World’s Spiciest Candy Taste Test

(rooster crows and lion roars) – Welcome to Good Mythical More – Winface

Congratulations to Marco, you win a GMM T-shirt, Marco – You look great! – Thanks for sending in your win face – You'll look even greater in that T-shirt that we're sending you Alright, Ellie come on out, let's not delay this She's got a look on her face

We didn't ask you to do this – Can you give me the various thingies? – Yes, you did – I'm gonna do preps over here – Did we personally ask you to do this? We said, "What if you wanted to taste, "to broaden your horizons" You brought your own can? – You volunteered for this

– Slide on up – Well, yes, for tradition – For tradition – I'm like genuinely out of breath, I'm like very– – 'Cause you witnesses what happened to us earlier You were present for that

– Slide on up – How'd that make you feel? – Well, you know, part of me definitely hopes that you guys are lying, playing it up for the camera, which you never do (laughter) – You think we're valiant actors – I don't know, I definitely think it's gonna be a nightmare It's so little! – Look how pretty it is

– What's your history with spicy foods? – It's very bad If you haven't watched me trying to eat spicy stuff in the past, I can't do it – I just plain can't do it – I have no tolerance It hasn't gotten better since the time we did the previous– – Have you been eating spicy foods at all? Your tolerance, this is the interesting thing is my tolerance has gone down

My tolerance has gone significantly down Like, back when we first started doing this stuff together, I ate a lot of spicy stuff but then all of a sudden my stomach started not reacting the way that I wanted it to I've cut it completely out I only eat spicy stuff on this show Like, the last pepper that got me so bad is because my tolerance is so tiny, so tiny

So I think we're in the same place – For you it was a stomach thing – I'm getting older, my stomach doesn't work as well anymore You die, you begin to die in different places Stomach first is how most of my family goes

– It just gets thinner and thinner – I have the stomach of an 85 year old man – Look at that, you like chocolate right? – I do love chocolate It looks so cute – I will say you will taste chocolate at first and you can focus on that

Didn't work for me – In the first quarter second you'll taste chocolate – Oh wow – It moves pretty fast – Time flies

– It moves pretty fast – I don't know what your vantage point was, but we did eat the whole wafer – No, really? – The whole square, yeah – Is that a lie? – Yeah, it is a lie – How close were you, where were you? – I was back there

– We ate just one little square And we ate it so confidently, we're like, "We'll just pop this in our mouth" – For some reason for you they brought out a cutting board and a cutting thing – Because we need to negotiate what you're going to do I honestly do not want you to go through what we just did

– So I will say I've had experience with altered chocolate before that was also very tiny and cut in half, and it ruined my day – Okay, altered chocolate, I know where you're going with that – It happens – You gotta watch that – That's too big, lets go for a middle one

– Hold on, I'm setting this aside so now we are only worrying about this I want your world– – You're like a dealer in Vegas – Exactly I'm trying to negotiate and reorient your context in the way that you feel about this So just forget that exists

This is all the chocolate in the world as far as you're concerned – She should take that pill I forgot about that She should take the pill– – The pill that makes things not spicy, yeah – It makes spicy things unspicy

Do we have one of those, guys? – I think that company failed I think that company went under – I feel like the website's not working anymore – Here, let's do this – Sean Davies is still out there, though

– Here we go so now, look at that, that's all the chocolate in the world right there, just that That's all the chocolate in the world – Okay – That's half of what we ate – Okay

– 50% – Okay I think my tolerance is less than, is more– I think the gap is more than 50% Just a little bit – So we're going a quarter

– That is all the chocolate in the world – Alright Okay – Dink it to yourself And sink it in yourself

Chew it up and get the chocolatey taste Don't swallow it like a pill because that will be bad later – I'm not gonna swallow it like a pill No – What? It's chocolate

– No, no, no, it's not chocolate at all (laughter) – It's altered chocolate – Oh my God – Should I hold your hair back? It's like college again – Would you like some milk? – Uh huh

(laughter) – Don't laugh at her Rhett's like (mocks laughter) – I'm not laughing – It's not going away, it's amplifying – Should I hug you or? Should I punch you in the, like give you something else? – Can I use your hand? – Yeah, squeeze my fist

– Oh gosh, oh gosh Ah! – It's awful, it's awful, it's awful, it's so awful This is the worst idea I hate my job so much (laughter) No, fire me please

– Won't help Your fired, see? Did it help? – I lied, actually no, I lied – You know? Now I think you're– – We have– – Vanilla ice cream, as well – Vanilla ice cream Oh gosh, who's been eating this? – I think that's the one we set out for the animals

– Shaking the glass Just swish it – Why is there so much ice in here? – Do you have a spoon for the girl? – This is very gross – We brought you an old tub of ice cream, we thought of everything – I'll have you know you really hurt my hand

– I mean look what you did to my pinky – Good I'm crying – You know what? I think you're through the worst of it – I have so much make up on

– "I have so much make-up on" (mumbling) – There's a spoon for ice cream, that'll help This'll help And this stays in your mouth a little ibt – Can you get hyperthermia inside your body

– What? – That's with cold – Can you get hyperthermia– – I was shaking, like, (mumbles) shaking – I gotta hand it to you folks who made this – The chocolateers – It does not come with this little stand on it, we added that

– This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me and my family and everyone I know – This is reaching her extended family Wow, you have like a psychic connection – Who makes this? – [Narrator] Same people that make the toast – The same people that make the (mumbles)? Those guys

Well you have succeeded in something I mean, look at this poor woman I mean, look She will never be the same She's had a life-altering experience today because of your chocolate bar

– You should be feeling the endorphins that are gonna be the silver lining to this experience – You suck (laughter) I don't feel good at all – Punch him in the face – I'm not gonna punch my boss in the face

– This is a great ad, an unpaid ad for the world's hottest chocolate bar Don't let the children eat it Don't think you're a cool dad and be like, "I'm gonna put it in their Halloween candy" – My hat is hot, this hat is too hot, but my hair isn't washed (laughter) – Did you see how small of a piece she ate? She ate a quarter

– And it's kind of rancid feeling when you eat it – Yeah I did taste the chocolate at first – I will tell you, it goes away completely and I don't think it hurts in the GI – I don't feel anything in my stomach right now

– Can I go home? – Yeah, you get the rest of the day off – You know what? Go to Disneyland – Okay

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