Worst Corporate April Fools’ Pranks

– ( rooster crows ) – ( lion roars ) Welcome to Good Mythical More – Whoo! – Gifticality! That means we're donating $1,000 to Action Against Hunger to aid in their mission to fight and eventually end world hunger

Please join us in giving at ActionAgainstHungerorg – You said unger – Yeah I was testing you

And it's balut Balut Balut – Balut Balut

– Balut – Balut – Oh, gosh! Whoo! I got my ab workout retching so much – You know what, Chase? – Chase: Yeah? There you are Come in here

We need to check on Chase and get the story about his halftime show – Now, you've– – Did you like the halftime show? – It was really exciting – You've changed out of your– Describe your halftime outfit Now, also I will say, April Fool's day is this weekend – Mm-hmm

– So there's no episodes So, spoiler alert, don't expect any April Fool's from us We're just gonna– We're gonna talk about some cool – Unless that's an April Fool's – corporate April Fool's jokes from years past

– That's all you're gonna get – Some ridiculous April Fool's What was– Who were you, like did your character have a name? Yeah, I think I was called Gold Panda All right, I– I hope– Let's put up a photo of Gold Panda – so that people can– Gold Panda? – Chase: Yeah I mean, normally you guys– I come up with like a name – but then you do something else

– Change it? So, I had Gold Panda in mind, but I was sure you guys were gonna say something Gold Panda Not Golden Panda? – No, no – Gold Panda – Gold Panda

– Gold Panda So, Gold Panda, what happen with the sword? – Link: Because from our perspective – Chase: Yeah

I was like, "He just– he just cut himself with a sword" – Or acted like he cut himself with a sword – He acted like he cut himself – Yeah – But– – What happened? – Well, so I did

I really did cut myself with the sword Three out of five fingers agree Yes, but I still have all 10 – So, that's a positive – And no stitches required

– Does it hurt? – Please, don't do that – Yeah, it does hurt – How deep is it? The first cut was the deepest Um– Gold Panda at it again Uh-huh

The middle finger was definitely the deepest That was the one that we had to use the like spider bandage thing on and– We have a spider bandage? Yeah, it helps like kinda– it clot faster and– – In case the spiders get hurt – Yeah But it– it hurts – You kept going

– I did keep going Like I knew it was real because if you watch– when you watch it back there's a– You like flinched and kinda jumped It's the new ripping an apple apart sound Chase: Oh, so now like next halftime show – I have to cut myself a lot – Every time you rip an apple you gotta cut yourself with a sword before that

You had like a mitochondrial jerk Yeah, Vivian said that I might've like squealed a little bit when I cut myself – Yep – I'm gonna have to watch it in playback I figured that it was real because in your rehearsal that I was watching you did not cut yourself

I didn't That's correct, yeah – He was saving it for the big show – Well in rehearsal I– the sword didn't fall out of the sheath The sword fell out of the sheath and I wasn't expecting that so I went to grab handle and I grabbed blade

You weren't fast enough Gold Panda does not have cat-like reflexes The goggles were a little– They kinda threw me for a loop 'cause like you can't see well in those Elton John can play a piano flawlessly with those on – Yeah

– If anyone assumed that I was as talented as Elton John, you were mistaken Well, we didn't even have to give you a real sword – That's true – You know? Come to think of it, we could've just given you a sheath – and the joke would've been intact – Yeah

– You got a couple of those– – But that's no fun – Ninja type of swords – So, now it– It seems now you also should not be allowed to have a knife You should join my club – Chase: Really? – Rhett: Well, sword

– He can't have swords, he can have knives – Can I? – Can I hold a sword? – Sure, hold it all you want I use power tools and built props here for a long time without hurting myself I have like one bad mark Well, welcome to a new era

You know what? Just sit here while we do this Yeah, just stick around, Gold Panda – Okay – Settle in No, but I'd like for you to listen

– Okay – You're playing– What are you playing? You just assume when Chase opens his phone he's playing something? Yeah, Jetpack Joyride or something over here All right, what's the first one? April 1, 2005, NASA released a very exciting statement that proof of water on Mars was discovered We have the official photos Link: That's the photo they posted

Cool joke, NASA Very daddish Very dad of you – Very 2005 – Yeah

– You know what I'm saying? – Give me another one In 2013, Scope mouthwash of Procter & Gamble, released a commercial for Scope's bacon-flavored mouthwash Scope claimed it would only taste like bacon while swishing the mouthwash in your mouth, but it would leave your mouth minty fresh After consumers voiced disappointment that the product was a hoax, it was reported that Procter & Gamble– their stock took a dip – Ooh! – And we have a clip of this commercial

Announcer: You can eat it, drink it, smell it, wear it, sculpt it, and now you can even swish with it Introducing Scope Bacon Mouthwash – Scope Bacon – That's a well made fake ad! – Uh-huh – I mean, I would not believe it

Here's the thing There's so many of these now You know? – And they come out early – Mm-hmm So, it's just about getting the views and about getting that sizzle

– Hulu Pets– – Getting that sizzle In 2015, Hulu introduced fake new premium content and originals made specifically for animal viewers Hulu even boasted fake all pet reboots of popular shows like "Broad City" and titled Rhett: Ha-ha And a version of singing competition show "The Voice" called Complete with fun posters, which we have been showing

And we had a lot of fun when we watched it– – watched those posters – We did You know, I see quite often– I'd say three times a week on average, people tweeted us with pictures of their animals watching the show Yeah, that's– That's a thing Like, "My cat is watching the show

" I don't care if your cat is watching the show "My dog is watching the show" I care about that If your dog is watching the show I'm into that People tweeted me their chinchillas watching the show

– To you, just to you? – Yeah, to me Yeah, and now they're gonna be, uh, tweeting you their open finger wounds – Oh, don't do that – Do that! – Chase wants to see your open hand wounds – It made me queasy

So that he can feel like he's not alone So send those unbandaged, open to the air hand wounds Only hand #OpenUnbandagedSwordHandWounds? For Chase Yeah, send them to PunchAle

That's your Twitter handle, right? That's Alex's Twitter handle Oh, I know I was trying to go with you I was gonna help you Okay, April Fool's Day 2017, Quilted Northern released an advertisement for uSit

The world's first biometric bathroom tracker that captures all your toileting data, such as frequency and duration Set your personalized sitting goals, share your sits– Gotta be careful with that With friends Share your sits Share your sits with your friends

All right, we have a clip of this as well Announcer: Introducing uSit The world's first biometric bathroom tracker Designed with comfortable, ergonomic belt straps uSit records all your toileting data And displays it in your belt buckle region

It's not even– But it's like a higher waisted – This one actually– – Right, he's got a high waist This one is– This one's the best – In my mind – Well, there's so many good ones

– There's so many good ones every year – No, I'm saying in terms – of the four that we just looked at – Of the four? because that's something that probably does– In 2018 it probably does exist There's gotta be an app for bathroom habits – Right? – Do you remember there was an event at the YouTube space at Playa Vista– – Playa Vista – Vista

– Playa Vista – Yeah And we were guest judges It was some sort of like invention panel – Oh, yeah – but people invented things in groups – Yeah –

and– and they were– It was kinda like if a group of people got together and they wanted to pretend like they were writers for "The Onion," but then present their business ideas – And they get together– – and then judges awarded the best/craziest business idea This was one of the ones presented

Let's see This is two years ago, right? So it was before that No, one year– This was last– This was last April You think they got the idea from that competition? – Might've been a writer – Somebody from Quilted Northern was there? – Yeah, was there

– If I'da known somebody from a toilet paper company was there that would've changed my entire night I would've gotten in a corner with that person and never let 'em out You would've cornered that person – Yeah – They– It would've been– And I would've been right there with you

Shoulder to shoulder we would've cornered the toilet paper person and just riddled them with questions I would've just got into a corner with them Hey, wanna hang out with me in the corner? I'll be over here in the corner, you can come over any time you want Take a little punch over here Lots of corners in that YouTube space in Playa Vista

– Yeah – Lots of corners you can go into with a– With a toilet paper person

– Person – Yeah I've been in 'em all – Wouldn't you say? – Oh, yeah Plenty, plenty corners

I'm sorry about your hand

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