Would You Pass This Sex Ed Quiz?

(rooster crows) (lion roars) (spin wheel clicks) – Hmm – Alright, welcome to Good Mythical More, because we haven't had enough – No, there's never enough

– Okay, let's see if you can figure out the definition to this word Doryphore Doryphore – Spelling? – It's like Dory and then P-H-O-R-E Doryphore – Never heard of that, man

– My This is for sex education? – [Group] No – This is totally random

– Oh, okay – But you know, if you can tie this to sex education then we would appreciate it – We are talking about sex education We're going to play a game – Oh okay, but before that, okay

– Sex-ay Sex-nay – Doryphore My gut is it's, if you're going golfing with a fish – Right

– Specifically, you know, Dory from Finding Dory and Finding Nemo – And you're literally using her as the ball – Yeah, you're using her and you hit her and you go, "Doryphore"! – Right – And that would be my gut – And I'm– – I can't think of no better guess than that

– Yeah, I can't either That's not saying much, but I just can't think of one – Oh, it's a pedantic, and annoyingly persistent critic of others – Oh, a doryphore – Oh, okay

– So, what kind of critic is not pedantic and annoyingly persistent? (laughs) – Hmm right? – Yeah – Do you read the, do you read the– – Do I read the– – The critic assertions? – I do – Yeah, 'cause you get good ones, like BigMouth, everyone's loving it, so you wanna read that stuff – You know, someone at some point told me, or no, I don't know, it was, think it was and I quote her all the time, but Maya Angelou said– – Oh! – That if you don't pick up the positive, if you don't pick up the positive stuff, you won't have to pick up the negative stuff either So like, if you're not listening too much when people compliment you, then when people criticize you, you won't hear it either

– So you listen but you don't process it – Yes (laughs) Like everything in general, but so– – Okay – I mean you can look, you can get a hundred nice mentions and then if there's one negative, that's the one that sticks with you I try not to pay too much attention to any of it

– Yeah, leave a comment below (laughter) First question, Sex-Ay or Sex-Nay That's true or false "Boys are born with testicles inside their body "rather than outside" – Hmm

I believe that to be Sex-Ay – You think that's true – If I can remember correctly, I believe that I had an intact scrotum – Mm hmm – Upon delivery

– But, is it, oh, I'm sorry, is inside, boys are born with, oh, oh, I thought this was in utero, okay this is born with, okay – They are at some point – I believe that to be sex-nay – When the boy drops out, the boys drop out – Yes

– Yeah, right – Yes – It's like a one-two thing, yeah – So this is, I am so confused – So sex-nay, if you believe that, it's sex-nay

– So we are all in agreement, this is false – [Woman] I mean, the way that we had, you're all correct, in what you just said, so all of it– – Yes, I mean I think that boys all, all chil

All unborn children have their testies and stuff and it's a question of whether they descend or not – Right, and then at 13 they descend again – Yes

– And they make a noise – Or in my case, at like 15 – Yeah (laughter) I had two boys– – Mm-hmm – And they both had external balls when they were born So I kinda knew the answer to that one

– Right – Yeah – "Hair that is shaved off grows back thicker and darker" I've heard this a lot – Mm-Hmm – Everyone believes it

(bang) Oops, sorry! – I mean I shaved I shaved my mono brow with a Gillette sensor razor and just went for it – Well, my dad specifically told me when I told my dad that you had done that, he was like "Well you know it's gonna grow back thicker and darker" And I always believed my father

– Really? You guys knew each other at that age? – Yeah – Oh yeah – Since first grade – First grade – Wow, me and Andrew who I co-created Big Mouth with, we've known each other since first grade

– Yeah! – Isn't that wild? – Awesome! – Here we all are! – Sometimes it happens – So you guys still get along? – Sometimes it works out! – Yeah, do you guys get along? – No (laughter) – That's why you're sitting between us! – Yeah (clears throat) (chuckles) – I think I had heard that – Yeah, it says hair that's shaved off grows back thicker and darker

I think that's an urban– – Its gotta be an urban legend – I don't think that's true, I think its a sex-nay – Well, when I consult right here, it's true – [Woman] It's false – Really? – [Woman] But it does change color

– It does change color? – [Women] According to this, yes – So every time you pluck it, it comes out a new color? – [Women] I don't think it's every time – Now plucking will make it grow back thinner – Really? – Shaving– – Yeah, when you started shaving in eighth grade, I started plucking and now I don't have to do anything between my eyebrows – So you guys stayed friends 'cause you both had uni brows? – Yeah

(laughs) That's what's keeping it together "In Victorian times," I was going to say public wigs – Yeah, sort of – "Pubic wigs," what? – It's like a merkin – "Were worn to disguise diseases like syphilis

" "Pubic wigs" – Like a merkin – Proud to be a merkin (laughter) – "In Victorian times, pubic wigs were worn "to disguise diseases like syphilis" I believe that to be, I'm going to say sex-nay and my reasoning is, well I'll let you guys decide

– I think it's true because a lot of syphilis going around – There was a lot of syphilis going on but I don't think, oh, so they were Okay I'm saying sex-nay

– I'm saying sex-ay – [Women] It was true – Any more details on that? A diagram or– (laughter) – I heard a famous story about, I heard it from a person, I won't name his name, who went to the doctor and found out that he had syphilis – Okay – Meaning like he had syphilis for an undocumented amount of time and then showed up to the doctor and was like, "Oh, turns out I have syphilis", and it ate away his brain

(laughter) – It will do that – Yeah – Did he die? – It was George Stephanopoulos (laughter) – Here, you do the honors – "Penguins engage in prostitution

" – What's a penguin legal tender? – Yeah, it is little fishes, chilly-willy, remember? – He's got the little– – He's got the little sweeties – I think we're probably just talking about bartering, a bartering system that involves the exchange of sexual favors – I believe this to be sex-nay, but I do feel like penguins, do they couple up? Is there like penguins couple for life? – They have like monogamy – And so like after a while, maybe they have to step out, you know they get to pay for it (laughter) – After a while, I'm going with sex-ay, this sounds like something a penguin would do

– I just can't hear Morgan Freeman just kinda explaining that – Oh I can, that's what I've been hearing the whole time – But like I go back to what is legal tender, prostitution is paid sex right? Sex that is paid for – You can pay with lot's of different things, but I wouldn't know – [Women] Okay, this is true

and luckily I do have more information Something female penguins, even when in a committed relationship, have been seen exchanging sexual favors with strange males for the pebbles they need to build nests – Pebbles, of course! Pebbles! – Wow, I feel like a real shmuck (laughter) I could've been (beep) penguins this whole time (laughter) – All right, "You can get herpes "from sharing a toilet seat

" Is that how you got it, Link? – No, I was licking the toilets – I mean– – I'm staying with this – This sounds like, okay here's what I'll say, this is probably something that they tell you in sex ed and they're like, "You can't get it", but I guarantee you if I rubbed some herpes up on a toilet seat and you rub on it enough, you're gonna get herpes – And you gotta be rubbing pretty aggressively and you need to have an open wound – But my gut is if you are rubbing yourself against a toilet seat, you're engaging in other activities that might cause you to get herpes

– Yeah, true – And then you're blaming it on the toilet seat, leave the toilet seat out of this – I'm still going with this – [Women] It's false – Its false

– The official answer, yeah whatever – Okay, I'll let you have this one – "Females are born with a lifetime supply of eggs" – Female anythings? Female humans? – I think we're talking about humans – [Women] Humans, humans

– I believe that yes, you say no? – No, this feels right – No, no! – I am almost positive that women are– – Where are they stored? – They're stored in the uterus, in the ovaries – Like how many? – Like your whole life's worth of– – Two hundred and forty thousand – Yeah (laughter) – I believe a woman is born with all the eggs that she'll ever have

– And I mean you only produce an egg every month, right? Isn't that what happens? – One eggs descends in the ovum – [Women] I'm just gonna stop before it gets worse It is true, at birth girls are born with all the eggs they will ever have Which is approximately one million – Wow, we don't live that long

– One million eggs just up in there (laughter) – Yeah that's the technical term, just up in there – What about sperms? – Oh we got way more than a million – Well I know that but are we born with a set number of sperms? – No, we are not born with sperm, I think you have to go through puberty to be able to create sperm – If we have all we're ever going to have, there's like a secret backpack somewhere I don't know about

(laughs) you know like where's this coming from? – Do you have a science, like a biology consultant on "Big Mouth"? – We do have, we work with a lot of sex educators and people on "Talk Sex Women's", Shafia Zaloom, who does a lot of, in the bay area does sex education I'm embarrassed that some of the stuff I should know better 'cause we try to read as much about it – But you just gotta ask her – I know we do, but then we also have in the first season, we have Kristen Wiig, who plays a vagina Gives Jessi, played by Jessi Klein, a real like a whole run through of what the various parts of the vagina involve, the ovaries, the clitoris all that stuff all together

– You gotta get it right – For real – Last question – The more you know – "You need to have regular erections "to keep your penis from shrinking

" You need to have regular erections to keep your penis from shrinking – Well, I can tell you guys, that my penis isn't shrinking right now (laughter) If playing this game is any indication, my penis ain't shrinking anytime soon (laughter) – I will say that I've used this line many times to justify plenty of things – You have to (murmurs) from shrinking

– I read it twice, I read it twice already – This feels right – "You have to have regular erections "to keep your penis from shrinking," I say sex-nay, I don't believe that – Now I think of atrophies, like petrified wood So I'm going to go with, sex-ay

– Sex-nay, it's not true – [Women] It is true, without regular erections, a penis loses smooth muscle tone and elasticity and can shrink one to two centimeters and I had to read that – But it's not, I didn't think it was muscle I thought it was like– – Blood? – It was like packets you know how it's like expandable packets – Yeah, penis packets – It's like ziplog bags down there

– Yeah and you can just buy more too The bag of boys life magazine You can get extra penis packets – I just like that I've never heard my penis described as smooth muscle tone – Yeah, yeah

– I like that – But from now on– Do you guys do curls with your penis, do you do squats, pull ups – Dead lifts – Dead lifts (laughter) – I gotta thick base, I do a lot of dead lifts

– Well really, I just concentrate mostly on clean and jerk (laughter) – [Narrator] Are you a member of the Mythical society? Well, you can now access extra badges and pins at mythicalcom

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