draw out So if there's any little brown deposits inside this candle at the end of this – Now when we did the other earwax thing – They're not from anything but the candle – Right

10 years ago, it was the, more of, like, the funicular type – Funicular – And a lot of wax resulted So I actually feel, I'm actually questioning whether it works because very little wax came out of your ear and it wasn't a, like a, it wasn't a magnificent display of wax – But we also got a crap ton of wax out of a mannequin head about 10 years ago if I recall correctly

So let's just Oh man, look at, that's pretty cool That is a pretty cool effect, check that out, get a close up of that – See, I mean, it pumps – That's what was happening in my brain there at the end of the episode

– It pumps smoke into your brain – As you can see, though, I think we're demonstrating that that's not a vacuum effect That's actually pushing, that's pushing smoke down into the head It's not pulling anything – Look at a freakin' myth bunkers, that's what we should be, we should have a show, Myth Bunkers

– Okay, let's put, let's put these on – Okay, we – Which, great job on the design on these blindfolds I feel like I should be in a Guillermo movie – All right, how's my positioning? (grunting) Okay, bring in the first mythical team member

Okay – Guillermo, call me – Can someone tell me when they're in place? – I'm spinling – That's not them, so that – I'm spinley

– We can start feeling – Six foot seven, I can make a great creature (grunting) – All right, Morgan says they're in place – Is someone there? – What, what, can, who's gonna guide my hand – [Stevie] Wait, we need some hand guidance because we don't want you to touch any

Put your hand down, put, don't touch Okay, yes, David – We need hand guidance – Oh, okay, just touched the ear That is a

– [Rhett] That's a little ear – [Link] That's a supple ear – [Rhett] That's a little ear – Is it a little ear? I have no, nothing to compare it to – Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, that's a little ear – Oh, there's a I've got a, there's accoutrement on this one Half way up this ear there's a piercing – Okay, all right

– I'm gonna slowly pull and rip that out (laughter) – Um – Okay – I have a guess, I mean, I'm leaning towards Ellie for this one – It's a warm ear, too

– Ellie's always had hot ears I mean, like, you know what I'm sayin' Very warm ears – Like that, okay, you don't think this is an Emily ear? – It could be an Emily ear – Could be an Emily ear

– I think it's an Ellie ear I think that Ellie has, small to medium sized ears – That, that, I used to have my ear pierced somewhere around this vicinity and I could take the whole thing and turn it around in there It was a nervous tic I had – [Stevie] Okay, reminder guys, don't take off your blindfolds because we're not gonna

– That is a warm ear – Oh, you're not gonna tell us? – [Stevie] Yep, but Link – Whoever this is is runnin' a fever – [Stevie] Link, you need, what's your official guess? – Rhett you're guessing Ellie? – Yeah, do we have to agree? – [Stevie] No – Okay, then guess who you want, man

– Emily, this is Emily's ear – Okay – But it's on Ellie Emily is my guess – Okay

– [Stevie] Okay, let's move to the next – Okay, how's that fire goin' over there? You're blindfolded right in front of it – I'm sure it's just generating wax like you wouldn't believe – I'm gonna salt bae until you guide my hand in Okay, ooh, this is a harder ear

This ear is harder – Huh – It's, I wouldn't say it's that much bigger – It's actually not that much bigger, you're right – It's thicker though

The cartilage on this is thicker – [Rhett] There's somethin' happenin' on the bottom though – What? Little lobe Not much lobe action – Are you getting a folded lobe action? – Yeah, it's like the lobe's not comin' through the, whatever device it

Boy, this is almost a brittle ear I'd feel like I could, I feel like I could just break it up – There's a little ridge – Break it up – There too

Who has a little ridge right there on their ear? – Oh, that's, and there's my fingers goin' inside of the ear That's appropriate Okay – That's a Chase ear – This is a Matt Liebe ear

– Oh, okay – Chase's ears I think are more supple than this This is brittle – Supple? – Matt, you need to have your – Brittle, what do you mean by brittle? – You need to have your

– How can it be brittle? – Your ears softened a bit, man Soften that ear down 'cause it might break off – Okay, so I say – [Stevie] Okay, all right – I say Chase

– Depending on what you do – He said – [Stevie] Yep, we got a Chase and we got a Matt so let's move on to our next contestant – This is not weird for us at all – No

– It's definitely not weird for them at all This is almost as weird as that time where, what did we get the team members to do? We were feeling of their, like, entire face, right? – [Stevie] Yes, yes, I remember – Whoa, the lobe on this thing – [Link] The lobe work – [Rhett] Whoa, that is quite a lobe

– [Link] Okay, but there's no – [Rhett] Man – [Link] There's no piercing in that lobe, is there? – This doesn't appear to be a piercing – No piercing – Wow

– Huh, huh – I think they just took the earrings out – No, but, there's no hole – You can't tell there's not a hole – I can tell, there's no pierced hole

– No, there's a hole, there's a hole – You feel a hole? – There's a hole – There's a hole right there, yeah But down here? – No, there's a hole and I can feel, like, a tunnel through the middle of the lobe – Oh, wow, like a scar tissue situation? – Scar tissue tunnel

Scar tissue tunnel – Oh yeah, yeah, no, I feel it now too, it's right there I'm gonna go up – Uh, wow – To this right here

Did Chase ever have his ears pierced and then, like, clogged 'em back up like you did? – Nope Wow, now I wanna think that this is Ellie – This is Ellie's ear – I wanna think that this is Ellie I think that this

– I thought Ellie had a cartilage piercing As well as Emily – You know what, I'm just gonna go Emily ear, even though I think this might be an Ellie ear I already guessed Ellie so just to be consistent, I'm gonna say that's an Emily ear – This ear is pretty warm as well

– I don't have a comment about the temperature of the ears – Ellie – [Stevie] Okay, let's move on – How, this skill that we're developing, if we are indeed developing a skill – Well, we haven't guessed the same person yet so one of us is good at it and one of us is bad at it

– And how does that translate – Or maybe both of us are bad at it – Into – [Stevie] Okay this is the last chance – All right, so this, I haven't guessed Chase

– Whoa, yeah, that's an ear now – [Link] Now this ear – [Rhett] That's an ear – This one's hard on top, soft on the bottom – This is like the kind of ear you put into, like, a biology book next to ear

– Perfect ear – That's right That's an ear That's got everything an ear should have – Now lemme tell you

(laughter) The lobe on this one is thick This is one of the thickest lobes I've ever pinched – [Rhett] Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a thick lobe That's what I'm talkin' about Perfect specimen

– Pinchin' a lobe – Got a little ridge right there That's a – It is a thick lobe – That's a big ear, that's a big ear

But a good big – This is not nearly as big as Matt Liebe's ear – No, this is Matt Liebe's ear – No – You don't think so? – Matt, I already felt Matt Liebe's ear

This is Chase's ear and it's smaller than Matt Liebe's ear – Okay, you might be right – [Stevie] Is that your official? – I said that is Liebe's ear – This is Chase, Chase's ear – [Stevie] Okay, don't remove your blindfolds

Please, please take your seat – I think one, I think one of us got all of them right and one of us got all of them wrong – I think one of us needs to wash our hands – [Stevie] Do you want to venture to guess if that's the case Who got everything right? – I feel like I got every single one right

– I don't have a whole lot of confidence in my answers so if I had to guess between who got all of them right, I might, I would say that Link got all of them right and I got all of them wrong – [Stevie] Okay, I'll give you a point for that 'cause that is true You can remove your blindfolds Link got every single one right (laughter) – I know my ears y'all

Was that, was that, was that weird? – [Stevie] Blow out that candle Get that – Scoot in here, guys – Oh gosh – Oh, timing is perfect

– Brittle? – You've got a warm ear? – I know, I'm hot – Lemme see that ear – She knows she's hot – Is it red, lemme see if you ear's red? – She's coverin' 'em up now – No, well, it's a little pink but

– I just wanna say the reason for the lobe fold is that the holes are too small for my big, my big ears – Yeah – Yeah – You don't have, you have proportionate ears – Yeah

– You have a big head – Yeah – They are sturdy, though – Nothing – They're sturdy ears

– At all could've prepared me for the feeling of having two different people put their fingers on my ears at one time – It's called palpate – It was so disorienting – We palpated the ears – Yeah

– You put your finger inside of my ears – Yeah, mine too – Which is fine – After his – You did not, thank you for not

– Chase – Putting your – You have a good, I mean, everybody's got great ears Chase, I'm tellin' ya, Chase's got ears made for a biology book – Thank you, my

– You've got a textbook ear – Yeah – It's a solid ear – My mom was obsessed with my ears as a kid and she used to just sit there and, it's a, I think it's a Mexican thing 'cause, like, a lot of my Mexican side of the family does it and then the other side thinks it's the weirdest thing in the world Which, they'll sit here

– Look at you, just palpating his ear – For like hours And just do this all time – Really? – Can I have the scissors? – It might fall off if you do that – I like the

– Why do you want the scissors? Oh, I thought you meant for an ear – Yep, I'm gonna show you what happened to the mannequin – Okay, all right, Chase – Oh, sorry – So I cut it right below this or right above this? – Right below, right above, doesn't matter

– Actually, actually, don't Actually just cut down the cross section of the – Waxpert – Start at the other end Oh, I'm sorry, you're right

Start there and give it – Yeah, yeah, yeah – A nice cut all the way down and then when you get down to the filter – Still smoking – It's smoking

– You should be able to, like, push the filter out with the end of the Yeah, cut all the way down to it And then push it out – Oh, look how much wax this mannequin had Look at that, guys

Look how much ear wax this hollow headed mannequin had Way more than me, the actual human – Dirty mannequin – Guys – Anything's possible

– Wait, can I see? – Oh my goodness – Oh yeah – So much more – Oh – Listen, I'm sorry guys

– Five times as much as Rhett had in his ear – It's been, it's been – Matt – Debunked like a billion times on the internet – Don't burn stuff in your ear, don't put anything in your ear

– Ear candles – If we've proven anything – Do not work Stop buying them – The only reason

– And stop telling people – We're yelling – That they do work – Is 'cause we can't hear anymore – You're wrong

You're wrong – Our lives are forever changed – You're wrong You're wrong – Learn from us

– You're wrong – Chase, stop touching my ear – You're wrong I may not know people's ears from my own butt hole, but listen, you're wrong about this – Did you think you were touching your own butt hole? – Yeah, that was my problem

We're on Amazon – [Link] We're on Amazon Well, technically it's just our merch, Mythical goods with Prime shipping, available now at amazoncom/mythical

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